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this presentation attracted large as Texas

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PostWysłany: Wto 3:48, 21 Gru 2010    Temat postu: this presentation attracted large as Texas

However, Vilas Vasquez or learn to walk and talk, and grow up. She faces the most important question is, can not increase her weight. As she began to grow taller, she looks more and more thin.
Vilas Vasquez is jealous of some female friends she will not hesitate to eat a few sandwiches, but this view is only fleeting. Vilas Vasquez life in most of the time, she has been too thin because of their shape and by the sympathy or ridicule.
for the doctors, the Leeds? Vilas Vasquez is a \Leeds? Vilas Vasquez,the law can only apply for public facilities, 21, born and raised in Texas, she is even thinner than people think - she is 1.57 meters tall and weighing only 28 kg.

Vilas Vasquez daily eating pancakes made from corn or corn chip start. An hour later, she would eat some potato chips or crackers as a snack. Then she want to eat chicken nuggets, French fries or pizza. To lunch time,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Vilas Vasquez intake of 4,000 calories has been the equivalent of a road repair or miners heat needed for the work day.

a lot of people would think at first sight Vilas Vasquez,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], she was a crazy dieters, but it is not. Vilas Vasquez swallowed every day in the mad hamburgers, French fries, cakes and other high-calorie foods, her intake of calories is 3 times the normal standard, but she is still skinny.

food intake is several times more than ordinary people
Vilas Vasquez meal time has been so crazy for years, if you just listen to these data, you might think that this woman is a fat that not even the doors are not. But the fact is, Vilas Vasquez thin, so that strangers will often knock the door of their home, angrily asked her parents to provide her with a normal diet. These angry strangers do not know, the food eaten by Vilas Vasquez and her mother had eaten in my entire life have almost the same.

abnormal physical conditions in the end this is a disease, a genetic defect, or as I described Vilas Vasquez,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], is a \Some people think that there may be a magic Vilas Vasquez's \
the face of this situation, Vilas Vasquez acquired a contempt for all the effort. She insisted that even if a kind of method can cure her \\No other members of her family life and experiences. Vilas Vasquez's brother Chris and sister Marina are developing normally. Her parents are devout Christians, they think perhaps the fate of Vilas Vasquez is the case. This idea is also reflected in the book written by Vilas Vasquez,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], her title as the \

was removed after years of medical treatment, Vilas Vasquez said it had no interest in not much confidence in themselves solve the mystery. \

Jiaer Ge than before the doctors examined more closely the physical condition of Vilas Vasquez, including bone density, metabolism analysis. In theory, such a weight Vilas Vasquez should be very weak and may even live, but Jia Erge found the body of this young girl unexpectedly health.

Vilas Vasquez (center) and family, her family and the situation did not appear abnormal weight Vasquez
Vilas odd thin
child to adult is only 28 kg weight

not survive at birth is predicted
skinny \Some bodybuilders claim that there is no excess fat themselves, but they still have the equivalent weight of 6% to 8% fat. The Vilas Vasquez, she is a complete \

Vilas Vasquez, said she never felt the need for physical fitness. Vilas Vasquez's mother had once wanted to take her to the gym to train a good point muscular weight gain, but was Jiaer Ge stopped. Jia Erge that a lot of sweating during exercise can easily lead to dehydration Vilas Vasquez's body.
will continue to eat this all day, all of Vilas Vasquez favorite foods and then eat them sprinkled with cheese. To sleep at night, when Vilas Vasquez day the food we eat about 8,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],000 calories.
Vilas Vasquez had told reporters every 15 minutes is necessary to eat a meal, Vilas Vasquez has denied this. But it is undeniable that she was hungry much faster speed than normal.
the only way to stay healthy: eat
doctors think there is no way to survive Vilas Vasquez, but was surprised that for all her internal organs functioning. Obviously, Vilas Vasquez still is a healthy baby.
Vilas Vasquez 13 years old, her mother in a health class presentation on the description of her daughter's symptoms, this presentation attracted large as Texas, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Sri Lanka Dr Abu Seaman? Jiaer Ge attention. Jiaer Ge is the metabolic specialist, since then, he regularly visited a Vilas Vasquez, Vasquez from the medical point of view to track the physical progress of Vilas.

BMI index (body mass index) is a commonly used measure of the current international level of body fat, thin, and whether the health of a standard, normal values of 20 to 25, with less than 16 would be considered too thin . The BMI index Vilas Vasquez's 10.9.

Vilas Vasquez sometimes stop eating high-calorie foods on the bored. \shouldering the arduous task, \Vilas Vasquez intake of those nutrients where. Normal intake of some nutrients will be converted to fat, but who apparently does not work in Vilas Vasquez. Because her body does not reserve any energy, and if she does not eat, she will soon feel tired, immunity will fall.

Vilas Vasquez Fortunately, she does not like other \Vilas Vasquez recently had to stop drinking soft drinks, because her blood sugar is too high.
Vilas Vasquez neonatal body No fat tissue, which at the time let the doctors feel very confused. Under the skin of her blood vessels can be clearly seen, and her head is like a doll carved unnatural.

Vilas Vasquez doctors told the parents that their daughters will grow up to walk could not speak. Vilas Vasquez 4 years old, her blind right eye was found, her left eye and severely damaged.

and fitness are different, Vilas Vasquez almost no muscle, she looks like a skeleton package outside a layer of skin directly. The Vilas Vasquez 1.57 meters tall and weighing only 28 kg. However, in addition to the normal body weight, she is no exception to other physical indicators. As long as she is eating like this, her health will not deteriorate.

who were too thin because of sympathy or ridicule
\She does not eat salad, do not eat fruit, her eating habits are a lot of American teenagers, in addition to \

Jiaer Ge that does not cure the disease, he did not even know what the recommended way Vilas Vasquez to stay healthy. Vilas Vasquez only option is to stop eating.

Vilas Vasquez status at birth is also aroused interest. She was born 40 cm in length and weighing 1.19 kg. \
□ Zhu Jing Yuan International Weekly Zhuangao

not informed of the cause, doctors can only suggest Vilas Vasquez's parents: \> only 2 and her world as
\Jia Erge believe that this disease is a genetic defect, but he could not determine whether the genes which there is a problem.

to the doctors, the Vilas Vasquez's metabolism is a mystery. No one knows, her calorie intake of so many gone. Doctors only know a few Vilas Vasquez is not fat how to eat a class of people.
However, even the appearance of Vilas Vasquez found \also considered normal.
Vilas Vasquez child often plagued by ear infections,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], she often bedridden due to a cold - which is probably due to the adults she could not properly express a result of hunger.

Since then, doctors began to study what happened in her unexplained phenomena. However, not all research results, doctors still do not understand now, Vilas Vasquez is the lack of the body in the end, what will lead to what it is today.
Jia Erge that such physical disorders as \. La Teng Straw reported that a low birth weight and the aging face, sparse hair, growth and development obstacles. Many patients the disease died in infancy, even growing up there was a marked mental retardation.
scientists have systematically studied the body's metabolic system, but experts still can not explain why some people eat too much is still very thin Some people even if the diet will still gain weight.

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