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they gradually restored vision. Day shone

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PostWysłany: Pią 3:58, 07 Sty 2011    Temat postu: they gradually restored vision. Day shone

Make adequate preparations for a bit longer, will be able to understand that more. \Ji action laughed: \Both as a phase,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], can not help smiling.
    Yao Qian book went to the altar to represent a pattern of wood and sat down at the Ji C fire patterns at dynamic go sit down. Depending on when they once again seem to have some provocative meaning. Is the time to comprehend the results show the time. In order to get out of here, no doubt, they realize the circle of the three, include the existence of this transfer matrix method.
    Yang also appears in the white crown above their heads. Represents the ultimate in a wood emerald color, representing the extreme C of red and gold are also moments of fire rising.
    They sit down position, while shining totem patterns,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], they also have another look to each other.
    Yao Qian Yang book white crown on the head office, surprised to have two half-crown into stars, his magic has gone from forty-two raised to forty five. In this time of not more than two months, there is such an increase, no doubt shocking.
    However, when the book to see Yao Qian Ji Mian Yang fixed overhead when they can not help some of the slack. Star was shocked to reproduce the four crown on top of Yang Mian. Ji magic move has been elevated to from thirty-two thirty-eight. A full six,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], which was the upgrading of six full ah,Jade light convergence! The magic of the gap between the two substantially narrowed.
    At this point, the book can not help but think of Yao Qian said the secret words, Ji move, is this generation Heavenly saints of the sage commander.
    Ultimate Magic also rising, the two behind, and emerge each round the circle,All along, Yao Qian behind the book, dragon coiled, like a swallow spit fog days, a Road in Tsing Lung dense diamond-shaped pattern around magic. Ji left, the golden red wings Suzaku launched quiet standing, the formation of conical spiral around the magic-like pattern,
    This is what they understood by each of the circle into the circle and sent Yang Yang wood fire to send the circle.
    The magic of the mixing among the altar on top of a wooden totem at the same time with the two C lit the fire, smoke rising like a magic light, light beam into two completely enveloped the body of their account, transfer in light of a large array release, themselves beneath the bitter sky, each into their respective light beam being. Moment of intense light bloom, convergence. The next moment, their bodies have disappeared without a trace.
    This is not excited the first time sent. But it is absolutely self-control in his first delivery, although he still does not know where the destination of transmission, but control of its own combination of magic and the circle, feeling the mystery of the circle to send the TV drama esoteric, this void through the still feel a new sort of understanding gave him.
    Light flash, Yao Qian Ji action also is almost the same time the book appeared, the two spontaneously closed eyes, at least one month does not see the light, this sudden light made them a hard time to adapt. A full quarter of an hour of effort, they gradually restored vision. Day shone, the sun, feel the shadows of the trees in the TV drama mixed dancing under the light and glory. Both can not help but grow tone, their judgments are correct, you want to leave the underground palace, it must be sent with the circle. At this point, they are in a forest.
    Placed in such a light case of a large, two further on the TV,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], looked at each other it will be more clearly unkempt appearance, especially Yao Qian book, it looks like, even better than a beggar.
    Yao Qian book, raising his hand on the side by a tree, a Biguang flash, his eyes suddenly lit up, \Two words come to. We only need to enter the fog of the forest range, should be able to directly enter the underground palace of the circle. \Ji moving nodded his head, said: \Yao Qian book laughed and said: \make you hungry to fragmentation? a forest where the river must have been to, or can not be bred so many plants. you go with me. \Sen, the absolute area of wood magician Department, Ji Yao Qian moving the book do not know how to do. Less than half an hour of effort, they have washed the body, sitting on a broad but very clear, not the small riverside eating piles of fruit.
    So long to eat dry food, with fruit to eat. No doubt they are a most happy event. There are many definitions of happiness, often many times, not necessarily precious things. Happiness

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