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Xie Dechen 16000

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PostWysłany: Wto 6:44, 28 Gru 2010    Temat postu: Xie Dechen 16000

from the bottom of the South is a reporter Yu Shi
According to a press survey, Xin Cheng home in the end of November 2009 in order to obtain a \In accordance with the provisions in law to, but not obtained a permit before construction, all construction is illegal, not legal protection.
Sun Yaoping denied to reporters saying the threat five villagers.
2009 years, because of dissatisfaction with the land requisition compensation standards, five farmers in Henan Province Linying repeated disputes with the developers, after the Government initiative to provide additional land acquisition compensation. In early 2010, the Government once again the requirements of land to be five farmers refused. September, five farmers on suspicion of \December 8, the case \
\Xie Xiaoqing, told reporters.
2010 年 9 6, 5 people were Linying Xiejing Fu Procuratorate approved the arrests.
learned that buying a home is Linying Xin Cheng Ji Jianwei investment company,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], incorporated in October 2007.
town initiative to provide additional compensation for
indictment, according to Chief of Linying Procuratorate held Liang introduction, December 8, Linying Procuratorate will be returned to the Public Security Bureau supplementary investigation case files because \As evidence of what problems exist, said Liang inconvenient to give an explanation.
\up! '\
received additional compensation change \
2009 years of land acquisition is completed, Xing Village, still remaining 14 groups of about 70 acres of land. Into 2010, Linying government wants the remaining land acquisition, including the five people remaining land.
2009 年 9 August night, while rain left unattended, a group of people driving bulldozers and turned down the corn on 6 acres of land. August 28 afternoon, forcing developers to start construction on the land, and five others limbs conflict. Among them, Xie 70-year-old mother was injured, taken to hospital for treatment.
Bo Yang
Xie Xiaoqing explained to reporters in late September 2009, five people to receive their due compensation and additional compensation,she can not see the suspect's face, and signed a land agreement.
Xie Xiaoqing, told reporters land in 2010, many villagers have not signed consent, the Government is \Sun Yaoping also confirmed to reporters that the 2010 land acquisition is not yet complete.
Xing Village is located in the city Linying
2010 年 2 months, five people were called to Sunyao Ping, Sun wants them to land in the new agreement signed.
City,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], is a typical village, the land left.
government \with land purchasing and storage, and the attitude of tough to promote their work but do not meet the extra compensation, resulting in land purchasing and storage is currently working Xing Village, town and village cadres to pay great attention though, is still almost at a standstill, seriously affected and restricted the land purchasing and storage, and industrial agglomeration area construction. \
2010 年 7 months, Linying government is responsible for the demolition of county towns to Zhang Xuezhen house officers, asking them to land in the new agreement was signed, but was Zhang Xuezhen rejected.
2007 年 3 21,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the Henan Provincial Government approved the agreement and impose a number of Linying switch to the collective land,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Xing Village 13 groups, 14 groups of 108.62 acres of arable land in them.
\additional compensation. \
\Xiejing Fu, Zhang Xuezhen, Xie, Xie Dechen, Xie Zhiping were taken away at the time, which has 63-year-old Zhang Xuezhen.
village after another to do the work of 14 groups of villagers, and finally leaving only Zhang Xuezhen, Xiejing Fu, Xie, Xie Zhiping, Xie Dechen 5 was not signed, involving 6 acres of land.
5 people were arrested, according
As of December 12, Linying Village villagers Zhangxue Zhen Xing county towns, Xiejing Fu, Xie, Xie Zhiping, Xie Dechen 5 people have lost their freedom for 105 days.
The county towns Linying
2009 年 September 23 evening, Xie Xiaoqing and Sun Yaoping phone. Telephone recording shows: Sun Flora Project is to recognize an area of four seasons after the accreditation, recognition of some cadres in the demolition process is not enough patience to do the work, have hurt the families of 5 can be properly compensated, and to five confidential.
2007 年 11 29, the county government agreed to tender to sell the land use rights. December 31, Linying Land and Resources Bureau and Xincheng Real Estate signed a state-owned land use right transfer contract. As a result, this land became the land for the project developer of Four Seasons flowers.
Xie Xiaoqing introduced in March 2008, Xing Village village land requisition compensation and introduction of 22,000 yuan per mu, the village also make 1 million, a total of 32,000 yuan per mu, the village committee asked villagers to sign land sales.
Linying Chengguan town government, \Sun Yaoping responsible, in order to start business as soon as possible to enter, in full honor of Zhang Xuezhen other five land acquisition compensation, they also receive an additional grant of land called the cost of 125,000 yuan (47,Dec. 19 Xinhua camphor tree,000 yuan Xie Jingfu, Zhang Xuezhen 25,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],800 yuan, Xie Victory 17000, Xie Dechen 16000, Lu-Sheng Hsieh (Xie Zhiping) 1.7 million )。\
It is reported that Zhang Xuezhen was conscripted in 2009 to 1.8 acres of land were obtained 87,300 yuan compensation, in accordance with local standards of compensation should be 61,500 yuan, the extra 25,800 yuan in compensation for an additional 24,000 yuan (Zhang Xuezhen home 6 people, 4,000 yuan per person), and 1,800 yuan a Young models. The compensation of other four people do the same, that is 4,000 yuan per person per head, plus a number of young crops compensation.
formed after the interrogation record shows: before the wheat harvest in 2009,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], five people on the land ripe wheat was turned down by night. Since then, five people will unite in the ground and scaffolding, in turn sent a day care.
often introduced Linying Police said: since April 2008 has been 5 times this season try to stop the construction of Huadu district, resulting in construction costs for the loss of engineering equipment 97,395 yuan, and many times stop working. To this end, county towns this government to show more than 120,000 yuan compensation for 5 family again.

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