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Why did North test Yuanpei College

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PostWysłany: Sob 5:30, 25 Gru 2010    Temat postu: Why did North test Yuanpei College

LIU Miao: My mother called and said a few minutes to hang, but afraid she asked too much.
LIU Miao: I have been asked a few years of college, I smiled and half-hearted still early yet, and my mother a lot of pressure, ill. But the teachers are particularly good for me.

LIU Miao: like a year and a half, I'm sure my choice.
LIU Miao: If you know the result, I am afraid not, or will play, then I had no choice.

intern reporter Zhang Yuan Zhang Tianning

Beijing News: What is the role the game?
Beijing News: Want to get rid of it?
Beijing News: the first into the classroom, how do you introduce yourself?

on the drop-out

Beijing News: go back, how to face those acquaintances?
LIU Miao: Why not? There are old school in that it, but they are the last senior, and busy.

Beijing News: regret?

from the goal in life is admitted to Tsinghua University Beijing University, was admitted to Peking University to the people around us is full of cattle, Liu Miao, but is aware of their \Say goodbye to his family in tears from the North and ashamed to see people,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], to stand tall and was admitted to Tsinghua University, 21-year-old life twists and turns.

to the North after the exchange of students with little professional thing to do not know how to do, no direction, to school every morning, the afternoon off into the game, all the way to sleep.

Beijing News: What do you respond?
Beijing News: At that time there are other friends?
roommates are cattle, I do not want to talk

LIU Miao: I said I was a very far away from a very famous school. However, there is a previous school honor roll students, above me. Soon the students in the back of speculation, I simply put the cards to the students of Beijing University to see the same table. Since I can frankly, what they can not calm it?
About Friends

LIU Miao: I like electronics, but some students say it is young rice, I am perplexed.

Miao Liu: On several occasions, blaming themselves, hate straight punch walls. Section three large hanging the semester, the school issued a warning sent home. The summer of that year of military training, I did not go home, but also scared, and fear of my mother asked, when really want is reformed. But later found out my mom did not even receive, and World of Warcraft has introduced new things, to re-occupied.

Beijing News: how obsessed with the game?

games have a sense of belonging

Beijing News: I heard you've been keeping a diary, at the time how to write your own?
intern reporter Zhang Yuan Zhang Tianning

Beijing News: the blowing awake yet?

Miao Liu: I do not want them to speak. Roommates are cattle, I'm conceited, pull no less than face. Morning wake up, make a face to face in the morning to go to class in the afternoon to play the game, they rest at night so I'll come back. Students of those people are also particularly bureaucratic.

Beijing News: You will continue to further study it?
LIU Miao was at home reading. Profile picture

LIU Miao: High School \concentrate on engaging in learning.
(Reporter Zhang Yuan Zhang Tianning intern) yesterday, Liu Miao alone train to Beijing, Tsinghua University next week to report back. Last year, the obsession with online games, LIU Miao was home after North discouraging repetition.

teacher word I sobering
on the results
LIU Miao: high school has a best buddy at Tsinghua, he felt bored, we both ride with the South Gate of the cafes in the North meet, or go to the Zhongguancun Book City reading a novel. Once the coldest night we ride back to school, the wind headache.

LIU Miao: Occasionally. However, one way to come to the end to know what kind of, once is enough.

LIU Miao: My dad and I hung my head to cry, then again. Since then the school is to talk to the teacher cried my mother, I was still holding hope to stay.

Beijing News: then take the exam nervous?
Beijing News: Peking University Tsinghua University is not for non-small?
to attend the summer before Tsinghua University, he helped the father has been working buyouts processing of plastic bottles, to help the same laid-off, bedridden mother wash the dishes mopping the floor, while the time to be back North try to restrain him,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], he never quit housework.
\He has no direction after the North was no choice
Beijing News: give parents call it?
2006, 18-year-old Liu Miao to 685 points were admitted science Yuanpei University, but then indulged in \Source: Shenzhen Satellite TV \Large end of the semester about, because many results red door, Liu Miao for the first time the school received a warning, but still can not extricate themselves.
LIU Miao: treatment, take damage, the output of the two sides need to hurt me. Since I can not speak to the outside world for help, nor the solution to help your heart, naturally, lost his mind, only the games have a sense of belonging, a sense of the hero.
of the game

discouraging boys obsessed with online games,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], after being admitted to Tsinghua University Beijing University Source: Shenzhen Satellite TV \
Liu Miao: No, we were blowing the revolutionary friendship. We act in collusion.

�� dialogue
LIU Miao: No set-up. And bad temper when I was young, one angry to seize the tape measure, account of this, the key thrown downstairs, when we lived the sixth floor,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but on the after school like, and everyone is watching you, not the same good.

LIU Miao: Office of Academic Affairs, said the teacher, even if you stay, the result is so low, even if the school has no way out. I look sobering, let my mother do not struggle, and we go home.
LIU Miao (Meng nodding): teachers, parents, public opinion is so on the promise.
LIU Miao: hated myself, but also a profound review, but I rarely regret the past.

Beijing News: North will again stroll it?
8 18, the first Internet use for elementary students were acts of publication of the report. Survey shows that 8 percent of Internet users in primary school students in contact with the network before the age of 9, 7.1% of children are \
During the interview, he would take the initiative to pour some tea, even with the problems are greeted, in answer to questions like broke a finger representations, two, three.

21-year-old twists and turns of life

hate interviews, arrived in Beijing on the first day of attack from the media to be six, but due to face too harsh, it is not rejected.
�� link
2008 Chinese New Year back into the second semester of sophomore year he was discouraging North school, the parents bring it back tears.
7.1% primary addiction
Beijing News: It is good parenting?

LIU Miao: February 28 last year. My dad,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], my mom and I each carried a large luggage. I still have some books to the students, I think I can come back.

Beijing News: The North also play the game after discouraging it?
skin white, slightly smaller head, looking frail, LIU Miao was fond of playing basketball.

LIU Miao is what kind of person, why would obsessed online games, but also how to quit, and then repeat successfully admitted to Tsinghua University?
Beijing News: Tsinghua University and now read the electronic information professional, the certainty it?
Beijing News: how to leave school?
LIU Miao: God it was crazy.

LIU Miao: Office of Academic Affairs last semester sophomore teacher called me, but I am old and do not think the real thing. Spring usual home, the head is numb. Back to school next semester to return to Beijing, my dad received a school phone.
Beijing News: When fully awake?
Beijing News: If you could go back, but also play games?
Miao Liu: Well not necessarily Peking University Tsinghua University, the top ten schools will do. The factors that determine the future too much.

LIU Miao: not considered, just as how early graduation, after all,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], I have wasted three years to buy experience.

Since then, he returned to his alma mater, attending High School in Chongqing, eight semester, a year and a half to prepare for exams again this year to 680 points by Tsinghua University Information Science College of Electronic Information Division class admission.
Beijing News: Who informed you are discouraging it?

he thinks his life is a tragedy, although the happy ending, but has wasted three years of back to square one. While this year's college entrance examination results came out, North once again contacted,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but he said grievances can not give up, so choose Tsinghua.
I never fear test

Beijing News: The University has been very good before the results?
LIU Miao: the top few bar, a dozen of the worst. I never fear test.

LIU Miao: I started writing from the junior high school, but that time did not write,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], because do not want to look into his soul.

Beijing News: Why did North test Yuanpei College?

Hao Xianghong Secretary-General of the China Youth Association for Network analysis, primary addiction-related attitudes and parental education. Another concern students have suggested that the education sector between weariness and Internet addiction.
Beijing News: You were ready to go what direction?
Beijing News: Beijing University, Tsinghua matter how you test, you have enough of God.
Beijing News: For the professional choice of confused with how the exchange of students ?

pressure my mother, ill
LIU Miao: Yuan Pei basic course is the first time two years, and then further divided profession, and I just do not know when the volunteers reported they want to learn anything.

yesterday, just under the train LIU Miao accepted the interview.

�� reporter's notes
reporter Wang Jialin

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