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step on his part

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PostWysłany: Pią 3:57, 07 Sty 2011    Temat postu: step on his part

Side the original arrogant, overbearing momentum as one of the delay, however. Happened next, that they can not understand the.
    Kuang Shi Ji flame front paws were moving block, out of instinct, that the first flame Kuangshi the first time in almost responded, fire magic full body burst C, dynamic pressure to go all out to Ji. On its back six days Shimo Creek fire crown C has not been idle, because the condensed scruples Ji moving, but the flame shields who spent directly as a weapon take the lead,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], while the hands of light flash, has edged up to more than two meters wide,then you've heard.
    Seven days, enough to have one foot in the epee. After following the shield smashed down. Within ten meters in diameter in the air, are filled with violent Fire Elemental C.. The highest level of power and influence filling six strong. Although blocking the flame moving Ji Kuangshi claws. However, the eruption of the Mount Creek strength but still amazing. Not inferior to the original action who kill Ji Imperial Palace Guard Turkey General Huang Li life. Unfortunately, he can no longer meet the original Ji move. Huang Li had ordered to kill the face, the magic still there are four sub-dozen class action has been playing Ji defeated opponent lose loss, not to mention now he has all his ability to digest, but also comprehend the mystery of the fire of the soul it?
    Tama River in the attack,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],break through the bottleneck of the repair, when in full bloom. Luka Er face look suddenly relaxed a bit, in his view, both sides are six divisions in the case of magic crown, Ji action you want to block the attack Mount River, it must go all out Caixing. Unfortunately, only a smile on his face the moment to go there to have been replaced by astonishment.
    On the battlefield, it covers all within ten meters in diameter even extinguished the fire. Swept away, without leaving any trace. No magic can only see the release of the flame and are holding giant lion pledge Zhanxia Sword Mount River.
    Morocco to discuss the attack,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], although the same can be filled at this time his face had the look of fear. Ask. When a magician when in full attack. Suddenly found themselves out of the body-induced release of all the magic gone outside, which is a kind of feeling?
    Morocco to discuss only one feeling this time, it is fear.
    Then, an unparalleled Pang Dawei pressure suddenly burst out from the body moving Kyi, it is the purest and most direct property repression. Tama River, whether or flame giant lion, in the mysterious upper and lower body trembled not conscious. Mount Creek had cut the sword under the right time, have become soft and weak.
    On the step, into the palm, just shoot the right hand moving Ji fire giant lion in the chest, step on his part, also just out of the way the Mount to discuss the epee attacks.
    Giant flame out of the body will no longer shaking hands in the JI, but completely solidified where attacks have also kept moving like JI. Because he has a record in a move to the Yang Ji destroy God strike.
    JI is still moving the action is so simple and effective, a giant lion paw prints on the fire after he left axis, the body back a half turn, just the left hand grasping the blade at the top of Mount River epee.
    Morocco to discuss at this time has been reflected over the unprecedented crisis that he clearly felt a sense of death is forced to track, in this case, the potential of his own suddenly been completely inspired by, although it is not putting its own magic, but he puts his Magic to re-scrape all the perfusion, severely roll along. Ji wanted to move the hand cut off.
    Sonorous, ringing in the explosion, and that up to two meters. Weighing not less than two pounds of epee, so as to cast iron bell of copper generally stopped at the hands Feng Ji. His slender left hand, as if the core of the earth, the power to grasp it firmly on top in the epee. So that it can no longer move nothing.
    Also caught in the steady Ji sword while moving, I heard the roar from the Mount Heshen under intense suddenly sounded.
    Ji action shot from the beginning to seize the sword. In fact, only a few blinks of the work and to. Mount discussion are desperately Duojian, he did not worry about how to, their own good partners has become a giant lion flame he left this world with the culprit.
    The flames in a flash of giant lion golden fireball crashing to an explosion, Mount Creek simply are not mentally prepared for that, although he saw a handprint Ji moving floating flame Kuangshi in the chest, but also thought of that seems to simple beat go so wild.
    Golden ball of fire from below, an enormous boom in the. Tama River, the body has all the packages also included. He could no longer grasp the hands of the epee,when a pair of huge wings that stretch, palms a hot, epee has changed hands, moving into the hands of JI.
    Trends in the vicinity of its tip under the JI, epee the hilt into his hands have been, the backhand grip. While the body vacated two meters, two meters long that the epee from a death in the air with Guanghua, that the surging flames into the sky in this sword into into two halves. Also be divided into two and a half, naturally, who c fire, and his days sitting Shimo River

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