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people skills rather in terms of fraud

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PostWysłany: Śro 15:41, 24 Lis 2010    Temat postu: people skills rather in terms of fraud

remember Mr. Tang Jun said that was his invention of emoticons, but Fang was informed by querying the associated database, and ID all the cameras have shown that the introduction of the camera is invented by the Japanese, & ldquo ; Kara OK scoring, \Data show that ID is the actual inventor of Japan Miho Sasaki (Sasaki Miho). Ms. Miho Sasaki developed the idea for which there is \completed, then rise to the creative combination of photography and stickers. The first official production emoticons machines in Japan in 1995 and 1997, according to a Japanese high school girls avatar fashion. Introduced in China in 1998.

for the successful Mr. Tang Jun, the Office of false statements made in this industry and the leadership at Microsoft a little bit different, I do not quite understand, especially to obtain a permit, \or two to help you to understand this.
all know that the key to look at stamp office false, but taking into account a expensive stamp printer, the hundreds of million. Many do the budget adopted this false who quickly create fast hand-stamp approach. A: According to requirements of the stamp design of text and cylindrical well, and then use the printer output. Second: the round head of a gently polished with fine sandpaper, then wash with detergent use. Third: The protection of olive membrane touch lightly on one side thrown off, and then affixed to the round head. Four: the printed stamp sheet (use sulfuric acid paper) corresponds well with the round head, drying in the sun light for 1.5 minutes, add the soaked in developing solution for 2 minutes, with water to wash out the graphics. Five: the hydrochloric acid. Mix by the same proportion of hydrogen peroxide, and then developing and washed over the bar in the first place, and washing solution to the corrosion (depth of the word control the length of time available to grasp.) This method not only simple and low cost to meet the general needs of the consumers, the effect is completely comparable to regular stamp.
But thank the good

popularity of the Internet greatly reduces the cost of the flow of information, as a colleague said, forgery and counterfeiting is a multiple-choice questions do not, the cost of fraud to pay income and is the only thing to consider . The more transparent if the information more readily available, no doubt the cost of fraud will skyrocket.
20 years ago, to find out a person's past experience is an almost impossible task, but with the development of Internet technology, information disclosure so that all problems are solved building. Fang is a step by step how camouflage coat opened Mr. Tang Jun's? Is actually at home with Google, Baidu Internet search search it. In addition to the text evidence, we can also be found through the websites of their current video interview video clips, can be described as iron-clad.
about making this piece believe that, after the author's interpretation of all levels to understand, then online education can be badly the card is how the case? In fact, for inter alia, the businessman, you can do online inquiry of documents cost is not high, the mere use of \dollars only.

Tang Jun if someone ask me the most profound impression on the event, as the IT editor I first thought is that the U.S. government, schools and other departments of information technology efforts of the strong. In this event, we can see the authority of the U.S. government will release information in a timely manner to facilitate the majority of users independent inquiry, great curb counterfeiting.
China has a very strong \When I collected the documents to include ID cards, degree certificates, qualification, four licenses, diplomas and other a thick pile, is very cumbersome. To the present, the certificate is endless strange: virgin card, because of who permits, certificates, and so handsome, so long as you can think of the certificate will be able to do so, and science and technology which was not unrelated to the cheap sex.

Tang Jun's true we'll look up the alma mater of Pacific Western University. Google search links Yes Yes [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] But the PWU's home page is a \Careful users may find secret web site has been made in Lamar University. Edu domain is an official member. The grouse can not be registered with the government, it is not possible to obtain special education units. Edu address can only be used as. Com or. Org address like confusion.

sister is not easy to make money first sigh, is only the bottom of the shopping guide, and more aspects of the operation is to rely on the boss. The boss is not good to do, abandon the risk is not that the procurement of IT products in light of nearly 5 million of investment: a computer, a color inkjet one machine, presses a seal, a heat press, two symbol printer, a laser engraving machine plus numerous false documents and has published a good bottle of ordinary glue.
the beginning, Fang at ProQuest - UMI Dissertation Publishing database query, this is your doctorate in U.S. and some Canadian universities the authority of the database, the global high-level institutions will generally subscribe to this expensive database. Unfortunately, Tang Jun Fang can not find here any evidence to obtain a Ph.D., also had praise in this industry under the U.S. information technology education levels. After the Fang your query Dangdang electronic version of Tang Jun, \

edit Tangmou do fake student card

heat presses estimated the average consumer rarely heard, the main is to ensure student ID, qualification of new long-term preservation is still able to before. Shrink-wrapped thermoplastic used mainly in the product or package outside, through the heat shrink film bind tightly to the product or package, it shows the appearance of items to improve the exhibition of products, increasing the sense of beauty and value; while packaging items can be sealed after , moisture, pollution prevention.

then this is how the grouse to positive it? Reunification with China's higher education accreditation by the Ministry of Education is different from the U.S. Department of Education does not participate in any university accreditation, certification is permitted by the U.S. Department of Education non-governmental organizations of various trades to complete. Lamar University density were obtained in 2009, \certification, as shown in the figure above the two \Probably is also why it got. Edu domain name, promoted in order to \What is the school store? Interested in themselves to Google search.

in Baidu search \3G mobile communication Admissions Information Network \Central China Normal University, but then issued a circular that this is a page layout with the Central China Normal University website, as the same color as the liar site. In fact, we passed around such \

seemingly regular copy shop, which is all likely to heap false

student ID at the most basic chain Rush, up to a certain level of academic qualifications is that you can check online card,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], then Tang Jun, who is a high level, his alma mater - University of the Western Pacific that the United States diploma factories.
a degree that no results, then look up Down the \Tang Jun said that he has won the first two patents, and up to their English names are Intertex, First Immigration Service Company, Hollywood Entertainment Company three companies, but the California company registered in the database can not find someone in the Los Angeles area during the 1990s up these companies, but could not find Mr. Tang Jun up the success of any information.

technology is a double-edged sword, which can provide us with a more convenient life, flying to freedom of thought, but if used improperly, the social harm is quite amazing. Unworthy of course desirable, but only to abuse control, to minimize harm to science and technology, science and technology to the virtuous circle farther and farther down the road.

sister told the author, to identify a document the most important factor is to see the font,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], false in order to save money a lot to do with most inkjet printers, and inkjet printers use ink droplets form because of the word, so word barbed edge, not smooth, the word is particularly evident enlarged view . In order to provide better service to customers, the boss of a heartless purchased a fax function with electronic A3 inkjet, both high-volume printing, copying, scanning, also supports paperless faxing.
young master to show their documents (pictures from the web)
However, graduates of a domestic author unknown grouse, luck into the IT industry , IT business experience from the short term, ordinary people do not think false so profound, learning in general practitioners is not high, but women must be carrying a child, young innocent children. Public relations agencies to facilitate detection, contribute to the work of the police uncle ability of citizens, the author in this respect from the IT technology to interpret under the false trades.
click to: worth 20 billion monopoly editor to see how to do Tang Jun false

Note: This article is only information-based IT delivery, if the reader engaged in false information under this article industry, the legal consequences arising from, this site is not responsible!
Although only a mere piece of paper certificates, but it covers the IT industry, Vientiane, information technology, office printing, computer graphics, etc., which is most of the readers are unexpected. We can see, technology has gone deep into our lives,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], between Rush and cloud computing is not does not matter.

million spent on the procurement of stamp coder is the big boss

Fang and after the official website of the Beijing University of Posts and find out the title of President Jun Tang introduced for the California Institute of Technology Ph.D. (changed); the Internet to find a grand prospectus in 2004, Tang Jun suspected academic ... ... have to admit fraud in which the Internet played a vital role in how information important open!

If readers are interested in the invention of Tang's to learn more about this, you can view \Post a photo printer recommended \
would be more simple seal, seal software everywhere, if it is not, trying to create a better chapter, plus 5000-7000 yuan to buy a laser engraving machine, This professional-grade equipment must be perfect.
dark sordid scenes will be exposed, so that readers understand the more realistic situation, IT technology contributed.
sealing presses are also very important, and the photographs or documents in the plastic's performance that can not be vague, preferably plastic and cold laminating seal dual function. Presses on the market today cover a wide variety, due to the different performance and quality, the price difference can be up to several times.

together, not only some funds, but also of skilled technical personnel. In order to provide more satisfactory services to customers, most of the accreditation is from the birth certificate, marriage certificate, qualification, child certificates, identity cards, a full set of services such as death certificates, three-dimensional solution is also more conducive to rapid short-term cost recovery.

the most common emoticons machine

few days ago, media reports have claimed that Tang Jun, \This can make the year, former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln said, \sentence disappeared. I discuss the dark: If you set foot in China Jun Tang false industry will be able to dominate the market, the annual income of 20 billion yuan or more, far more than in the Zijin Mining to earn more, in terms of cost of maintenance of stability is not high. After all, Mr. Tang some capacity, as the successful people will be able to deceive everyone.

, of course, false testimony in order to better market depth, get first-hand information, grouse I graduated from an inch to take the photos, do a Zhang for their student ID card, and also incidentally help Don Zhang, a university organized a student card.

on education, people skills rather in terms of fraud, unlikely allies item back. This, obtain a permit from the same psoriasis filled the small ads can peep or two. However, our readers can not underestimate this little Rush job, small documents, which are very demanding, there is no diamond do not embrace the so-called porcelain live, do false or a high-tech industry, involved in IT products, including Vientiane, have a computer, inkjet one machine, sealing presses, hot presses, stamp printers, etc., requiring practitioners to be well versed. If you are president of the University of the Western Pacific, in addition to rent offices, the won the approval of relevant departments, but also the need to strengthen public disclosure of this foundation: hosted servers, build websites, create professional database to facilitate all kinds of global people to search. Comprehensive such complicated, and even people deep just California Institute of Technology Ph.D. in computer can only achieve one-stop service to do false.
non-normal shooting editor (middle beauty) and those who obtain a permit contact

started fake mineral water delivery, and finally shameless. This is a modern Chinese thinker Yan Fu's words of wisdom, sentence for the \Tang Jun fire, but fire and the former is different, this time he was court disaster. The reason is simple things: education, experience and so many suspect there is fraud. This time, and Tang Jun in the same situation was also Yu Jinyong, sensitive, sensitive words and others.

Editor: Wang,

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