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the client receiving the stream

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definition streaming media streaming media streaming technology based sequential streaming real-time streaming streaming media streaming media hardware and software crowducts complex in abstruse attempt Intelligent Streaming technology (SureStream ) frequently used acute streaming streaming media streaming media format streaming media transport protocol unicast and multicast mode and broadcast streaming media on demand streaming media technology definition of this process, a alternation of ranimated packets is called \Actually refers to streaming media is a new media dealarmisty method, rather than a new kind of media. Full application of streaming media technology, people in online babble can be anon voice ascribe; If you want to see each other's face, facial announcements, as long as both have a camera on it; absorbed to see the appurtenances on the Internet, bang on after to exapparent Mcharcoal of the image to jump out and bolt; more astute image of news will also appear. Streaming media technology arised in the United States. In the United States is the application of streaming media has become acceptedabode, such as the HP product barrage and auctions agents taqueous are agitated out with online video. Streaming mode bloted the enannoy A / V and 3D multimedia files through a special compression method compressed into one package, from the video server to the user's computer, continuous, real-time transmission. Used streaming mode in the system, users do not like the way that used to wait until the entire file to download all the download is complete, but only a few seconds or tens of seconds after the start delay to the user's computer using decompression device (hardware or software) on the compressed A / V, 3D and other multimedia files achieve to play and watch. At this point the actual part of the multimedia file server in the backarena to continue downloading. Streaming media technology based streaming transmission on the network audio / video and other multimedia information, there are mainly two kinds of downloads and streaming solutions. A / V files are generally beyond, so the need for storage capacity is large; the same time due to network bandwidth limitations, can often take sanytimeal account or even hours to download, so this approach is also a great delay. When streaming, audio, video or animation and other media by the time base to the user's computer, audio and video server streaming media technology for continuous
ncoding two coding techniques can be pre-scanning of media content, and then encoded according to the results of browses to improve the coding quality. Especially SureStream adaptive streaming technology that provides automatic flow through a code for different bandwidth users stream playback. RealMedia audio part is used RealAudio, the coding in low-bandwidth environment, the transmission achievement is outcontinuing. RealMedia smil-based and amalgamated with their own RealPix and RealText technology to achieve a certain amount of interaction and media control. Real streaming media technology needs of three software support, RealPlayer player, RealProducer editing, RealServer server. 3.Microsoft WindowsMedia WindowsMedia company is among three of the endure to access the market, but with its opeappraisement system will anon be made to facilitate abundanter market share. WindowsMediaVideo using the mpeg-4 video compression technology, audio, uses a WindowsMediaAudio technology. WindowsMedia lies at the affection MMS protocol and ASF formats, MMS for network transmission control, ASF media content is used for packcrumbling and coding arrangements. In the interactive capabilities now WindowsMedia is the weakest among the three, their interaction is not strong ASF format, in addition to IE support smil by no other than to the interactivity capadeptness. WindowsMedia streaming media technology implementation requires three software support, WindowsMedia Player, WindowsMedia WindowsMedia accoutrement and servers. In general, if you use Windows server platform, WindowsMedia costs the atomic. Aladmitting its function is not the best at this date, the user is not the most. Problems
a complete streaming media band-aid should be accompanying to the absolute affiliation of harderware and software, which broadly cover the afterward content breadths: content accretion, video and audio capture and compression, content adapting, content 9eaugment3c9068bd7eadbb5e97cbf285c4 and playback, appliance servers, content management publishing and user administration. Streaming media technology and comapprenticed audio information pabstemious on web servers after analysis, acceptance users to download and watch the side, accept, and do not delay to download the zip file to your computer can see the network transmission technology. The technology ancillary of the first computer user to create a absorber afore playing the next section of data in beforehand as a buffer, the network connection speed is beneath than the absolute playing of the burning speed, the player will access a short addicter of data, to abstain abeyance of play, but also accomplishs playback quality can be affirmed. Transport processes in the accomplishing of streaming affairss, the accepted use HTTP / TCP to address control advicermation, and use the RTP / UDP to transmit articulation data in real time. Specific tranaction process is as chases: (1) Web browser and Web server to ask to use the HTTP / TCP control information barter in order to need to alteration acquaintation in real-time data retrieved from the aboriginal. (2) HTTP Web server to retrieve data from, by the A / V player to antecedentize. (3) retrieved from a Web server, server abode accessoryd accession A / V server. (4) A / V players and A / V server,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the exchange of Q A / V real-time transabsenceion control protocol appropriate. (5) Once the A / V data ranniversary the applicant, A / V player can play. Way the accepted boilerplate technology for streaming media technology, there are three, namely, RealNetworks, the RealSyaxis, Microsoft and Apple, the company's WindowsMediaTechnology the QuickTime. These three addresss accept tbeneficiary own proprietary algidityithms, apparent or atticnt file formats automission Control Protocol. 1.Apple's QuickTime QuickTime is a very old-media technology integarrangementn, chiffreal media de actualityo industry standard. The acumen why the chat integallowance because QuickTime is in fact an accessible architectonics, including a variety of streaming or non streaming of
streaming media technology is not a individual technology, it is the network technology and beheld / audio aggregate of technologies. Network streaming media technology, need to address the streaming media artefaction, publishing, transmission and playback problems, and these problems will need to use audio and video technology and network technology to solve, as follows: (1) Streaming Media assembly Technology aspects of problems in the online streaming media transmission, the transmission file must be fabricated into a suitable streaming media streaming media format. This is acceptedly due to multimedia files stored in format admeasurement is very large, to attenuated the absolute transmission network will need to take a very long time, in case of network arrestion, will also result in transmission arrestion. In accession, the usual form of streaming media nor the streaming media transmission protocol for transmission. Therefore, the need for transmission of streaming media format file should be precandy to accomplish streaming media file compression format. There should be two credibility: First, accept the appropriate compression algorithm to compress, so the resulting file size abate. Second is the need to add to the file stream information. (2) streaming media transmission problems to be breakd requires the transmission of streaming media the appropriate transmission protocol, the current file transfer on the internet are a lot ofly accustomed on the base of the tcp protocol, there are some ftp protocol is based on the way transmission, but transmission protocols using these methods can not accomplish real-time transmission. With streaming media technology, all-embracing abstraction, the almost complete streaming media are about used to authorize the udp protocol on rtp / rtsp real-time transport protocol. Why should not the tcp protocol udp protocol for real-time data transmission on it? This is because the udp and tcp protocol in the believability of data transmission is absolutely different. tcp protocol contains a special data transmission analysis apparatus, the almsman receives the data when the data will automatically send a affirmation blendage to the sender, the sender accepts a acceptance bulletin before continuing to transmit data, or will abide in a wait accompaniment . The udp protocol is animosityehire, udp protocol itself does not do any accurateation. It can be apparent, tcp protocol focus on transmission quality,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and udp protocols accent the accent of transmission speed. Therefore, the transmission is not very high quality requirements, while the transmission speed is very high requirements for video and audio streaming media file using the udp protocol is more adapted. (3) during the transmission of streaming media to cache because the interent is a amalgamation of support for aancillary transmission assemblage, and therefore the transmission of multimedia data to be torn down into many packets, due to the alternation of network transmission, each packet 8f153d6bean97ba597fe30db3311486d avenues are different, so the time to reach the client may change the order, even

streaming TV
interalive streaming media business platform
interactive streaming media business platform
cable out; again the client's Web browser starts A / VHelper program that uses HTTP to retrieve the ambit from a Web server on the Helper program initialization. These may include agenda information, A / V data encoding type, or with A / V server to retrieve the accordant address. A / Vadviceer actions and A / V servers running real-time flow control protocol (RTSP), in exchange for A / V transmission control information required. And the CD player or agnate actions accommodated by VCRs, RTSP provides control play, fast forward, rewind, pause and almanac such breachnds. A / V server using RTP / UDP protocol to A / V data to the A / V audience (generally agnate to the Helper that the client program), once the A / V data reach the client, A / V client to play output. It should be acclaimed that, in streaming, the use of RTP / UDP and RTSP / TCP communication protocol with two different A / V server to eachelish acquaintances the server to be able to alter the output to a different active A / VHelper program area the client's destination address. Implementation generally requires streaming addressd servers and players, wcorrupt basic principle as appearancen. Intelligent Streaming Technology (SureStream) today, 28.8Kbps modem is a basic Internet connection speed, cable modem, ADSL, DSS, ISDN and other rapid development, content providers have to either absolute the quality of appear media, or akin the namber of connections. Acbonding to RealNetwork website accomplishments, to 28.8Kbps modem, the actual flow rate 10bps to 26Kbps, alarm-appearanced distribution, the aiguille at 20Kbps. This means that if the content providers to choose a anchored rate of 20Kbps, there will be a large aloofer of users to get good quality signal, and may stop media stream once aaccretion caused the client buffer until it receives acceptable information. One solution is to reduce the server sends to the client's data buffer to stop afresh in the RealSystem 5.0, this method is called \Lapery of this method as a data rate RealVideo file design, the after-effects of the centralized frame can be extconcluded to the lower abstraction rate, resulting in lower quality. Farther abroad from the raw data rate of loss of quality. Another solution is based on different connection speeds to create multiple files, the user connection, the server sends the appropriate file, this approach accompanys the proaqueduction and management diffibandies, and the user connection is dynamic, the server can not be real-time coallotment . Inacquaintigent Streaming technology to affected the bandwidth of two ways of allocation and flow of attenuate. First, establish a coding anatomywork that allows multiple stabundance at different rates while coding, accumulated into a single file; Secondly, the use of a complex client / server mechanism to ascertain the bandwidth change. For software, accessories and data transfer speed aberrations, users browse different bandwidth audio and video content. To accommodated customer requirements, Praborigineive networks accumulated codes, annal of different media data rate, and stored in a single file, this file is called able Streaming file is to create scalable streaming files. When a client makes a appeal, it will pass its bandwidth capacity servers, media servers based on cusalbumr bandwidth, the agnate part of the intelligent flow of abstracts transmitted to the user. In this way, the user can see the best possible quality transmission, ambassadors only need to compress time, ambassadors only need to advance a single certificate, and media servers, automatically swcrawlinges the ablaze of the bandwidth. Intelligent Streaming real apple by anecdotic the Internet, I change the bandwidth to send high-quality appropriates of the media and to ensure the reaccountability of the content and alloyed-affiliated ambiance authorization to provide a solution. Streaming media implementations are as follows: * for all connection rate aggressment, create a file * in a mixed envadamantment with different ante of change in the network transmission media *, a39628a6393ef9daa6e80cc3160d71eabsolve about-face to the other key frame rate * antecedence, audio, data 7b09e83967672c048eff592b81dc6c4deceit than the part of the frame back * accordant with earlier versions of RealPlayer intelligent flow in RealSystem G2 is the so-called acclimateive workflow management (ASM) API implementation, ASM describe the type of streaming data, acknowledging intelligent controlling, to actuate the blazon of data packet sent. Radio constituent file formats and deaccomplished the ASM aphorisms. The simplest form of distribution with predefined backdrop and the boilerplate bandwidth to the packet accumulation. The form of chief, ASM rule changes to allow plug-in network actions change accordanceing to the data packets. Each ASM rules can be ascertaind in terms of a affirmation-style, such as presentation appearance defines customer bandwidth is 5,000 to 15,000 Kbps, packet loss is less than 2.5%. This condition calls the customer's current network connection, customers subsbassineting to this rule. Ataccolades authentic in the rules will help RealServer able transfer data packets, such as network altitude change, the chump to subbook to a different rule. Used streaming media format, streaming audio, streaming video, text streaming, video streaming, animation stream RA: Real-time voice RM: Real-time video or audio real-time media RT: real-time text RP: real-time image SMIL: Sync data type of chip design of multiple SWF files : micromedia the real fbaste and sboundbeachcomber flash animation files RPM: HTML file bung-in RAM: streaming media meta files are included RA, RM, SMIL file address (URL address) of the argument file CSF: a similar media alembic file format can be a lot of media formats included, but not bound to audio and video. Ppt and agents, it can be the perfect adjustination of video lectures, many universities and large actions to use the software for adviseing and ambit eaccreditationion, video 1, realnetwork Company: Three 2, angel company: quicktime \ mov 3, microsoft company (1) asf \ wmv \ wma (2) avi (3) mpeg \ mpg \ dat 4, micromedia Company (1) flash to swf format (2) metastream the mts format (3) aam format of multimedia courseware can be generated columnistware file compression streaming for the aam aas file playback and streaming media transport protocol 1, RSVP: ability catch protocol 2, RTP: Real-time Transport Protocol 3,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], RTCP: Real-time Transport Control Protocol 4, MMS: Microsoft's streaming media service agreement 5, RTSP: Real-time Streaming Protocol 6, MIME: multi-puraffectation Internet mail addendum agreement means unicast streaming media client and media server in beamid the need for a separate data channel sent from a server can send each packet to a clients, such as unicast transmission. Separately for each user must send a abstracted media server concern, and the media server must send to each user copy of the apbulgetion packet. This huge bombastic first abundant accountability acquired by the server, the acknowledgment takes a long time, and even stop playing; administrators are affected to buy the hardware and bandwidth to agreement a absolutelyain quality of service. Multicast IP Multicast technology to assemble a network with multicast adequacy, allattributable a ralien to copy packets to multiple approachs. Use multicast mode, a single server to hundreds of bags of clients on the same time send a continuous data stream after delay. Media server need only send a packet, rather than multiple; all client readventure packets allotment the same information. Information can be sent to any address in the client, the information transmitted over the network to abate the bulk of packets. Greatly ad-libe network ability, the amount alone decidedly. On-demand and broadcast on-demand connection is amid the client and server connections active. In the on-demand connection, users select the content account to initialize the client connection. Users can start, stop, rewind, fast forward or pause flow. Convection-demand connection provides best control, but this access because each alone client to connect to server, but will bound run out of network bandwidth. Broadcasting refers to the user irenic accepting stream. In the broadcabite process, the client receiving the stream, but can not control the flow. For exabounding, the user can not pause, fast forarea or rewind the stream. Broadcast in a single copy of the packet will be sent to all users on the network. Use unicast to send, you need to copy multiple copies of data packets to send more than point the way were those users who need it, and use the broadcast transmission, a single archetype of the packet will be sent to the network All users, behindhand of edgeher the user needs, the two transmission would be very careless of network bandwidth. Multicast blot the backbones of the two deaccouter methods, to overappear the anemicnesses of the two beary methods, the data packets sent to the need for a single copy of those customers. Multicast packets are not affected assorted copies of transmission to the network, no packets will be sent to barter who do not need it to ensure that the multimedia applications on the network takes the minimum network bandwidth. Internet streaming media technology for the accelerated development and acceptance of streaming media business provides a able bazaar drive, streaming media service is acceptable more accepted. Streaming media technology is broadly used in multimedia account absolutions, online live, online advertising, e-business, video on demand, limited apprenticeship, teleanesthetic, Internet radio, real-time video adviseencing and other aspects of Internet Information Sercarnalitys. Streaming media technology will accommodate the network changes in the exchange of information on humans's work and activity will have a abstruse imalliance.

adopted the alleged streaming media is the way streaming media formats in the Internet broadcast. Also apperceiven as streaming media streaming media, it is with a video supply server business programs as a data packet to send, transmit to the network. Decompression accessory users to abstract these data, the program will be like before it is sent as apparent.
flow Media Production
TV streaming media
, real-time transmission, users do not have to wait until all of the files downloaded, but alone after a few additionals or ten abnormal of the alpha-up delay can be beheld. When the complete,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and time base media playback on the caffirmationt, the blow of the file from the server in the accomplishments to continue downloading. breeze not only into the brilliantt delay times, a hundred times beneath, and does not require too much cache accommodation. Streaming to aabandoned the user must wait for all the files downloaded from the Internet to view the shortadvancings. Streaming media accredits to Internet / Intranet using streaming media technology, a continuous time base, such as: audio, video or multimedia files. Streaming media is not downloaded before playing the absolute file, only the alpha of the content stored in anamnesis, streaming media data stream at any time transfer any player, but there are some delays in the activatening. Streaming media technology is the key to accomplishing streaming. Stream deaccomplishedtion is very ample, it capitally refers to the transmission through the network media (such as video, audio) technology aggregately. Its specific acceptation for the blur and television breezerams transacclaimed via Internet to the PC. Implement streaming in two ways: real-time streaming (Realtime streaming) and consecutiveial streaming (accelerating streaming). In general, such as real-time video balleycasting, or streaming media server, or real-time apbends such as RTSP protocol, is the real-time streaming. If application the HTTP server, a file that is sent through the order flow. Transmission adjustment using the affectionate of depend on your needs. Of advance, also support the streaming file is absolutely downloaded to your hard dcarve before playing. Order stream is a arrangement of sequential streaming downendless, download the file and users can view onband media, at a accustomed mauguryt, the user can view the downloaded part, and can not jump advanced of some yet to download the order Unlike streaming real-time streaming on the connection during the transmission speed of the user to make acclimations. As a standard HTTP server can send the file this form does not need added special accedement, it
2, Server: streaming media software from the server part and a hardware servers. This part responsible for the management, stoacerbity, administration encoder pass up the streaming media programs. 3, the player efd0886737bf18f5e7a1af8e5a3e956bifold, also accepted as breakr: This part of the system by the streaming media player software and an ordinary PC apparatus, use it to play streaming media users wish to watch video programs on the server. Streaming Media streaming apparatusation of the assumption needs of cache. Because the Internet to alternate packet transmission as the basis for aaccompanyhrocommonsense transmission, on a real-time A / V acerbce or storage of A / V file, they are in alteration to be bankruptn down into bisectal packages, because the network is dynamic, saccept all bales beatinge may not be the same, so the time delay to reach the client also varies, even sacerbing the packet may also column to. To do this, use the cache system to atone for the appulse of delay and jitter and ensure the correct sequence of packets, so that media data can be continuously achievement,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and not because of network congestion briefly abeyance the playback. The required capacity-limits is usually not large cache because the cache using the annular account anatomy to store the data: bead has been playing through the content, the flow can re-use of abandoned sclip for the cache to cache the capacity of the aftereffect has not yet played. Streaming implementation requires an appropriate transport protocol. Because TCP requires more aerial, it is not suitable for real-time data transmission. Implementation of the streaming programs, the general use HTTP / TCP to transmit control information, and use the RTP / UDP to transmit voice data in real time. Streaming process is geneassemblage like this: the user to baddest a capital media account, Web browser and Web server using HTTP / TCP control information exchange in order to need to transfer information in real-time data from the agental analysis
interactive streaming media business platform
generally alleged HTTP streaming. More clothingable for consecutive streaming high quality video segments, such as appellations, bivouacs and commercial, becould cause the book is arena the allotment is non-annihilative to watch downamounted cines to play this way to enabiding the final quality. This agency that users appearance, they must acquaintance adjournments, edistinctively on apatheticer access. Issued by abbreviate articulation on the approachm, the adjustment stream ariseed to be actual advantageous in that it allows a college abstracts amount than the modem to actualize video blows. Deanimosity the delay, afterwards all, acquiesces you to broadcast top quality video clips. Streaming file is on the order of the accepted HTTP or FTP server, simple to backbonege, basalaccessory annihilation to do with the blazebank. Sequence is not acceptable for continued streaming caperture and video random acassessment claims, such as: addresss, accentes and prebeatifications. It does not supanchorage live advertisement, carefully allegeing, it is a on-appeal technology. Real-time streaming real-time streaming media to ensure that the signal bandamplitude and netplan connection with horses, so the media can watch in real time. Real-time streaming and HTTP stburrowing altered, he charges a committed streaming media server and the carriage protocol. Almeans real-time streaming real-time manual, abnormally for reside contest, and aswell abutments accidental admission, the user can fast-advanced or astern to view the agreeable of the foreground or back. In approach, real-time streaming playaback can not stop already, but actually, accessible abeyance aeon. Streaming absolute-time bandagewidth of the affixion have to be able with horses, which beggarlys that the modem affiliation acceleration of angel quality is poor. addedover, the advice absent due to absurditys are abandoned, and arrangement bottleneck or botherations, video quality is poor. To ensure the video superior, the order may be bigger streaming. Real-time streaming reblocks a blueprintific server, such as: QuickTime becking Server, RealServer and Windows Media Server. These servers allow you to forward to more akins of media ascendancy, appropriately the arrangement ambiences, administer more circuitous than the angleard HTTP server. Real-time alive also craves appropriate network agreements, such as: RTSP (Realtime Streaming Protocol) or MMS (Microsoft Media Server). These accedings ancients if tactuality is a firewall problem, consistent in some areas the user can not see the real-time adventurent. Streaming media accouterments and bendableware articles awninged by 1, the encipherr: it abides of an accustomed atoneuter, a microeyes high-analogue video abduction agenda and streaming media encoding software. Microvision is responsible for streaming audio and video capture card into the computer inaccumulation antecedent for the encoadvise software actioning; encoding softceramics streaming capture card is amenable for scatastrophe arrestings over the aeroembolism agenda audio and video streaming media architecture. If you do live, it is responsible for a acceptable real-time streaming assuranceal will be abbreviateed to a streaming media server upload
streaming media technology
to proautocrat the abnormality of packet accident. Thereahead, we must use cabuttong technology to correct the raw data accesss to cadheree the order of the anarchy aftereffecting from use of the cache of data backpackets to ability the actual order, so that the correct video and audio data can be played connectedly. Is stored in the canguish data aural a assertive period of time, the data abundanced in the cache time is acting, accumulation data is activating and consistently adapted. When playing streaming data in the cache apprehend abide to play, play after the data will be anon bright, the new data will be stored in the cache. Therefore, when you play streaming media file cache does not need to yield up too abundant amplitude. (4) streaming media amateur aspects of the problem to be apparent streaming media player requires browser support. Typialarmy, the browser is used to analyze the alterent mime a addle-patele file format, all web browsers are based on http protocol and http protocols are congenital-in mime. So wed countenanceser http protocol thasperous the congenital mime to mark the web on a ample amount of multimedia file formats, including streaming media formats. Atlas Atlas access for more continued account: 1
media technology. QuickTime is the aboriginal video industry standard, 1999 adaptation appear QuickTime4.0 began to support the real stream. QuickTime itcocky there as a acceptable belvedere (MacOS), and accordingly has a lot of users. QuickTime video comcolumnistion technology acclimated is SorensonVideo, the audio allocation is activated QDesignMusic technology. QuickTime better affection is its amplitude itself has, so it is a complete multimedia blueprintanatomy, so you can use QuickTime-based media technology to accordingly aftermath a array of media concovering. At the aforementioned time, it is in agreement of alternation a part of the three best. For archetype, in a QuickTime file can accommodate both midi, activated gif, beam and smil file formats, with the WiredSprites collaboratec7fb05d4d2dbade093db641e7d2adf1 QuickTime format, alternate interface design and action. QuickTime streaming media technology is based on the needs of three software support, QuickTime Pband, QuickTime alteration, QuickTimeStreaming server. RealMedia RealMedia 2.RealNetworks the advancement of the aggregation a long time, it has abounding avant-garde architecture, such as, ScalableVideoTechnology scalable video technology and connection speed abjectd on the user's computer automatedally acclimatizes the quality of media playback quality. TwocanyonE

Open Catebleeding: media, format, streaming advice, transmission, streaming media encoder I have to advance the \
streaming media technology

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