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spit it out

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PostWysłany: Pon 10:50, 28 Mar 2011    Temat postu: spit it out

Asked: How long afterward the Prince nectar porridge? Prior to likewise eat everything another?
No. Used merely behind the bird's nest soup because luncheon, and then nobody another. Also, it half the time it stick of annoy.
That is a quarter of one hour apt twenty minutes.
House refused to take distinct Qing Yu, Jia Lu Yan from an night to hold his son was die bear arms take it over, lying down above the mattress and broke his jaws, the concordance finger and middle finger into it,the body namely actually nought apt it, with
Force to drag his larynx, one hand squeezing his hard stomach.
What are you act? Jia Lu Yan night shocked.
Tonger, spit it out! Fast! Spit it out!
Wow ─ coma Tonger pain to twist involuntarily began vomiting.
Qing Yu F, emetic side to him, while shouting: get breast! Go get some milk!
Qing Yu F, calcium for your child, let dry Palace Shan Fang Cheng preparation of the milk, give him a annual bowl, so ladies side over there presently.
Tonger likewise moved his father was beneath the force vomit, a small body favor the wind, leaves,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and shaken.
Qing Yu F, nearly see him spit, and put him upside down,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], filling the milk to go to his mouth.
Tonger still abdomen cramps,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], milk flood by the mouth, Qing Yu F, tapping his audacity hard, really no mercy, Tonger, get up up! Swallow the milk!
Tonger firm tiny face twisted in grief, half faint, swallow a few morsels of half {awake|wake up}, and suddenly spit out. Qing Yu F,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], he ambition once repeatedly gushed down hard, and so ahead.
Jia Lu Yan in the side and looks at night. Although he is unknown Bailou Qing Yu is act, yet I muse he is to save Tonger. See son,Christian Louboutin sale, that suffers with pain, the center virtually broke.
Physician arrived, was really Chen Xiuqing.
Qing Yu F, startled no time, Yibalaguo him, urging said: Quick! Give Tonger healing,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]!
How? How to Prince Edward in the end,Christian Louboutin sale! Jia Lu Yan night eagerly asked.
Chen Xiuqing to Prince consultation over clock,Christian Louboutin sale, speedily filling the divine beneath the detoxification productions, behind to the Road; Prince of the drug in a very raging, and a great potion. Without a timely manner to the Royal House, Prince emetic,
There seems to soothe the noxious milk and the effectiveness of fear is difficult to prop to His Royal Highness Prince Wei Chen arrived.
Jia Lu Yan heard this night, gaze torn to shreds.
Chen Xiuqing said: His Highness Although dose of antidote, merely the drugs very toxic, the absence to gradually determine. Young old, His Royal Highness, the five inner organs damaged, probably needs to rest after detoxification
Support for a long time.
House Qing Yu said: What is the poison namely in the end? How so dramatically? May be completely removed? Can be left after-effects?
This drug is heartbroken, not a infrequent poison, but caustic toxicity, a stick of annoy, but the solution tin be dignitaries ...... life is not difficult,Christian Louboutin sale, as can be completely removed. As for the after-effects,Christian Louboutin sale,
Fortunately, the rejoinder in a timely manner Royal House, His Royal Highness Prince Edward, whether cautiously nursed behind to health, while no solemn problem.
Yan Qing Yu and Jia Lu Building That night, half of the heart to put down.
Xiuqing, Prince Edward I on to you, be sure to heal properly, be sure to let Prince lightning resumption.
Yes. Chen Xiuqing kneeling on the floor, should be a respectfully.
Qing Yu This building has time to read to him and asked: When did you Hui Gong's? Why the quondam few months have not seen you in this house?
Chen Xiuqing bow back: the plague South Recently, Wei Chen was where the emperor sent folk Cooperative Disaster Relief Minister, Hui Gong merely a few days ago.
Qing Yu F, absent-minded to be a cry, mind and rushed behind to the son.
Cheng dry palace hurl until nightly, before eventually settling down.
Tonger the case has at present settled, like wiping a little face sallow gray walls, people looked to horrified.
Qing Yu has been afterward to the floor,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], guarding, Jia Lu Yan night vexation pain, also sat in bed seeing concern.
Finally, Chen Xiuqing prods pulled out the last one, carefully wipe the needles for the Prince, said: emperor, empress, Wei Chen has been pulled out some of the toxins to the Prince, to be made Prince
The sweat ambition be improved, but need to proceed tomorrow.
Jia Lu Yan night equitable seeing her entire body looks like needles poking apex are numb pain,Christian Louboutin sale, and you ought cry, took the ladies handing me a rainy towel to help obliterate his son.
House Qing Yu said: you first go on, have a good recess, tomorrow ought you persist to detoxify it,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Prince.
Yes. It is the responsibility Wei Chen, Wei Chen will be while the utmost. Chen Xiuqing silence tunnel, about to retire,Christian Louboutin sale, suddenly saw a body vibrated Jia Lu Yan night, and almost stumble to the ground
Qing Yu and Chen Xiuqing floor is a gasp, and fast reach out and prop on him.
Emperor, are you okay? Qing Yu hold the floor he asked.
Chen Xiuqing frown Road: the emperor, you look well, aid you diagnose the troubles of the need for Wei Chen?
Jia Lu Yan Ren had equitable dizzy night, said: I'm fine! You always down!
Emperor ......
Chen Xiuqing penetrate Emperor reprimand, had no choice but to tread down. Building a frown Qing Yu also Organisation,Christian Louboutin sale, said: Late at night, you go to rest. Tonger here me.
Jia Lu Yan nights dart off his hand, equitable keep sitting on the bed,Christian Louboutin sale, looking haggard little face Tonger daze. After a moment, suddenly coldly: the commitment of always I have dry Palace
Call in!
Soon everyone in panic come in, kneel on the floor, even the back yard to house human are rowdy.
Prince of things today, do you annotate this? Jia Lu Yan night sounds chilly as ice.
Lin Rui, who were either sallow and did not dare say anything.
Like the original Prince Edward Chen Fei, the sometime palace when the pinion is also sent in bursts porridge, the Tonger like to drink, so Lin Rui they did not consider about. Besides,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], everyone knows
This porridge from Chen Fei Road Department, to have any mistakes? Who knows some people have secondhand this ......
Jia Lu Yan night fists Jinzuan, joints were white. Qing Yu F, afraid of his offended done everything to, to emulate in his fist on the hand, firmly hold.
Jia Lu Yan permanence of a steady mind the night, slowly tranquility down, Chen Sheng: go all fifty of the leading stick.
And they were all a little shocked, crying: His Majesty for euthanasia!
Fifty-stick, this is not to be their life?
House Qing Yu whispered: Now Tonger still senseless, is in need of people await. You all discipline, and who will attach to him? They are Tonger a palace to serve
Him, as responsible for the wand first disc, so that they properly served, redeem oneself by good service.
Jia Lu Yan night action 2 tone, impatiently waved.
Qing Yu F, let them go quickly, and everyone was grateful to tread down. Only two within the house and a coma Tonger.
Jia Lu Yan Qing Yu F, discern the night look exhausted, and said: You go back and rest, but also towards a do morrow.
Jia Lu Yan night whispered: Tonger like this, how can I quit?
You are the emperor, to a standing ovation themselves. Tonger here for me, not to say there Xiuqing in, nobody would occur.
Jia Lu Yan night looked up at him,Christian Louboutin sale, whispered a weep and said: I was erroneous ......
This quiet wash and superficial cheap sigh, with a touch of burnout and frustration. Even the emperor of the sculpture,Christian Louboutin sale, there are entities he could do nothing, this is the first such Jia Lu Yan clear night
Aware of this. Who is God a Peru
House Qing Yu looked at the baby, it seems like a whisper murmured: So I do not ambition you to make the emperor ......
This sentence, Jia Lu Yan night may have listened, maybe not heard. He just sat voicelessly, carefully seeing Tonger.
After a long meantime, he slowly stood up. House Qing Yu thought he was going to rest, was in the near future talk, was surprised to ascertain his bed frame leaning, leaning a little flash, went even now as to migrate the soft down.
Qing Yu F,Christian Louboutin sale, surprised, and immediately rushed over to him in her arms.
Jia Lu Yan a night just got up to talk, a dark eyes, so feeble, immediate personnel do not know.
I do not understand how long,Christian Louboutin sale, he slowly awoke,Christian Louboutin sale, still the middle of the night found that he was lying on the couch bearing on the dry side auditorium house, the property sat Qing Yu, do not know what.
He rubbed his forehead, that some muggy chest, feeling limp.
How was I?
Qing Yu F, calm look authentic: Do you have productive, and has more than a month.
...... Oh. Jia Lu Yan night casually should be a cry,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], is the patient's pulse Chen Xiuqing to I?
Jia Lu Yan night no longer speak, but some Juanjuan lying.
House,Christian Louboutin sale, Church Road, Qing Yu: You appear by inches surprised?
Jia Lu Yan night smile a little, and said: You are not the physique I do not know, this is a matter of time.
Qing Yu F, looked at him, how would you do?
Jia Lu Yan night close your eyes and slowly said: Why not say nativity.
So how do you ...... after the palace of the former Zhong Chen and people amenable?
I need him to do things

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