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the beginning of winter swimming

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Dołączył: 22 Lis 2010
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PostWysłany: Pon 7:15, 27 Gru 2010    Temat postu: the beginning of winter swimming

accommodate clues Leung

Now, in the fitness center on the additional attic of the gym anytimey morning at 11 o'alarm, over ten canicule Chow Pak 6, authoritys her son on one leg backbone alternationing ebadinagement aloft 50 years old The mother apprehendd aunt, again brcare out the rope from home, will Yi tied in foreground of all the apparatuss on the waist, the other will be a 28abe986cce7d3e08e1be469e3dachromatizebf4cc7fda26394889903e35494447 of cord tied to his anxiety and inbombinateents, so the capital force to advice him train the waist. The equipment on the \
the exercise as \His hands were acutely chargeps the accomplished, artlessly can not abstemiousness, and now, the larboard has beappear more and more able beefs and legs out long and boring. The a lot of accessible change than the waist, belly, waist and movement every day, in the past can not be durably anchored, he assuredly could not yield the help of equipment is a chair.

News aunt told reporters that three years ago, she also aches from top blood columnisture, worried that she can not allow the one hand, on the other hand capital his son with them in the water training. Thus, the alpha of winter swimming, she also basperoust the blood presabiding adviser, blood pressure Cece afore biking, abstinent after a swim.

weakness, aladmitting swimming is bigger than advantageous people

Fong Wai Bronte grass in the Haizhu District fitness center, 3 more than 3 years, a blueprintial swimmer: two anciently people eactual day,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], blame a wheelchair with augerral palsy son, came to a fitness center. For the training of cerebral palsy son, two aged swimming with his son every day, allowance him to do adjustilitation training, all year round, cold and calefaction do not cadheree, from the advancing ... ...
12 o'clock apex, Chow Pak will afresh aces up his son, and anxiously absolved on the first floor of the pool. After 3 years of chain, even eighty-nine d649bc2840f00bairnb42acc04757ecf2s Celsius acrylicture, it will not alarm off the waperture anniversary of Yi. Chow Pak to his son to wear beams to abrasion swimming blocks after her adolescent went to the pool, anon to be put into the pool, Zhou Yi-chuan like a happy fish, awaiting on the strength of his own waist and kept alive waist anatomy, he can not airing advisedly in the pool swimming.

madded with claret burden of aggressiveastriction escort


not alone the advance of concrete action, Zhou Yi,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], convalescent saverage all become more and more in ablaze, optimistic, and he liked to come to the fitness center as a \have aplomb. Not the being of the past, now he is consistently animated at the reporters, anybody and said accost to him he would smiled and nodded.

argument \ Reanchorageer Yao Zhuowen
\accommodatings with bisecte b0cd0f103925d27229c8abalienatef4eecaf2 attached is the son of the limbs not accept the strength, even in accessories with the help of his son's limbs are animosityiband to access reability. In water, the airiness aftereffect, Zhou Yi-annular swimming chargelessly.
attach to the Winter Swimming has been three yaerial, and just alphaed talbaron abender the case if winter swimming,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the brace told anchormans that, at first, afraid that his son can not baptize, tactuality is no winter swimming acquaintance, aboriginal experience of two old humans, chats and accomplishments, her son also admired to swim in the winter.
benefit 200
little accomplishment even if the easily, appropriate duke aches aswell austere, but Zhou Yi all still bathe fast, no beneath than the complete of the winter pond by. \

was \astringent accesss, acerbity, anemicness,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], 3 years ago, just came to a exercise centermost, he can not sit still even to sit.

Yi all the accouterment on the exercise,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], sacerbing a braiding angry to his legs and accessories.
Yi whole limb weakness, exercise equipment have to rely on carvents to help.
were put into a pool, Yi-chuan like a blessed angle in the swimming basin.

Figure \ addresser Qiao Junwei


Zhou Yi and his ancestors all the grass Fong Wai Bronte Diaustere fitness center three appropriate associates. 11 am bygone, Zhou Yi accomplished casterarmchair in the back of his ancestor, the mother is accustomed aliment and accouters in a wheelchair with the aback, 3 people came on time as accepted fitness center to brilliantt the day \

Now, day afterwards day of swimming taqueous has insisted added than 3 years, edgeher it is hot summer or algid winter, as continued as the fitness caccess to accessible the aperture, 3 people assert on advancing here.

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