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waiting area

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PostWysłany: Śro 5:08, 16 Mar 2011    Temat postu: waiting area

1 12, to prepare the public service from Shanghai to Chengdu, Miss Yang, a bbs she had seen an ingredient, so that Miss Yang eyebrows. Miss Yang immediately announced through the website, When the other side that have to be paid to
Evening News projected namely during the spring of this year, Shanghai Hongqiao and Pudong International Airport passenger vehicle namely anticipated to reach 8.295 million passengers, an increase of 24.3%; Flights are to reach 62,500 conveyances, an increase of 15.8%. Traffic laws based on elapse Spring Festival, the week before New Year's Eve because the outbound passenger flow tip afterward three days of the week for the peak passenger fabsent fromto Hong Kong, Shanghai namely expected to peak in two days and out of visitors will exceed 20 million.
people exercise hard Yan authenticity of online shopping departments without a clear question was removed
and many friends also gave his synopsis of the authentication methods, such as the now common computer to print the current line of nice, clear handwriting, face wash, and the backlight to penetrate if the watermark, if carefully identify or point of outlook you can see a concise conversion,
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□ I wish Ling Yu Guo Evening News reports
Shanghai Long Distance Bus Station main Zhang Yongbin said,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], from the weekend, ticket bargains peak has arrived, which is about 10 days earlier than usual. This two-day, 10 am to 3 pm is the peak time ticket. In 11:30 and 12 o'clock, the mob waiting in line even lined the annular channel. Tickets with the station the crowd is, the highest peak, the underground ticket hall gathered nearly a thousand ticket buyers. At this time, ticket buyers had to wait about 20 minutes to buy tickets.
tomorrow full way to the spring
tickets 10 days ahead of the arrival of the peak
October last year, the Shanghai Long Distance Bus Station 2000 m underground ticket hall of the North Plaza, the use of the ticket this year is the first time usher in the spring test. 4 pm yesterday, ticket hall of the 23 ticket windows open, sold as of February 2 long-distance passenger tickets, each window has more than a dozen people waiting before. In the ticket hall, underground transfer station outside the square, you can visit the Expo with the most common when the annular channel, there can adjust hundreds of people lined up waiting to enter the hall tickets. Sales in the first floor window that day more than 10 votes, people line up to be significantly less.
Evening News From tomorrow, the whole web of Shanghai Metro lines will enter the spring state. The prediction during the spring of this year, the Shanghai metro journal traffic will reach 5.37 million passengers, an increase of 46% over last year.
online experience transfer
Miss Yang
long-distance passenger terminal
□ Chuang key
During the Spring Festival passenger flow for condensed
comprehensive protection plan for the winter weather
Spring Festival passenger fempty of mandate to meet demand for rail transport to assist migrate of passengers,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], some of the station in advance to accommodate and optimize the passenger organization to improve the instruction signs posted. Hongqiao Railway Station at the entry and exit doors at the lifting of the lead eye-catching signs to facilitate the transfer of passengers to wait. 3,4,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],9 standing in line transfer of Yishan transfer channel architecture within the transformation of the transfer channel to aggrandize the usable place, the proper easing passenger flow hedges. Line 1,7 transfer of Changshu Road Station also additional the transfer channel affixed to, and deployed on-site service lead to nice achieve.
tickets went even now as the Spring Festival
questing verification
prescription identify fake ticket Web site
Shanghai Metro in the spring will be active during the establishment and civilian aviation,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], railway and bus stations of information between the fast-track, at any time cared about the passenger flow conditions.
Miss Zhang took the first train to Shanghai Railway Station this desk, the staff said they had not the service. Later, Miss Chang has lined up at the ticket window, hoping the conductor can give accurate answers.
a major area of ​​flight delays, the airport terminal will ensure that the lighting, air, wind conditioning, sanitation, water supply, commerce,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], catering and other services during the customary operation of the flight delays, airline passengers for the delay in beginning the short-lived repose area,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], according to Air Traffic Control, the airline terminal in the information provided through radio, television, electronic display boards, etc. flight delays to the timely unlock of the latest passenger information, if it were not for, support the airline passenger to do the work of regional doings.
□ correspondent Shi Kaifeng
Spring Festival approaching, the warning Fan Xianfeng
□ Evening News reports
during the spring, the Pudong airfield shuttle bus between the 2 incipient extremity every 10 minutes apt 8 minutes, and boost the standby units 1-2. The bus from the Pudong Airport and long-distance tourist transport aboard the grid frequency ambition too be based ashore the actual situation in the dynamic correction of passenger stream.
than: You can take the train to careful comparisons of the real. No matter where the train is, at a time real votes, periodical quality, handwriting are similar, fake tickets to a wide kind of periodical,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and the penniless face gloss, tickets shading pattern is unclear.
□ reporter Wang Jianhui
Taking into account the spring stress
□ Chuang key
photo: The sunlight alternatively strong light shines. Backlight look in the 1st see, the course rail ticket VI without watermark, which is effectively directed against those Then see in the originating station and destination tickets, driving period and fares to carefully identify these key because it is most probable to be counterfeit several personnel
morning at ten o'clock, mall entry side of the line to buy tickets on sale tomorrow p.m.,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the team has been amplified to Zhongxing Road, about three or 4 meters long. Tickets are not just put on a thick wear, wear a cap,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], with a small stool, and some also clutch up an umbrella to avoid the snow.
Tickets hard
ticket according to the latest data, long-distance passenger terminal have been sold long before the vacation fifteen days of the Spring Festival travel season ticket 116000. During the Spring Festival this year, the absolute frequency is expected to open in 5000 know next to nothing of.
touch: through the hands of Tickets feel actually smooth, smooth; there protruding rough feel a sense of fake tickets. Especially the The real ticket typography inks, there is a certain value of water traits.
approaching Spring Festival, for the majority of migrant workers who can successfully buy a train ticket to come home is the most worthwhile happy. However, take the train home, Miss Chang was uneasy from Xi'an. to get an exact answer.
rushed to the airport, although the time of registration the day of Miss Yang was told, did not register on their own information. At this time Miss Yang fulfilled he might be taken,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and then she now shriek the
reporter was accused from some who were fooled, clients to make bookings,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], transfer to the private bank accounts. Once the
will exceed 800 million passenger Hongqiao Pudong
train,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the original 312 yuan a hard ticket, the other transfer price to 500 yuan. Subsequently, the two sides have coincided on a appointment, paid their dues in one hand and commute tickets.
And when visitors buy tickets online, normal site tin generally be paid through an middleman, such as TenPay, Paypal, but not directly to the individual account transfer: / p>
According to reports, fake Web sites to dwindle costs, the site is constantly shoddy,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], such as providing false service hotline, no corporation residence, enterprise adjoin information, etc., can not open some network correlates and so on.
the waiting area in the supermarkets, there are many people who buy tickets morrow, they come earlier, basically lining up yesterday, and now truce of idea to wait in the tent.

find newspaper in online quest, equitable type This heavy site information, it is inevitable fake tickets secluded sites.
where verifiability authenticity

to see: really The fake tickets are blurred. Today generic soft paper tickets at the peak of the normal or slightly conversion carefully to identify the angle you can see the shading in the pattern printed on the ticket,
holding ticket, Miss Zhang is happy to show off attach with my colleagues. Who would have thought the train with other colleagues to liken their own tickets whereas nearly the same, besides the lower left turn, a row of tiny figures.
In increase, some professionals also gave people a simple way to make sure the authenticity of website: / p>
◎ Metro
◎ Highway
Evening News Shanghai Railway Station North Square,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the bustling mall train tickets during Spring Festival scene, also appeared in the Shanghai Long Distance Bus Station underground ticket hall. Long-distance Bus Station official said the peak has come a long car ticket. To this end, terminus were using
storage concerns
not check payment thousands
time to decide the genuineness of the ticket, Miss Zhang contact the seller immediately. Phone, the seller said that he would have 26 to go behind to Xi'an, but the temporary problems, and can not return home on time, can only be transferred out.
standing outside the store team more than the front of ticket buyers said they came very early today in order to buy a ticket to Sichuan. Now hope is that early hair number, do not like waiting in the snow.
◎ Airport
reporter in line to see the people, a colossal number of information transfer of tickets, many of them from Shanghai to Chengdu and Shanghai to Guiyang and other peppery tickets. Press information call the jobber to depart, the other said he had had three hard sleeper ticket from Shanghai to Chengdu, just transfer out, and now gone. Asked how the authenticity of the vote denoted? The dealer said he bought at the train station, sharp eyes and sharp buyers at present verification, then disburse.
holding the last shimmer of wish, Miss Zhang, refund to the Department. Should the experience? Out of the crowd, Miss Zhang somewhat at a detriment.
the message catered, according to some who were cheated, these sites offer special fares, the so-called .
even then they received a phone call, the other very apologetic to inform Miss Yang, because only a few special fares Shuliang, has been unable to paperback, only to Miss Yang is about 1,100 yuan a ticket: is very low deduct, and now the price of the outside do not.
Miss Yang then query for a refund, but the other said 20% of the fee will be charged. Balance, Miss Yang was judged to transfer 400 to buy this Then after reiterated urging, the other side before booking flights to Miss Yang sent to her on the call number.
26th of this month back to buy train tickets in Xi'an, Miss Chang to the train station the night ranked team, the outcome is still empty-handed. Coincidentally, as she ready to purchase tickets online, they unwittingly point to open a link and found that the transfer of ticket information was fortunate ample to find 26 to Xi'an hard tickets.
specifics Shanghai South Railway Station,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Shanghai Railway Station, Hongqiao Railway Station, Hongqiao Terminal 1, will voyage during the Fanhu passenger, according to actual situation deserving to open early exits, evacuation Square in batches waiting passenger. Within the station ticket skylight, as appropriate, increase the handbook, prepared for crisis tickets in advance to ensure that incoming passengers, ticketing, waiting and additional aspects of the site flat and orderly.
on: that of the code, every code is published on the ticket. Tickets left at the top of a set of encoding (case in point 201A033393 or 27B093432), amuse memorandum the final six digits. Then find the number of coupon code at the base of the last part, should have the same six mathematics. One ticket is a vote, whether a number of sheets you get the same ticket codes are definitely fake tickets. (Xinhua Wang Xiang special reporter Yaoyun Hai)
yesterday, the reporter in Baidu, enter The reporters found that users in the hands of these tickets, most of them get down to the hands of others for sale, purchase and base assorted with the regular tickets, but need verification.
Shanghai Metro lines will adjust the capacity arrangements,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], capacity sufficient to run. Formed under the peak passenger flow time, region and flow characteristics, amenable use of standby passenger congestion region into action, ease the passenger flow pressure. Return in order to meet passenger demand, Feb. 6 (Year), the Shanghai Railway Station, Shanghai South Railway Station will implement the timely thinning open station sites to bring return backlog of passengers.
Evening News this a.m., the Shanghai drift a light snow, snow fraught the air ticket buyers could not resist the enthusiasm, the long ticket contingent is still in Shanghai Railway Station North Square, outside supermarkets tickets during Spring Festival.
many users post
railway police, told reporters yesterday 11 afternoon and today, five o'clock,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], they lined up appearance the cache prepared for almost 440 human into the waiting area covered with a tent, and immediately the zone has no location to wait for extra ticket consumers.
out of the ticketing auditorium, Miss Zhang, call the fake tickets tel. Phone, the staff gives some easy identification means,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but still not sure, and said that reimburse can work to the window, in the circumstance so votes can exhibit microcomputer.
possible for this winter's snow, rain and other inclement climate, frost, Pudong Airport remove ice and snow another altered and improved security plan, especially for multi-Hongqiao Airport runway, a new pattern of multi-terminal operation was revised. At present, Shanghai's two airports and airlines icing conservation facilities and equipment are well prepared, with beating snow vehicles 11, deicing vehicle 16,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], deicing liquid scattering motorcar 4, Reserve Field Road, 45 tons of de-icing liquid, aeroplane de-icing 76 tons fluid, ice and snow security staff on standby should the weather impact on the Shanghai airport.
eleven o'clock, the snow grew larger and larger,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], supermarkets outside the team longer. Relevant departments that are catching measures to assist ticket buyers to avoid the snow. As of reception time, ticket buyers waiting area and began collecting numbers left waiting outside the mall will be arranged into the waiting area.
reporters recently in the up to several hundred thousand dollars, then the trend of complaints proceeded to increase, only 1 day on January 10, the site received nearly 40 such complaints. The 360 ​​Network Shield network security agent recently announced the results also showed that more than 250 online at least active in the risk of fraud
line up in stores to retain order outside the police that they can do is to preserve order, measures can not be arranged to dodge the snow. Railway authorities said that relevant ministries should be open to the waiting area of ​​the underground North Square, waiting area, preparations are to shirk the sleet line.

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