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four of them each a position

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PostWysłany: Pią 3:56, 07 Sty 2011    Temat postu: four of them each a position

Winfrey pressed the second school in the yin and yang, has a direct relationship.
    ... ...
    Strengths of breath, frozen chicken slowly opened his eyes, eyes return in coffins. It took almost an hour was Kung Fu, his body must be considered is the basic restore magic. Dragon's Blood soaked flies once again demonstrated a strong physical vitality. Then, as the case of overdraft, along with the magic of recovery, she had to adjust the body is basically over.
    Power is restored, but his mind is somewhat at a loss, then go where their own? Since the rebirth into the world after more than four years have time, since I met Yang Bing days after he began to practice. Simple and somewhat boring life has become a habit she had. The only place to go to college and was the world center of the earth. At a time, the College is not returned, flames and into the retreat state, the world center of the earth can not go anywhere. Now they go do?
    Regardless, the first out of here then. Read a lot better than reading ten thousand books. Themselves have never seen this new world good. Continent in this light cruise. With the current strength of the Triple Crown, the world is too big to go. Walking practice,although the water, until the flames retreat ended, the world center of the earth to go with her own good.
    Stood up, stretched a bit forced his body, this time late at night, after more than an hour, on bright days. Decided to freeze the chicken or the first direction away mountains of Hope, after all, where he had been visited twice, the road will certainly familiar. Person or event of a College who is pursuing Turkey Empire was also easy to use and Ling Warcraft has many mountains to escape. However, she did not intend to disturb Suzaku. To escape through the mountains of Hope. However, she did not calculated to disturb Suzaku. Mountains of Hope has been through the east, though do not know how far, but will be able to reach the east of the East wood empire. There was even the first leg of their world tour now.
    At this point, she was ** the upper body,but the magic of consumption is quite large, the skin was irradiated in the moonlight showing faint white glow, frozen chicken is ready to remove the bracelet from the storage when the clothes to wear. Suddenly, as if a neutral voice and then think of her ear was like, \Frozen chicken heart sank, the first time responded, the body suddenly flew to the side,\Yang Ping-day first froze a moment, the magic of instant release, black and gold, the ultimate double-fire burst out, get into the harsh and strong body care ultimate flame out.
    \The left is black, the right to gold, two-color flame in the dark among the burning was over, the sacred and the dark, two completely opposite feelings at the same time in one person, giving a strong contrast.
    Five figure, drawn silently into the woods now, four of them each a position, the last man standing five meters from the body frozen chicken, silently watching him.
    The four men are wearing around the silver light armor, looks way too thirties, the momentum of Chen Ning, awe-inspiring the beholder but also worth the air freezing points. Each of them stands side, like which party was the guardian may have died. It is not from the heart to produce a heavy sense of breakthrough. Most people feel horrible or their eyes, everyone's eyes are no mood swings, four, eight eyes on a person frozen chicken, like a dead man might have to look at.
    That frozen chicken from the nearest person, and not wearing armor, not weapons, the body enveloped in golden robes,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], his hands behind his back, watching the chickens, frozen,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], his eyes showed the thoughtful light.
    \Frozen chicken surprise and then soon after a short live your stable mind, she knew that today I am afraid it is very difficult to please, and his step slow after all. But let him down without a fight is absolutely impossible to get.
    Middle-aged Road: | My name is Huang Liming, chief of Turkey Imperial Palace Guard, presumably you know why we came. Ping Wu Yuan Yang flame, Ding Ming Yin Ling fire. Triple Crown repair, fifteen-year-old get older. I have to say, you're a genius. Even unique talent I have ever seen. Even if he is your number one school of yin and yang Terrible Winfrey, at your age, nor your current strength. Although I can still hardly believe how can you kill Huangtai Sun Highness. But you have amazing strength indeed. Unfortunately, even the best talent and then failed to grow before the fall do not have any sense,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but unfortunately this one of your fellow double attribute magic. \Frozen chicken looked at him coldly, \Huang Liming indifferent smile, \

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