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really ready to do this

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PostWysłany: Sob 7:09, 26 Mar 2011    Temat postu: really ready to do this

Pieces of a quite simple, this arm just Mito. The premier sword, you fall aboard the ground of Tang; the second knife, you behind Wuzhang,Red sole shoes, I entered the Wu Zhang; As because the third knife What ... ... you and I entire resign themselves apt destiny. Tang Fei pondered a mini 1, sneered: My heart instantly sank, Mito arm namely quite cold raspy tactics. Punishment beneath the mafia gang, the sins of the light while the 6 cavities Mito, Mito arm must constantly be a little heavier. Mito is actually a knife, merely 3 periods Yunjin merely. The first tool to be Zhipi Such is Life, the second setback ribs broken bone knife, knife arm the third floor. In common, the second knife is over, even now the meat still spliced, this has been thought amputating the arm. If you average along Tang Fei, the second knife and while he and I separated Wu Zhang,Red sole shoes, left back among the air and I was fifteen feet ten feet.
Martial masterpieces in the top shun Yan Yan,Red sole shoes, the entry owned by the main door cliff, trying apt restrict, but too brushed feet.
Left back the wind was no hesitation: Tang Men in entire directions, everyone looking up to paradise, the additional human, left one whistle only. to Tang former brain of the heavily imposed, tin be considered to draw this material fell to the floor when it? Tang Fei's body suddenly startled, without a word.
Since it is in the right palm ashore the Pinto thing, not material how carefully heave up,Red sole shoes, after all, is to fall to the ground of.
I gazed at the left back to the air. Because the relationship between small hidden arms exercising, my eyes well enough to look his wording. He gave me a mini laugh, and back a few steps, fair a laugh so ambiguous namely in the night.
Tight heart too uncomfortable to have a location,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], I talk, are trapped in the dream himself, either before and after necrosis is a step at tread exertions, many Yizhen, I gradually reactions to.
He actually, really prepared to do this?
I find Tangfei hands are vibrating slightly, palm a wet cold, maybe because he was nervous, perhaps because of excitement. I am forced to bite his lips to lull down, but in vain, my whole body trembling.
To condense above listening to as so long, until now, I really felt panic.
I kas long asTang Fei ambition not kill me, because always of his murderous left-back opposition the wind. I also kas long asthe wind does no really make life difficult for left-back to Tang Men,Christian Louboutin Sandals, or one hundred and eight disciples will no be sent.
The most essential object is, I calculate the left back to the wind will not really put their weapon in exchange conditions, tin not and absence.
I meditation each is dependable but also avert the 2 every has, at the end of the day, be all another fails, not problem; why could even the extra?
Chill breath of the cold wave after wag, unmistakably narrate me everything is reality, not dreams. My fears are wag after wave, and gradually detect peripheral.
I am afraid that the sky has equitable fireworks confusion upsets the gate,Red sole shoes, ahead long, will come to be Tangjing Tang Wei Tang Fei, and will not obtain the left back to the winds, notwithstanding the upper hand, get out of the aggregate no problem. However,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], once published orders to the left back to the wind, the situation changed repeatedly to no apartment for people who really passive or Tang Fei. So, who is left back upper hand wind, I originally thought.
But whether the wind was seriously injured in the left back to it? Here is the Tang Men, a Tang Fei's site, he also Lide Kai it? Tang Fei would not let him ... ...
There is a location the body twitched severely, speedily scatter throughout the body, and the anguish about ambition to ringlet up. Theosophy originally a diseased and bursts of Huangji, everything could not think. Tonight's Council, not the left return climate set for you, Why would this be? Left back ... ... not the kind of wind I never anxiety almost people who do not need?
I would prefer be a phantom into the array,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but also do not want to see.
Two feet individually,Red sole shoes, the incipient tin still hear the sound of the blade not into the flesh,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], you can see turning ruddy.
It was in many a night, no matter how many times I brushed alongside, or unceremoniously ring over the arm.
The rate Rufen, left and right conflict, unresolved feelingful acupuncture points, can not migrate, can not speak.
I only looked at.
Qin Liang a back, the body seems to be on the ground, do not see the left back to the wind. Vision remains distant as a necklace of a chip of red, and distinguish for a moment before it was recognized Tangfei wrap. Tang Fei mini Cu Zhaomei,Christian Louboutin Wedges, look like a morsel worried, fingers are on the sleeping den.
In increase to momentary moment do not gaze at him, I could not do everything, and then I base his face suddenly froze.
Before I retrieved, such as a shine pearly of the hands in front of him and quickly arrayed two acupuncture points; emulate the versed svelte figure flash out, the Tang Fei hauled from me to open.
Tang nightmare turned out to be.
I think I might really be dreaming instead.
The next moment, someone prop me, undo acupuncture points, holding me to sit down; followed an interior coerce from the Momen through the rain come in,Red sole shoes, walk slowly.
Neck locks as long as oxidize is complicated to corner,Red sole shoes, I turned hard. Return air to sit on the left side of the trunk, brow a bit surprised to Youse. Courage peeked toward his right arm, sleeve, although the red one, distinctly without harm to the forearm.
Perhaps to be too many tonight, numbness,Red sole shoes, and seeing casualty after distinct, globe move, did not actually feel. I goes close against the face, only laugh.
I do not think bad, he really, really do not need the kind of person I'm worried about.
No marvel then that self-injury, is playing with fireworks as a cover, if his goal is to Tangfei absorbed, also busy to care if he was, no doubt very successful. Otherwise, the dream will not be so easily Tang Qiaoqiao succeed.
But,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], why is Don dream? He has lots of manpower, why do we seek to come to emancipate the Tang dream?
Turned nigh and looked, Tang Fei Tang dream of the acupuncture points has been solved, the two stood face to face, each saying a word. A few days gone, Don haggard dream of many, Appearance white, and looked wretched in the trace of stubbornness; Tangfei bleak face and trembling lip but he could not come.
Left return air embrace hug my shoulder and whispered: Tang dream scarcely smile, sideways avoid: The Tong Tang Zhao left our house, left a industrious restrain a visitor from and inquire them to stay a few days extra. Tang Yi Chan dream body, the color came into his eyes confused, then cold, and finally ceased full: Do not re-appear in the Tang Men! Don has always been good to hear the voice of a dream, favor the sound of wind Suiyu.
Left return air and Tang Fei's face, there is a trace of surprise.
I'm chasing the dream of Don's eyes, she has carried away. Long black cilia in the wind could not sway in the wind, half-covered her face that Zhang Xiuli, I could not see her face.
Can be sure that from starting to end, she did not look at me.
I hear the wind left-back said to me,Red sole shoes, fall with me.
If a few hour ago, I did not expect to depart Tang Men, then a few hour afterward, I found myself only one access out.
Even long after, when I tried to do a complete recall of all over,Red sole shoes, we still feel that long night, favor a cloud of chaos bottomless whirlpool, a variety of tangled things a heap, but also see to can not be found at to the route,Red sole shoes, all of which are related to cold Tang Men, including myself.
All that go by one by one faded,Red sole shoes, all the aisles to be blocked in the sense of a distinct segment and deep, haunting like a location additional to the inside, for a long time

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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