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pictured above

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My boyfriend and I recently took our relationship to the next level. We established a pull list together at our local comic book shop. Let me tell you, it was a joyous occasion. This came after significant searching for “our shop” – that one magical place with all the right elements to draw us in and keep us there. We wanted a place we could take our hard-earned nickles and dimes every Wednesday, eagerly, the way other couples look forward to, oh, I don’t know…a bottle of Chianti over Dancing with the Stars? (I’m a geek. What the hell do I know about “normal” relationships?) We wanted our sanctuary. And Read more »

I am so going to have nightmares about this. You know that traveling anatomy exhibit called Body Worlds, where you can look up close at human bodies that have been preserved (and posed) using a process called plastination? (Plastination is achieved by replacing water and fat in the body with special plastics.)?My wife and I went to see the exhibit in Charlotte a few years back, which unfortunately turned out to be a bad idea since she was pregnant with our first child at the time. But that’s another story. The exhibit also appeared briefly in the movie?Casino Royale. The guy responsible for Body Worlds, Gunther von Hagens, has decided Read more »
Of course here at ForeverGeek most of us are movie fans and we do know better than one can imagine that there’s more than Star Wars only. Luckily many movies don’t make it and are never featured here on FG because in all honesty… Hollywood does produce more crap than anything else. Nevertheless many movies rake in billions, especially if directed by James Cameron or produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. There’s no doubt that these guys will ever need a credit loan because it seems that they were born in a basket called ‘Success’. They didn’t need to sell any scripts to be able to produce their first full length feature Read more »

Recently I criticised Chaos War #1 as a very ‘by the numbers’ start to a major crossover, but this weeks comic crop has shown that the series indeed has the ability to meet its potential. Having the death of Nightmare give the Chaos King the power to (in effect) kidnap the minds of the living even as he rampages through the various realms of the dead certainly raises the stakes (and makes the series far simpler to deal with). I similarly criticised the relaunch of Magnus Robot Fighter when it came out, but Dark Horse has scored two masterstrokes this week. The first being the third Valiant/Acclaim character to receive Read more »
The man who once promised to “make you his b*tch” (with Daikatana, a game so bad it couldn’t even make you its meter maid), has released his latest game, and it’s one of those painfully cute Facebook social games in the same vein as Farmville. It’s called Ravenwood Fair, and Romero built it in just 2 months alongside eight employees of LOLapps, a company that exclusively makes Facebook games. (Other games in LOLapps portfolio include Garden Life and Critter Island. Combined, LOLapps boasts 150 million active users every month.) Romero is best remembered as being the co-creator of id Software’s first roster of first-person shooters like Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Read more »
It’s really happening, and here’s the proof: Peter Jackson has announced casting for his main?Hobbit and eight of the Dwarves involved in Bilbo Baggins’ pre-Lord of the Rings adventure. Now as a geek and a storyteller, I worship the ground Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy walks on. It was the most perfect book-to-film cinematic production ever, in my estimation. But Jackson’s record since LotR has been less than stellar. King Kong was a bloated love letter to a favorite film from Jackson’s youth — which no one enjoyed nearly as much as he did. And while I have yet to see The Lovely Bones, it was universally panned by Read more »
Bruce Campbell will be officiating at this years ZomBCon,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but not the entire convention, rather a wedding for two lucky convention going nerds. If that isn’t enough for you to say “holy s#*t” then keep in mind that Ted Raimi will be the alter boy at the ceremony! If you aren’t the lucky couple who gets married by Bruce Campbell because you’re already married he’ll also be overseeing a mass vow renewal ceremony afterward. Geekscape who got an exclusive on the ceremony does want everyone to be warned though, if you are planning a traditional ceremony you probably won’t get it from Bruce who is rumored to be reading from Read more »
What if the Marvel Universe was actually inside the computerized world of Tron? Marvel Comics has just released a set of 10 variant covers that show artists’ renderings of what some of Marvel’s top-tier heroes would look like inside Tron. I’ve never been a huge fan of variant covers, but these covers — by Marvel artists Mark Brooks and Brandon Peterson — are all kinds of cool. Awesome enough to make me wish Marvel would do a Tron-ized version of their universe. (Hey, they’ve already done Zombies, Apes, and Noir versions, so why not?) No doubt this is further evidence of Marvel’s ongoing assimilation into the Disney empire. Read more »
I’m all for building robots that can handle simple everyday tasks, what I don’t understand is why you would give the robot a mohawk and then send it scurrying up a ladder. Invented in Utsunomiya, Japan by Professor Sekine, the robot (pictured above) can scurry up a ladder with a single command and spray insecticide (via a remote) at angry nests of wasps. The robot is fairly large at 5’6″ and is made out of wood and lightweight metal which makes it perfect for scaling ladders and killing nests of bees and other bugs. Read more »

I like unique t-shirts designed by individuals and not mass produced, especially geeky t-shirts. Threadless latest t-shirt designed by Adam Antium, A Guide to Nerds, is pretty ingenious. Each nerd has various stats,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], like; strength, intelligence, magic, knowledge and science just like on trading cards. This t-shirt hits the spot on why I don’t buy a lot of geeky t-shirts. You see,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], non-geek people would need a sort of guide to get geeks and their realms. While I am a geek in movies, books, computers, etc. most people around me are not. Lets face it, a lot of geek t-shirt we wear is to show of our geekiness but if Read more »
Starting today, every Friday I’ll be bringing you a selection of the most buzzed-about trailers and gameplay videos from new and upcoming titles. Here I humbly present this week’s?delectable?entrees: A brand new trailer for Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood — which looks better and better every time I see it. This one focuses on the Mercenary. Some guy in Japan completed Demon’s Souls in under an hour. Got to be some kind of record. A new trailer for an upcoming?Red Dead Redemption DLC pack called “Undead Nightmare.” There are zombies. The “Pro Guitar” mode in Rock Band 3 is too hard for you. Don’t bother trying it, you will just feel badly Read more »

It’s been a roller coaster week for geeks, from disappointments over perplexing comic-to-movie adaptations to box office successes to big time Internet privacy fails. Let’s jump right into this week’s wins and fails in everything geek. FAIL: Nick Cave’s The Crow An unnamed actor in the cast of the forthcoming Crow movie, set to star Mark Wahlberg, rejected musician and quirky, dark film maker Nick Cave’s script. So it’s back to the drawing board for the movie, and both Cave and Crow fans are left scratching their heads. A Cave Crow could’ve had tremendous potential with Cave directing and screenwriting. Such a pity. Read more »

We’ve always loved tattoos – just can’t seem to get enough of them! ?Of course, when speaking of tatts, we cannot overlook those of superheroes. ?After all, there is a plethora of them out there. ?Not all of them are tasteful or nice,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], that is true, but here is the result of hours of scouring the web for some of the most interesting and eye catching superhero tattoos. ?If I’ve missed one (or 10), feel free to share! Iron Man Tattoos You will never hear me deny my obsession for this character – and Robert Downey,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Jr. Naturally, he is first up on the list. They say this tatt was Read more »

I recently had a custom PC built. It’s a monster � and I mean, it breezes through any game on the market, even the newest releases, in highest graphics modes without a single problem. This is a dream PC. (Thank you, NewEgg, for making a machine that would’ve cost thousands cost far, far less by buying individual parts.) Now this is all very flashy and impressive with first person shooters, because FPS are pretty much what’s hot in new releases these days. So, the litmus test for a gaming machine would have to be how well it performs in FPS action. Read more »
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I’m not sure about Knight & Squire. After reading the review from Newsarama, and how the writer Paul Cornell is ‘clearly reveling in the Britishness of it all’, my enthusiasm waned slightly. I had been really looking forward to this series but as for ‘reveling’, well, as a British guy I rather found the opening panels over-powering to say the least. Don’t get me wrong, Paul Cornell‘s writing is a treat, and this is no doubt a feast for anglophiles abroad, especially enhanced by the appearance of Ernie, The Fastest Milkman In The West. Read more »

In case you didn’t know, we’re excited about Telltale Games’ upcoming Back to the Future video game. Christopher Lloyd is back as the voice of Doc Brown, and screenwriter Bob Gale, who worked on the movies, is onboard as a story consultant. So the only remaining question has been whether or not Michael J. Fox would lend his voice to the game as well. Well, there’s good news and there’s bad news. The bad news is that Fox has declined involvement with the game (though he signed off on letting them use his likeness), perhaps due to his battle with Parkinson’s Disease. The good news? Telltale has found the perfect Read more »

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