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once Zuckerberg’s closest friend

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PostWysłany: Pią 3:34, 22 Paź 2010    Temat postu: once Zuckerberg’s closest friend

Film still of Einsenberg (as Facebook founder) in "The Social Network." Photo by Merrick Morton; ? 2010 Columbia Tristar Marketing Group, Inc..
Again invoking Rashomon, Fincher concludes by saying that “[M]ultiple perspectives were essential to telling this story. There was no other way to do it.”
Film Review
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Sorkin and Fincher went to great lengths to insist that the film was about more than simply (simply!) the creation of this behemoth social networking site. To quote Sorkin: “The themes of the movie are as old as storytelling itself: loyalty, friendship, power, money, envy, social status, jealousy. It’s a story that if Aeschylus were alive today, he’d have written; Shakespeare would have written; Paddy Chayefsky would have written. Fortunately for me, none of those people were available, so I got to write it.”
Left to right: Jesse Eisenberg (as Mark Zuckerberg) and Joseph Mazzello (as Dustin Moskovitz) in "The Social Network" (2010). Photo by Merrick Morton; ? 2010 Columbia Tristar Marketing Group, Inc..
Rating: (5 out of 5)
Director: David Fincher
Producer: Scott Rudin
Screenwriter: Aaron Sorkin
Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake

Fincher,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Sorkin, Jesse Eisenberg (who plays Zuckerberg), Andrew Garfield (who plays Eduardo Saverin, once Zuckerberg’s closest friend) and Justin Timberlake (who plays Napster founder Sean Parker) were all in attendance at the press conference following the screening.
Notwithstanding the persistent questions about the film’s inaccuracies, omissions, composites, etc. (Aaron Sorkin himself was quoted as saying “I don’t want my fidelity to be to the truth; I want it to be to storytelling”) “The Social Network” is immensely entertaining.
Trailer of "The Social Network" (2010)
The 48th New York Film Festival
At the film’s 9:00 AM press screening (on the morning of its public premiere at the Festival proper) instead of the usual, studied, business-as-usual nonchalance, there was an audible buzz. There had been so much anticipatory chatter; it seemed as if everyone was talking about the film. Sony Pictures Entertainment, the distributor, had done a masterful job of doling out just enough information to keep even the jaded press on high alert.

Left to right: Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Timberlake (as Sean Parker) in "The Social Network." Photo by Merrick Morton; ? 2010 Columbia Tristar Marketing Group, Inc..
Fincher, best known as a visual stylist (“Seven” [1995],? “Fight Club” [1999], “Zodiac” [2007], “Benjamin Button” [2008]) in this film focuses the camera more intimately on the human nature of the real-life protagonists who came together―and flew apart―as they set in motion the Facebook phenomenon.
Sorkin’s staccato, overlapping dialogue coupled with Fincher’s subtly assured direction combine to give the film the speed of a Howard Hawks’ driven locomotive. The film is anything but a conventional bio-pic; it is an American Rashomon. Fincher,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], like Sorkin, perceived the film being set in a “a gray zone, where heroes and anti-heroes switch places with each other…truth is a slippery concept when you’re dealing with so many diverging memories, tricky motivations and strong personalities.”

For the first time since Robert Altman’s “Short Cuts” in 1992, the New York Film Festival’s Opening Night Film was a World Premiere. “The Social Network” is Sony Pictures Entertainment’s hotly anticipated film. (The film opened in the US on October 1st, the UK on Oct 15th, France on Oct 13th, Germany on Oct 7th, Spain on Oct 15th and will open in Italy on Nov 12th).
Eisenberg, Garfield and Timberlake all said that, although they were playing real-life people,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Fincher did not want the performances to attempt mimicry. “I always felt that would be too constricting,” Fincher said. “Each performance needed to be an impression without being an impersonation.”
“The Social Network” depicts the genesis of Facebook―and its complex, conflicted creator: hacker-turned-billionaire Mark Zuckerberg. With a sparkling screenplay by Aaron Sorkin and bravura direction by David Fincher, the film more than lives up to all of the inescapable and incessant hype. It is, quite simply, the must-see film of the year.
Audiences (and critics, who have given the film uniformly ecstatic reviews) would seem to agree with this approach―in its third week of U.S. domestic release, the film has earned $63,119,000. Considering that, at latest count, Facebook has 500 million users worldwide, that’s only the beginning of what promises to be a global box-office bonanza.

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