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when Symbian3 release

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PostWysłany: Czw 3:36, 30 Gru 2010    Temat postu: when Symbian3 release

the fate of the defeated

If we take the time to turn back a year ago,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Symbian was of course the king at the time. IDC data show that the first half of 2009, the global smart phone market, Nokia-led Symbian accounted for 46.4% share. Next, 19.9% is the RIM Blackberry, Apple's 11.7%, and 11% of Microsoft WindowsMobile. From this figure we can see, in the first half of 2009,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], blackberry, apple and WindowsMobile the combined market share, it will be Kangde Zhu Symbian.
But the next time, Symbian strength of unprecedented challenges encountered, the most powerful of the two rivals, Apple iPhone and Google Android.
Although nothing to fall back through a series of infringement lawsuits, iPhone's market share has become more and more. To iPhone4 released, there is no more a cell phone product can be the same as with the Apple iPhone4 so many people's attention. Whether it is the first day of booking orders for a large number of users caused by system failures, or sold out around the first day of sale, all that its unprecedented popularity.
From the technical point of view, iPhone4 3.5-inch screen, although positive in the present term has been more common, but because using IPS screen material and up to 960 × 640 pixel resolution, let's display the mobile phone industry is already in the current top level. In addition, compared to previous generations, iPhone4 very subversive designs and is only 9.3 mm thick body,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], is to make it look more attractive. Not only that, the new iOS4 operating system is the control it has no experience and development of a small increase.
In iPhone4 before, Android beyond almost all other smart systems, to become the focus of most attention. We can even say, it is the rise of intelligent system makes Android Nokia market share began to fall.
It can be said, with iPhoneOS and Android,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Symbian's nightmare has only just begun. But if this exit Symbian at this time, indeed premature.

The face of the siege of iPhoneOS and Android, Symbian does choose at the beginning of a counterattack,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], one of the important measures is to open source Symbian. If at this time the owner of Nokia Symbian strong resistance selection, then we can foresee the result of things: Symbian's market share even further down, but thin dead camel than Ma,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Symbian still alone, according to party and have turnaround opportunities. But this time happens with MeeGo.
With the support of Nokia and Intel, MeeGo development can be described by leaps and bounds. MeeGo Although born in February of this year, it inherited the Linux's heritage. March, Intel to developers released the first version of the MeeGo operating system development version, a version of which is used to configure the Intel Atom netbooks, another version for the Nokia N900 smartphone. To 4 months of IDF2010 time, MeeGo lecture hall crowd save action, in every question and answer session lectures, field questions from Linux developers are quite standard, many technical staff are involved in the project for many years cattle and Linux programming expert. May, MeeGo1.0 official release and available for download.
So far, Symbian constantly losing the battle outside the system, \Matter fact, when Symbian3 release, Symbian's crisis has reached a climax. Because although Symbian3 be judged as a good system, but in addition to a X10, equipped Symbian3 still have not seen the new models released.
In addition, there should not be a factor as each other. This is the phone has been more and more like a small portable computer, not just a single function cell phone. Customers not only with a cell phone to call or send text messages, but also send and receive e-mail, browse the web, play games. They want the store to select new software from the program, not just the manufacturers for the supply of a little program.
At this point, Android and iOS Although used in mobile phones, but they still have a trace of personal computers with links to, unlike Symbian is completely from the roots in the mobile phone. From this point of view, Symbian's defeat is normal. And MeeGo at this point, they were fully equipped with the Android iOS confrontation with capital.
On the other hand, Symbian smart phone also too early to fully withdraw. According to the recently published \Up to 90% of the respondents were eager to develop iPhone applications, and another 81% interest in developing a strong Android mobile phone software. 34% of the respondents are interested in BlackBerry, 27% preferred WindowsPhone,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], attracted by the Symbian developer and WebOS now a minority.
But a figure can not be ignored, or 15% of the developers have chosen Symbian, while only 11% of the developers chose MeeGo. Perhaps because of this concern, Nokia announced, Symbian system will remain for Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson's low-end phones.
But in the long run, Symbian smart phone market ultimately withdraw, perhaps just a matter of time.

Recently, Nokia announced that, MeeGo N series of smart phones will become the default operating system, while the Symbian system, it is also a double whammy, Symbian • Charles Davis, former chief technology officer and recently announced that Nokia will leave to join Join the navigation equipment manufacturers TomTom. together the events, all that Symbian system is reduced to a marginal product. But in the next period of time,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Symbian will not withdraw from this mobile phone market?

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