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Shin was dropped from the 27th floor

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PostWysłany: Pią 2:44, 22 Paź 2010    Temat postu: Shin was dropped from the 27th floor

\Many relatives and friends came. We all sat quietly, head down, who do not speak. In the afternoon, Wang Qin Gang said the doctor told them that the child had multiple fractures in addition to the body, the brain, the left has completely fracture, concussion of the situation is more serious. Heard of these, family hold together, burst into tears. Child mother said: \, how to not let their children go to. \She said such a thing happened, they would have the responsibility, and now 5,000 yuan to help out first while the treatment, follow-up treatment costs,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], depending on how the responsibilities we share.
\down, the wife of Li Yan off to the side, but also could not bear to hear any of the ... ...
move goods back to community, the Wang Yujun couple with a granddaughter came to see his son. Wang Qin Gang upstairs to see their parents move, and quickly stepped forward to help, let Peng Dongying help looking at her daughter.

family, even new clothes are ready

not the same for various lengths of wood, some can into the elevator, and some can not. Rounds up and down, at first they do not let the children follow up. Later, the children want to go with my grandparents, take a lift up and down.

Wang Yujun, 50, 47-year-old wife Tansu Kun, Wang Qin just as their son, Shin Shin's father. Wang Yujun, said he and Peng Dongying is a fellow, are four Chuanan Yue, previously knew, the fellow is to do the decoration. Wang Yujun, who lives in the Care Home 10, moving cargo in 12 places.
last time upstairs, suddenly found the child missing
into Care homes, neighbors said Shin Shin know she is good boy, very cute. \He said that Showtime is also very naughty, and bother her, she went to complain to the grandparents.
Wang Qin Gang saw the child bleeding ears, eyes closed, chest one last look, shortness of breath. He hastened to have a child out of a neighbor's house through the 2nd floor within a building to go back. Just out of the neighbor's house, Wang Qin Gang also did not react, the mother has stepped forward to grab the child, a tricycle ride to the New District People's Hospital, then transferred to the City and Children's Hospital.
\The elevator to the 27th floor, the adults open the doors to move cargo room,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the children also went to the living room. Adults are busy moving things, no one pay attention to children. Soon, Wang Qin Gang found that children were not in the living room, \, or a hole,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the children went to look for fall. \door, run down the stairs. Cocking shouted: \people who put down the goods, but also ran downstairs.
Shin was dropped from the 27th floor, 2nd floor, when the awning of households made a big hole in the group of pictures by our reporter Wang Xiongshe
father cell phones pictures stored on Showtime

another 5 days to child birth
YORK (Reporter million rain) the day before 5 pm or so, when the porter at the Daping Wang Yujun and his wife to return to their homes Erlang Care home. On the way, he received a phone fellow, Quban board, the local community in their own homes in the. The couple readily agreed, the process of being moved, with a 2-year-old granddaughter, son of Shin came. Adults helped to move the goods, who had no thought, 2-year-old Xin Xin in the room softly, not even from the balcony off the living fence down. There are 5 days, 2-year-old Shin is the birthday of the ... ...
Shin's birthday is September 20th lunar calendar, there are 5 days, is Showtime's birthday. \And these, family members have long been ready, waiting for birthday, gave Showtime.

to the downstairs, we did not see the child. See the building next to the root of sewer pipes, Wang Qin Gang quickly climb down the pipe, climb, 2nd Floor, 2nd Floor, he saw a family of awning bad hole, next to blood. Wang Qin just a thought, Is the child fell to the awning, but the people? Wang Qin Gang and down next to the wooden ladder, climbed up the awning, in the position of 30 cm under the awning, and he saw the child lying in a wooden cabinet below the room.

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