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After a burst of music

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Dołączył: 23 Wrz 2010
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PostWysłany: Śro 14:26, 10 Lis 2010    Temat postu: After a burst of music

0:18: Pichai refers specifically to be used in Gmail HTML5, which allows users to drag and drop files directly to the message, even if the user is currently open in the browser page can not receive messages notice.
1:54: Google to see the problems faced by the developers, the developer is commercial development, that is, a company developing software. So Google launched for business Google App Engine, which consists of users and applications to their own pricing.

0:02 AM IST: Vic Gundotra, vice president of Google came to power speech.
0:04: He \represents innovation and open (Note: English words of openness and innovation is the first letter I and O).

1:45: demonstrates the use of tools to create a complete application process. Then he demonstrated it in iPad and the use of Android phone - a little good. (Network breaks, often in the technology conference this to happen. Open Technology Conference broken network, is really a disaster.)
0:41: Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch about the company office support for HTML5. Recently, many people will look at the Adobe's Flash product, because Flash is the face while scolding Jobs Phi bonnet. But in fact offers a number of Adobe products, these products allow Web developers in the HTML5 development environment. Lynch shows how HTML5 use Dreamweaver.

0:09: the timetable for the presentation, the audience some people unhappy, which started from 8:30 am Pacific Time. Mr. Gundotra step down onto the Google vice president of product Sundar Pichai.
0:22: Google wanted to show some developers developing programs that use is HTML5. First mentioned is a software Darkroom, it can be user-edited images in the browser, even if not online can also be used. Then introduced a program called Clicker software developers will see it as network TV Guide,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], you can use it to the subject categories, you need not search can watch their favorite programs.
0:54: \He will talk about the HTML5 version of the magazine.
1:02: Pichai back on stage, he said, Google's browser Chrome has 70 million active users, the number is still growing.

1:20: discussion of the theme to \Google is really all for the cloud. This is the basic idea of Google Docs. VMWare CEO Paul Maritz took power company, announced a partnership with Google, to help application developers develop software in the cloud environment.

1:05: Google Wave head, said Lars Rasmussen, Wave will be open to all, no longer need an invitation to be joined. Wave exist in Google Apps. The purpose of this project is to promote coordination and communication between enterprise, allowing users real-time communication. A few months ago, Wave boasting test, but it has not really popular.

1:06: Rasmussen said Mr Wave if you are already tired, especially for the beginning of the preview version, and that it is not for the \try.

Google often use their annual developer conference to announce some new products, and this year the General Assembly is also cause for concern. \After the news, Google Android platform this year will introduce TV-based software; others claimed that Google will launch a new version of Android, or new features Google Docs. Here is the text back to the scene live, Google I / O Conference in the United States officially began 9:00 Eastern Time (Beijing time at 0:00 on the 20th):

0:49: Google Chrome start showing online store (Web Store). It is a web application store, and cell phone use completely different. The program can store network built on standard technologies, including Flash and HTML5. Twitter application procedures, including the presentation - TweetDeck and Lego Star Wars, in the audience looks very good.

1:12: Google project's technical director, director of digital portable • David Graham Zell (David Glazer) came to power wearing a sports shirt, clothing, printed on the back of HTML, while the figure 5.

0:16: From the browser brings HTML5 mobile traffic is also growing rapidly. Obviously, HTML5 for Google and its developers are very important.

1:24: Demo shows a development on the environment in the cloud development, he only hit less than 200 the keyboard, the screen suddenly get out of a lot of code. This is a bit like \Now, the browser has a simple application that allows you to add employees and their funding.
0:07: Gundotra President recalled the last meeting. At the last, Google first talked about HTML5, this is a new web standard. He said it was the first concern to HTML5, and Microsoft and Apple CEO Steve Jobs sent a letter of \
2:01: Google App Engine to run applications in user fees and charges $ 8 per month, each application cost of $ 10,000 per month maximum. A company called \Unfortunately, business-oriented App Engine can not get everyone to use.
0:15: After a burst of music, Sundar Pichai also want to talk about HTML5. For developers, this is a major event, more and more browsers can use it. (Slide show program interface using the browser HTML5 growth trends, the slide design is like the periodic table. In the corner was laughing.)
2:05: Google to developers to convey the final message is: the interdependence rely on open standards, and the interdependence of the network rely on, and interdependence by HTML5.

compile / Sohu IT
0:31: Sundar Pichai spoke of a video compression company On2, last year Google acquired it. Google launched an open source video format - WebM, Google shows the use of Firefox and Opera browsers how to use it.
0:59: HTML5 version of \Advertising effect is better, not much picture information, Terry McDonell said: We need to really useful material.
0:38: WebM is a video in the Internet software. Flash to play an important role in the present, but in the HTML5 can also be used on other software. Google hopes WebM for this task, it will strive to promote open source, and thus convince the other browser manufacturers to use WebM, such as Apple and Microsoft.

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