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Palm tried and C in-depth exchange

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PostWysłany: Czw 5:02, 11 Lis 2010    Temat postu: Palm tried and C in-depth exchange

Palm heart, in fact, HP does not want out, so he said in private with the ventilation HP, HP brother, whatever the outcome, we also ladylike, bride price is only so you point, not that Bel did not marry you face? Then, HP has finally opened his biggest rival than just your 20 cents / share price ... ... and then later, we all know. (Palm Niang Jiao proud of you, right? Is playfully right? Is playfully, right?!)

The following is the approximate time of the merger in accordance with the order of the flag (the key events):

* early February of this year, Palm watch their earnings, well aware of ourselves in the predicament, so in the 17 to mobilize all the brain cells thinking about any possible way - looking for bank loans, away unborn Children WebOS ... ... finally, Palm decided to make her married.

・ from February 25 to April 1, Palm began to look for can save themselves the misery Prince Charming. After a preliminary understanding and conversation, identified a 16-man list. Finally, including the HP included, have 5 conditions put forward a good friend of bride price. Later we see on the Palm in the public record with the masses, respectively, A, public B, public C, D to represent the masses of the four losers in competition, to protect their privacy. Among these 5,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Palm is more optimistic about the HP, A there is B, because C and D initially ran his own body (technology and intellectual property) to the. We are collecting the information on to the point of view, D when and how the bureau is not known.

・ time in early March, Palm finally decided to do consciousness and sold themselves. Having regard to the pressing need to sell WebOS only temporary, while their future was no apparent benefit - and more importantly, Palm was a popular star, is now left to care about its fans. Also speaking, in the April 22, when, Palm back to the point we kill die playfully: \\A two days after the masses directly out of the 600 million U.S. dollars in cash a price, and the promise of mass B is convertible to shares.

・ Palm that the conditions A and B, the privately told HP, if he is just the price of the 30-day negotiation time do not want to. HP failed to understand the meaning of the Palm directly rejected her. Palm is very sad, so made the unfortunate people and the masses B A good card: \\/ Unit price tag and promised to get within two weeks. Later, HP and Palm to the pursuit of those who were drafted contacts C convention (M & A Agreement).

・ Palm and HP once again on April 20 ~ 21, the private will, fool HP finally put the price up to 22 5 United States Knife / share. Also in 22, perhaps the pursuit of those who found the Palm and HP C affair, before he made his own 6 to $ 7 down to 5.5 U.S. dollars, and to the Palm sent a communication of his own revised agreement, There are so many of the conditions of Palm do not trust, such as contact time, and if compensation for breach of contract should the spirit of his loss of $ 60,000,000 in fees. 23 to 25 days, Palm tried and C in-depth exchange, but ultimately no consensus was reached.

・ at 24, as said at the beginning, Palm distraught confession directly to HP, but HP also told him the price is still not enough to let her go with him willingly. May really like Palm, may also be afraid of confession into issuing Big Sleep, in short, HP in the day to the pursuit of a formal declaration of war who C, once again raise the price tag to $ 5.7 / share (Xiaobian: HP Hi Meng). And threatened to keep up if the C, HP will fight in the end!

・ C knew that strength is not enough to pursue those that would not raise the price for contacts. But it took a fancy to WebOS. He proposed to buy WebOS with 8 billion U.S. dollars plus a non-exclusive patent license. Palm thought for a moment, the same day rejected the request.

・ Then, only the HP. The rest is slowly clearing their own thing all agreed. Finally, No. 28, HP's decision will be made public two exchanges. Congratulations.

・ about the true identity of some competitors, Palm broke the news that the pursuit of their own who have never signed off C privacy agreement. Members may also wish to guess what is the story behind the pursuit of it by C.

story here has ended, HP, and Palm's wedding has only just begun. History shows that such a large wedding the prince with the princess never will not be smooth, HP Palm can be happy with it? Time will tell us the

Original: love live network

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