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again asked Ms. Tai

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PostWysłany: Śro 5:08, 16 Mar 2011    Temat postu: again asked Ms. Tai

Hui re-enter the court, repeatedly asked Ms. Tai, who is the father of the child, Ms. Dai said nothing. Seeing this, Mr Hui had to console me: brain, Ms. Dai has finally said:
Ms. Dai is already sounded
I like listening to stories
Ms. Dai married, and she can still entangled with a married man, which is why the Ms. Tai does not all work overtime as an excuse to go family. Two people in the office to place relations. Ms. Dai pregnant until she herself is not sure who the child in the end.
Ms. Tai Hui
conclusion does not do so, children and moms than on the proportion of high, but nothing to do,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and Xu. Clearly the child is connate Ms. Tai and others. Mr Hui is laborious in court to accept such a result, Ms. Dai asked audible why? Ms. Dai was silent, in order to ease the conflict, arise silence and cool I let Xu, Ms. Dai talked apart and together.
Ms. Dai's consent is fair boyfriend and girlfriend, did not hope to marry as presently as possible. Xu's family has again urged the two married, Ms. Tai nodded but could not. Ms. Tai Hui silence and gentle favor the role, he decided that this was going to marry their own human, no longer pressed, but chose to wait in pacify.
child concern, apparently Ms. Tai Hui more than that, whether the park to play or go to kindergarten, all-sponsored by the Hui. Gradually, Ms. Dai's mood seems to be have a lot of children of Hui and considerate than ahead, and family enjoyable.
resumption continues
look uncomplicated and genuine,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], giving the feeling of gentle, honest portion, and a dock on Ms. Tai Qi ears, short cilia, with a pair of black-rimmed glasses, is also a simple and quiet. I do not know this very agreeable mate why couples divorce, supposedly they yet have a 5 year antique son, Mr Hui in the state apparatuses, Ms. Dai is a staff of research institutions, their days should be tranquil and comfortable, What waves might activity it?
children 5 years old the day, Mr Hui took the children to the park one play, the day when some of nightfall,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Xu took him want to go home, then base a lot of people donate blood stream around the car, Mr. Hui strange about the ground before, the original staff to donate blood test blood type is free of charge to visitors. Xu know they are because of blood type B, when the wife is type A blood, what blood team the child really do not know. Is not this a accident? One course or different child he had a finger blood test, the result of a child to get blood type is O-. A trace of prose on the walls flashed out, but he soon calm, and such a mobile conveyance,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but also a free blood test, the accuracy can be how high?
housing delivery in the unit, the Hui from the decoration on their own get together, and the like to beg the views of Ms. Dai, Ms. Dai could not very amused in this matter, Mr Hui said that any comments she said: , do not consider me, and you are satisfied on the line.
about 3 years, fashionable houses also have all the furniture, appliances are installed for, and sent out into the bridal chamber. Xu started with referrals, friends, Ms. Tai forces bombarded argue Ms. Dai as soon as possible to get married. Ms. Tai Hui finally agreed and enrolled, but made a request, it is not outline wedding, simply on the line. Such a small request,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Xu naturally agree, this can retention money, the two people who are not junket personality, the kind of situation does not accustom to it, do not do best.
tears, she first asked me to talk to Mr. Hsu privileged. I promised her. She said she and Mr Hui contacts in the unit prior to Fall in love with a married man, must be committed to the direction of her divorce. But to wait for years, and Xu love is a kind of revenge on the man. Who knows, the other side but to encourage their interaction with others, and did not meet the purpose of retaliate.
deceived marriage
Seeing the two exchanges will
Xu accuser gallery
behind thinking it over, Mr. Xu and his wife decided to speak, but she makes no statement, and asked nought, said the two sides began the Cold War, Mr Hui also not accustomed to children, and he felt that the period between the two sides broke up . To find out the fact, and to heave a child he was no longer pearly, sued Ms. Tai Hui to.
mention cerebral damages, Mr Hui for that matter is the fact undergo from mental fight,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but this wastage depends on whether the statutory right to compensation for damage should the range. Mental woe and moral rights are personal rights arising from compensation for damage, Xu life and health is personal rights not been infringed, moral rights comprise the right of reputation, solitude, name, etc., Xu pleaded damage to the right not in this scope.
thought this case to this end. Two weeks later,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Ms. Tai Hui and decree seat to sit down again, I do not know what another they are not decided.
Since life exists
is ambiguous and that in two years, Ms. Dai has been ashore this marital man have a track of illusion. Can be hard to wait for the result, the other's wife is fertile, do not see any wish for the urging of Ms. Dai could not aid but Xu, chose to wed.
this case really did not previously encountered, notwithstanding no an can understand the feelings of Mr. Xu, but his apply for the law to support it? Speaking from a valid relationship,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], nevertheless he was not the child's biological dad, but Ms. Tai Hui is the husband-wife relationship with the natural formation of Xu and child rearing between Hui legitimate non-legitimate children should enjoy the same rights and This of course,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Mr Hui has liabilities to support their children, tending their payment is acknowledged. As Hui statutory obligations to support their children, he has no right to ask for costs incurred again.
waiting because 2 annuals, Ms. Tai Hui feeling namely seems apt have someone without the learning of their own. Because Ms. Tai puzzling, mobile phones are constantly shut down alternatively simply do not answer the call, do not post anyone explanation, at the most,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], to tell their own research projects she namely busy in the overtime. Because different industries, Ms. Tai Hui do not understand what busy. In counting, Ms. Dai's mood namely not very settled and merry about Mr Hui ambition take the initiative when, for days to meet; depressed, when Mr. Ren Pingxu how almost her, she did not keep the rendezvous, the 2 occasionally not necessarily have a meeting a month. This can be more recondite, more and more that Ms. Tai Hui to have savor, not an mediocre female.
After a long wait of 3 months, and eventually to the result of the daytime, for I have,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and Xu, hoping that the results of two blood tests are erroneous, therefore do not ambition to look the kin break. The center of the parties more anxious than I am, the results came out, both sides could not wait to come to me for investigation conclusions.
deceit, marriage fraud and indeed there is loveliness to be deceived, perhaps,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], is the money, is feeling, and I see the deception even from their children.
Before long, Ms. Dai was pregnant, Hui as a people are like happy New Year, the Queen of Ms. Dai regarded as ready for him, gave her mother is an early,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], they had a granny, do not have to wear all the housework President hands, Ms. Dai also live up to expectations, ten months after the birth of a boy. As a result, Ms. Dai's higher status, the children do not have her belt. Xu was startled that his wife did not show much happiness, the child is neither hot neither cold, is it had postpartum depression?
Hui began his statement. They are introduced to strangers, have the same individuality and interests, Ms. Dai was not initially agree with, and Xu commutes, but did not specify any cause. After a do referrals work, dressing a madame saw Hui from Beijing, and his parents are the kind of person,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], then gradually and Xu exchanges together.
home, this concern has been staying in his mind, he was not confronted with his wife, he was afraid he knew the truth,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and only two cases,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], not their mates or children, in hospital to Baocuo a; or child is not one of their own, the wife and children of others. Hui do not think this tea, rice did not want to, preferably than getting tortured themselves, it is better to experience once again a regular hospital.
Hui went to a altitude 3 hospital with their children experience the blood,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and absolutely the child's blood type is O-still, he reiterated a physician, the doctor told him sure, if the couple is not the same blood type or O type blood is not a party , the child can not be O-. Xu listened to like a lock from the blue, he did not know how to go back home. Looked by his family so much love to give a child, he imagined anywhere like myself, will furnish people their support for 5 years.
marriage, Ms. Dai's work is still busy, and sometimes work until very late, Xu troubled wife, since the element quarters are not close to home, it is too late to let Ms. Tai flats quarters. Two people courteous, very satisfied with this variety of life Hui.
Xu and their children to see such a nice ring,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], she decided that the child is the couple, she is not willing to do to stimulate their own identification, but in recent years, more and more that she is worth their Xu life of the people entrusted to him, the love of Xu is also increasing, she did not want a divorce for of Mr. Hsu have feelings. Would ever have done it, so much nigh the edge,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], his love opposition by their own injuries. I had to tell her: you ask her husband with the understanding it.
tribunal rejected his demand, he was a morsel puzzled,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], I told him that the statute is not a panacea, can not solve always problems. Although Ms. Dai cheated him, yet she did not break the law ought only be doomed in the moral environment, she is the mistake of the matrimony gathering, and gave up the property when the divorce is a manner of punishment for her fault. Moreover, the divorce, she still loves you and you leave ample punishment she regretted her half of the. Xu heard to me, thoughtfully. Of lesson I know his skeleton of idea, who loved his wife and child rearing and sorrowful too, to pay the feelings of not return is not receivable. Before leaving, he said:
dense fog
listened as Mr. Hsu's statement, I turned to look at Ms. Tai, to quest answers, wearing a woman insisted that both children and myself do not agree to divorce, Mr. Hsu is not created grounds for divorce. In order for the two sides can be convinced, can only start paternity proceedings.
​​not see any room in your own, it coincided to a divorce. The two sides approached a divorce settlement, the kid of course, is owned by Ms. Tai own upbringing, Ms. Dai also give up any property.
the native, this is a civilian damages brought by Mr Hui, Ms. Dai queried the children to pay the spend of upbringing he had, and amends for damages to his morale, with his contention that he can not bear for others to bring the morale of raising children anguish, inquired Ms. Dai to give him 10 million in compensation.
text / Xiao Fei

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