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Old version of \Zhuge Dan Brothers

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PostWysłany: Pon 4:58, 03 Sty 2011    Temat postu: Old version of \Zhuge Dan Brothers

Chinese name: Zhuge Liang Alias: Ming, Wolong Nationality: Chinese (Eastern Han, Three Kingdoms) Nationality: Chinese Hometown: Langya Yang are (now the Yinan County, Linyi City, Shandong Province) Birth Date: July 23, 181 died on the date of : 234 on Aug. 28 Occupation: statesman, strategist, inventor, military strategist and representative works: \
Old version of \Zhuge Dan Brothers: Zhuge Jin (brother), Zhuge Jun (brother) Children: Zhuge Zhan (eldest son), Zhuge pregnant (youngest son), Zhuge fruit (eldest daughter), Zhu Ge Qiao (adopted son, the son of former Zhuge Jin) grandson: Zhuge Shang (Bringing the eldest son), Zhuge Jing (Bringing the second son), Zhuge quality (Bringing the three sons), Zhuge Pan (adopted son, the later convicted by Zhuge Ke, Manmenchaozhan, so return to Zhuge Jin Ha) successors: Jiang Wan, fees, Jiang Wei Long acres ⒈ Gonggeng life characters in the Han Lingdi light years Zhuge Liang (AD 181) was born in Langya a county official Yang Du County home, Zhuge Lang Ya Han is the patriarch Zhuge HSBC has done in the Western Han Dynasty when Emperor Sili Xiaowei, Zhuge Liang father did the late Eastern Han Kyu Tai Jun Cheng; Liang Triumph 3-year-old mother died, Zhuge Liang 8 years old his father died, along with his brother Zhuge Jun Yu followed appointed by the Yuan Shu prefect's uncle Zhuge Xuan Zhang Yu Zhang to his post, replacing Han Zhao Tingpai Zhuge Xuan Hao Zhu duties, animal husbandry, Zhuge Xuan went to defect to Liu Biao in Jingzhou, after the death of Zhuge Xuan, Liang Zhuge Jun retreat up his brother, home of Tang County in Nanyang , twenty miles west of the city in Yangyang, Xiao Yue Longzhong.
new version of \Father Liang Liang Yin easy to say, on weekdays, and often Guan Zhong and Yue compare yourself, when people are dismissive of his only friend Xu Shu, Cui state equal friends believe in his ability. Known as \He then Xiangyang celebrities Sima Hui, Pang Degong, Huang Chengyan, which are make. Huangcheng Yan Zhuge Liang had said: \You match.) \At that time people are as fun as a joke, the village made even the proverb: \\Eight feet in length, each from the ratio of the Guan Zhong and Yue, Mo Xu who is also the time. However, the state Boling Cui Ping, Xu Shu Yuan Yingchuan straight and bright and friendly letter that was then. Tuen new field when the first primary. Xu Shu see the first primary, the first of the main device, that the first Lord said: \See, also caused by not bend. General should drive Gu vain. \Due to screen people said: \the king to safety out of that account? \to weak to strong, Fei Wei days, the suppression of people also seeking also. this operation has been owned millions of the public, Emperor and the nobility, this is not sincere and Commander. Sun Quan, according to a Koto has existed III, national insurance and public attached, with whom the elite, this assistance can and can not figure also. Jingzhou North, according to Han, Mianyang, Lee to make the South China Sea, Wu Council east, west Sichuan, the country of the use of force, while the Lord could not keep, this is useless days So, General Information, General Qi interested Down? Yizhou insurance plug, Woyeqianli, Tianfu of the earth, emperor consequent to Chengdi industry. Liu Zhang faint, Zhang Lu in the north, but I do not know the people PRIMEVAL deposit-shirt, too smart of Shisi Wise King. Dishi the helmet both general, the Lutheran Church with the whole world, assuming the hero, Sixian such as thirst, if there is cross-Jing, Yi, Paul the rock resistance, West and Zhu Rong, Yi Fu South Vietnam, outside Nice Sun Quan, the repair Administrative management; the world has changed, the mission will be one of the army to the Wan Jingzhou, Luo, Yizhou of the general public out of the body Qinchuan rate, the people who will dare not eat pot basket for cooked rice syrup, to greet the general who almost? Cheng If so, then dominance can become, the Han Dynasty can Hing carry on. \Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and so unhappy, first the main solution, saying: \Chibi war time, Liu Biao's son Liu Qi stepmother repeatedly into calumny, Liu Liu Qi table gradually unhappy. Liu Qi Liang several times to ask from the safety of the surgery, but often refuse Zhuge Liang, Liu Qi during a banquet when they spend the way to make housing Ladder say wise solution, Zhuge Liang Liu Qi will ask: \, Chong Er outside the Security Down? (you do not see, including the Spring and Autumn Period Nobuo dangerous, but Chong Er (referring to Duke Wen of Jin) are available outside the De-up?) \To protect themselves from outside Jiangxiataishou. Jian ten years (208) in August, Liu Biao died, and the second son Liu Cong to the throne, south of Cao Cao heard the news, emissary to surrender. Liu Bei Fancheng know, the rate of the army and people of southern escape, catch up with Cao in Dangyang Nagasaka Liu Jun, Xu Shu was the mother of Cao Cao army caught, Xu Shu had to surrender to Cao Cao. Liu Bei to Daxia mouth, and Sun Quan, Lu Su also sent before the arrival of observations, and to recommend to Sun Quan, Liu Bei for help, we introduce ourselves to Chaisang for Zhuge Liang said, became friends with Lu Su; arrived Chaisang, the Zhuge Liang to meet with Sun Quan , the first two options with the dichotomy to Sun Quan, \\meanings: one is Cao Cao was in the north; the other is to meet monarch and his subjects, the courtiers often for the North.) \Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang will improve the social status, said Liu Bei has integrity, never surrender to Liu Bei to show the determination of Sun Quan. Sun Quan was furious and vowed not to surrender to Cao Cao, but worried, how many troops fighting Liu Bei. Zhuge Liang finally analyze the case of the two armed forces, first from the military outposts, said water return and Guan Yu Army people, who together with Liu Qi Jiang Xia Shibing not under the people, say it out far to Pibi Cao, Liu Bei when chasing, but also one with scooters more than three days and one night in line, it is \Sun Quan was pleased, and later by Lu Su, Zhou Yu's lobbying, decides that Liu Kang Cao, sent Zhou Yu, Cheng Pu, Lu Su and other rate of thirty thousand navy, war with Cao Cao. Back to Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang at the army; November, Cao Cao led his army in the red face of Liu and Sun Fire Attack coalition forces, the army and the plague, it is defeated, return in triumph North also.
three schematic
to Zhangwu three years (223) in February, Liu Bei was seriously ill, the response to the Wing Liang, entrusted with the funeral and Li Yan, Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang said: \will be able to Yasukuni, the final scheduled event. if the heir can be assisted, complemented; as it Fucai, Jun can be self-created. [you can be ten times Pi, will be able to settle the State, the end can accomplish great things. If the heir (Liu Shan) can assist, they assisted him; if he had not ability, you can take their own degrees.] \Liu Chan as the wise father. Until April, the death of Liu Bei, Liu Shan to the throne, Zhuge Liang Feng Wu Xiang Hou for the creation of official business. Soon, another leading benefits Reign, political affairs on the size of the transaction, Liu Shan are dependent on the wise, the wise decision. Liu Bei defeated South Africa and had the opportunity area due to insurgency, has just gone from country to country wise monarch, to not send troops, and went to school Deng Zhi and Chen Zhen Wu repaired. The South for three years until the Lite (225) Spring, Zhuge Liang marched Nanzheng, before leaving Liang Jin Yue Liu Chan gives a, build a song, before and after each one advocating Yu-pao, Huben sixty people. Wise after the event in-depth barren (idiom: arid Northern Territory today for Myanmar, Bhamo) crusade Yong, Meng Huo, Zhuge Liang Ma Su's proposal to join the army, dominated by the hearts and minds, the first defeat Yong Jun, and then seven escapement Meng Huo seven longitudinal to put down all the random things fall. Shu and get some stability in South Africa and added manpower, after long-term accumulation, with the basis for the Northern Expedition. Expedition 1,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the Lite-six (228) Spring, Zhuge Liang Xie Gu Road, take away the prior speaker, so Zhao Yun, Cao Zhen Deng Zhi set to attract massive suspected soldiers, their rate is high Jungong Qishan (now West and County of Gansu Province, northwest). Longyou Nanan, Tianshui and stability Sanjun with anti-Wei Shu. Zhang refused a big break at Jie Ting Ma Su. Zhuge Liang thousand pull back the West County of Hanzhong. This is the first out of Qishan. 2, the same year the winter, Zhuge Liang scattered off the (now southwest of Baoji City, Shaanxi Province) around Chencang (Baoji City, Shaanxi Province this East), food to make the refund of Hanzhong. Wang Wei, double to chase, and chop. 3, Lite-seven (229) Spring, Liang Chen-style attack sent Wudu (now Gansu province into neighboring counties), IA (now neighboring Gansu Wen County) Erjun. Yong Guo Huai led his troops to save the provincial governor, out to build self-Wei Liang (now West and County of Gansu Province, west), Guohuai back, then get Erjun. 4, Lite-eight (230), in autumn, three-way attack Hanzhong Jun Wei, Sima Yi to go West Side (now northwestern Shaanxi Province, Ankang City), take the Meridian Valley Zhang, Cao Zhen go Xiegu. Zhuge Liang troops in Chenggu (now fixed the provincial capital of Shaanxi County), Akasaka (now Ocean County, Shaanxi Province, twenty miles). Thirty room when heavy rain, Wei Jun retreat. In the same year, Zhuge Liang to Wei Yan, Wu Yi-Qiang in the West into the big break after the military Wei Yao (Yao), provincial governor Guo Huai Yu Yang Yong River (Southampton county, when in this area of Gansu Province, southwest of Wushan.) 5, Lite-nine (231) February Jungong Qi Shan Liang rate is high, the wooden cow operation began. Seriously ill when Cao Zhen, Sima Yi refused the captaincy off in the Zhujiang. Zhuge Liang Reaper in the last (now Tianshui, Gansu Province, County). Sima Yi chase halogen light to the city (now in Tianshui City, Gansu Province, and between Gangu), dig automorphic camp, the \May, Zhuge Liang to Wei Yan, Gao Xiang, Wu refused to go to class, big break Sima Yi, Han has been a first three thousand, five thousand mysterious armored collar, horn crossbow three thousand one hundred, so Sima Yi Xuan Wang returned to Paul camp. June, Yan Li, and transportation due to bad call light also. Zhang Liang retreat to the doors of recovery, the Arrow was killed - this is two Qishan. 6, Lite-years (234) in February, the rate of force out of Xiegu Road, Zhuge Liang, Wu Zhang, according to the original martial arts (now Qishan, Shaanxi Province, south), Farming in Weibin, both during Zhuge Liang who repeatedly sent envoys to challenge, but also caused women Heroine one of the ornaments, to provoke Xuan Wang Sima Yi, Sima Yi, but not insults and entrenched, and \August, died at Wu Zhang Liang original. Yang Yi and so led his army also, the \This six military forces, only two out of Qishan; the fourth time is a proactive Jun Wei, Shu Army defense, as days of heavy rain, flash floods washed away the cliff, Shuwei not at war. Zhuge Liang Zhuge Liang 46 offspring, his son Zhuge Zhan was born in historical records, Zhuge Liang dies, Zhuge Zhan was eight years old. But he grew up intelligent and cute, good at painting, memory is very strong. Grow up, start from the junior officers, has risen to his father served as a military advisor General. Later, Zhuge Zhan rose to the rank of General Wei, Shu was in charge of affairs of state. General crusade against Deng Ai Wei Shu, the Zhuge Zhan led his forces to offer resistance, refused to Wei Jun Seductive, died in Mianzhu. He was the son of Zhuge still only seventeen years old, also died in battle; Zhuge Zhan martyred when his second son, Zhuge Jing very small, less than the age of the army to fight, so survived. After the Jin dynasty unified the Three Kingdoms, Zhuge court in Beijing has been moved to the new Central Plains area, recruited as officials. Clearance in the region as Zhuge Jing Mei County order and good governance. Looking back, his grandfather many times to attack Zhuge Liang Mei County, are unable to do so. He did not think the history and opened a little joke, so he had never met the grandson of a magistrate here. Zhuge Jin Zhuge Liang's brother early Touxiao Wu, Sun Quan won high regard. Later, the highest military official to such great general. His eldest son, Zhuge Ke even surpass the master, in the shadow of Wu, later died in a coup, Journal of the Zhuge family was Manmenchaozhan. Zhuge Liang Zhuge Dan early cousin of Cao Cao to follow, as the first high-ranking officials in the State of Wei. Sima family after being hit kill his family was all. In this way, Zhuge family home in Shandong, in addition to the vicinity of the tribe Langya, the history books have recorded the survivors left with a grandson of Zhuge Liang in Beijing, and Zhuge Jing Mei County magistrate when he was after, to promotion, the last official to the provincial governor Jiang ... ... Since then, the history books no longer have records of descendants of Zhuge Jing. At present, Linyi, Shandong and Zhejiang Lanxi Zhuge have a number of names of persons who have their own genealogy records the history and relationship with Zhuge Liang. In Zhejiang, Zhuge descendants almost across the province. But it is said, they all originated in Zhejiang Lanxi Zhuge Village. From the Ming Dynasty, the area of Zhuge in Lanxi mainly ethnic Chinese medicine-based business. It is said to uphold the \Later, they gradually grow and develop this industry. In the late Qing Dynasty, Zhuge tribe to open their medicine to pharmacies throughout Zhejiang, and even in major cities, the formation of \Zhuge Village also created many beautiful delicate today houses. Chronology of Zhuge Liang year reign four years of age, light and life and deeds of the Year 1811 Lunar New Year on April 14, 181, Zhuge Liang Yang was born in Langya are (now Yinan County, Linyi City, Shandong Province) Triumph Zhongping mother died six years of Zhuge Liang 1899 father of three 19,212 square early Zhuge Liang Zhuge Liang's death Xingping 19,414 the first year and my sister and brother Zhuge Jun adopted by the uncle Zhuge Xuan, his brother Zhuge Jin Ping Jiang Dongxing years with the stepmother went to his uncle Zhuge Xuan Liang 19515 any Yuzhangtaishou, he and Yu Zhang brothers and sisters went with his uncle (now Nanchang) Zhuge Jian Xuan died 19,717 years. Zhuge Liang and Liu Biao in Jingzhou siblings defected and began Gonggeng County in Nanyang County, Long Life in the Tang Jian Xu Shu and his friends four years, 19,919 such wise water mirror studied with Mr. Sima Hui Liu Jian years 20,626 to Deng County Long County in Nanyang Phalaris Highlighting, then coming out supporting Liu Jian Jian ten years 20,727 years 20,828 Zhuge Liang won the first battle envoy Wu, Sun Quan, king persuaded fourteen years of anti Caojian An appointed military advisor Zhuge Liang 20929 Zhonglang Jiang Jian Zhuge Liang and Guan Yu sixteen years 21131 , Zhang Fei, Zhao Jian nineteen years guarding Jingzhou 21434 Shou Liang Guan Yu left Jingzhou, and Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun and Liu Bei joined forces to divide our forces. Liu Bei captured the Chengdu military advisor Zhuge Liang Ren, General, General Government Department matters left two decades 21535 Jian Liang Jian twenty-three years to rectify the internal affairs of 21838 Shu Liang Shu stay, supply operations in Hanzhong Liu Bei Liu Bei of Shu Chapter 22 141 the first year of emperor Wu, the National No. \Zhuge Liang Ren Hanguo prime minister, led the first year of 22,343 benefit Reign Liu Bei of Shu Lite defeat Baidicheng, Wing Tuogu in Zhuge Liang; Liu Bei died, Liu Chan came to the throne, as Wu Xiang Hou Liang Feng, Yi Reign collar (Liu Shan Liang to kill the father called Or Xiang Fu) Zhuge Liang of Shu Lite 22,444 years to adjust the internal affairs of Shu Shu Zhuge Liang marched Nanzheng Lite 22,545 years, put down the southern barbarian Zhuge Liang of Shu Lite-five years of 22,747 to \loss of 22,848 Jieting Northern Expedition, Zhuge Liang, Ma Su cut, self-deprecating to the right general lines what the prime minister again, Zhuge Liang of Shu Lite Expedition 22,949 years to win Wudu,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], IA, restore the prime minister post again, Zhuge Liang of Shu Lite eight Northern Expedition of Shu Jian 23050 Xing nine-23151 Qishan attack the Northern Expedition, defeated Jun Wei, Wei killed in the famous wooden Road, Chang Shu V Lite eleven years in the Xiegu build 23353 Di Ge Liang, Shu-Tuen Lite years 23,454 sets of food wise again the Northern Expedition, because of overwork, died in August of this year the original historical evaluation of Chen Shou Wu Zhang, \hatred will reward, although the pro offense will punish those who neglect, pleaded guilty to lose weight, although those who will address the situation, although those who travel light decorated with clever speech will kill; good micro but not without rewards, no fiber instead of the evil banished; Shushi refining, physical The book, through the name responsible for reality, hypocritical contempt; finally within the state domain, salty, fear and love, although the steep punishment without blame by government, with its heart and advised the next level also. Only good governance can be described as knowledge, management, Xiao Ya piece of carry. However, moving the public year after year, did not succeed, cover will be a little strain, a draft of tonight's! \Its soldiers out of such guests, the line does not Kou, Chu Rao who is not hunting, as in the States. The military forces also, just as a mountain retreat wind, soldiers from the day, the world is shaking, and people do not worry. Leung has been involved in death, people think songs such as Thinking Zhou also called the public, Confucius said, \Liu Bei: \Jun can be self-created. \be: \To also. General should drive Gu vain. \soul trillion far wrong. husband change into account with the elegant, hanging out of your trial, in order to Jane before, the time should be appropriate. If light is and shores, Ahmed night and day, so that when closed the hearing, the World Service in the Road, Qi sublime of sound, is Zheng, Wei voice, and help things, no phase wins Toronto, which was orchestral matter to teeth, open the tune also. \sense of the spirit. \Sima Yi: \\A value by the left, the whole Wu Qiwen, deposited Chen taught, the rationale for moving the wind material, Xian Yu Jing heart, Ye Qian forget its body. Festival of static state, the four Americans to Sui, the Court repeatedly Lindi, real Yiu its prestige, research intensive power, hate to not barbarians. \\\\Chong Wang generously Fufeng good. \Yao division two years ago,in this case, Wang Shuang Guo cut; this old Yuan Zheng, Guohuaidunzou; drop sets Di and Qiang Xing Fu Erjun, violent town of Granville, is clearly meritorious. Under the harassment side today, Yuan Xiao is not bad, Jun by Daren, the weight of dry country, and for a long time since the pour loss, non-Yang Hong Lieyi so light. Today the prime minister re-Jun, Jun its not speech. \town history and a glorious, will be built Shugong Han during the quarter, the Senate Iraq, Zhou Xun is huge. How not to hung, hanging things Pro grams, meet unexpectedly disease meteorites funeral! I used Mourning,developing applications for the platform, liver heart if the crack. Zonta husband ordered power, adventure in life posthumous, so Guangzhao the future, given immortality. This makes the left Zhonglang Jiang Duqiong Chijie, presented the prime minister Wu Xiang Hou Jun print ribbon, Shi Chun-Chung Wu Hou. Soul and a spirit, Jia Zi Rong pet. Ending up! Ending up! \For the ministers who could be so wise but ears. \\Almost five hundred dead Wuhou contained, so far Liang Han people, sings strong heritage, such as the Temple Erji who, while their love to the people so long also. \\\\year-old drought, the state of human prayer, for the cloud as rain, not everyone is that the survival and welfare, life and death, past and present are one. Immortal death, anti-you in life. \Good faith without forgetting, Ping in sun, strong gas billowing. Length of thunderstorms. \Eight Diagrams \Dead Before the Ship Even Sank, long the hero Tearful \less government grant Uncle Chang Feng Cui Kun season, \Zhang Xiao-target \Hall of hanging hearts and minds together, by the Qing Dynasty scholar Zhao Fan, this joint has attracted the attention of Mao Zedong, etc., which read: \Later Shu need to think about governance. \and III. \Although the feud will reward those who, although pro offense will punish those who neglect, pleaded guilty to lose weight, although those who will address the situation, although those who travel light decorated with clever speech will kill; good micro but not without rewards, no fiber instead of the evil banished; Shushi scouring , Physical his book, follow the name responsible for reality, hypocritical contempt; finally within the state domain, salty, fear and love, although the steep punishment without blame by government, with its heart and advised the next level also. only good governance can be described as knowledge, tube, Xiao Ya piece of carry. \skills, study the matter very, strict science, rewards and punishments will believe, no evil without punishment, no good is not significant,asked network operators have the responsibility, as officials can not be rape, human pregnant from Li, Daobushiyi, strong does not invade weak, weathered truly yours also. \: Li Shu memorial, that excuse. now beam, benefits the public, consulting reference light those words still ringing in our ears, although the Kom Tong Hall of Yong Zhao Gong, Zheng person TUNE production, no beyond analogy also. Mencius says: \the people, although workers do not complain; to students Zodiac killer, lived and grievances. \. What is? blame Yao and Shun and Yu were discussed, under the Duke of Zhou and the group vowed it also. bright and made the best of all persons who, so the text refers not to far also. However, the sound education of its last words, are by the things Comprehensive physical, public honesty of the heart, shaped in Wenmo enough to know these people the meaning of science, and fill in when the world has. Zhuge Liang advised farmers in Hanzhong Hughes during the full use of favorable economic conditions in Hanzhong, adopted a series of local conditions effective measures for the development of production, so basically the Northern Expeditionary Army-owned place has been resolved, after the death of Zhuge Liang, Shu Army retreat, Jun Wei Shu camp is still \advised farmers, agriculture and war, the effect of the implementation of military colonies is significant. the local people life is better, can provoke more people to re-develop Hanzhong sparsely populated, and gradually reach more people, food and more virtuous circle, that the people \. According to Mr. Li Yizhi inspection with knowledge, \. \Inheritance and learning experience in water resources development and utilization of the ancient basis, and constantly upgrading a large pond, library, Beichi and other water conservancy facilities. Mianxian only for upgrading the energy storage of thousands of cubic meters of water reservoir thirty-seven; ponds and weirs pool of more than three hundred; winter, there are still fifty thousand acres of paddy field. These facts shows that the ancient irrigation and water conservancy facilities in Hanzhong Basin has produced effective and continuous improvement of the actual use, and Zhuge Liang persuaded that year on the off farming season in Hanzhong, open farmland , irrigation, development of production of the great achievements are inseparable. artistic skills of calligraphy articles Zhuge Liang the times, it is the Chinese art of calligraphy towards a mature age.
(181 -234 on July 23 on August 2Cool, the word hindsight, No. Wolong (also for Fulong), Han Yang Langya are (now Yinan County, Linyi City, Shandong Province) who prime minister of Shu Han, Three Kingdoms period outstanding statesman, strategist, inventor, strategist. Wu Xiang Hou has been called during his lifetime, posthumous title of Marquis Wu Yue Zhong; Later Jin Zhuge Liang's military regime in order to be respected, especially bestowed on him the king of Wu Xing. Representative of the \Invention of the wooden ox, lanterns and so on. Chengdu has Temple. Also, the great poet Du Fu, \
Bai Di Tuogu
Liang ink rubbings (Fax)
Zhuge Liang Zhuge Liang
Liang loved calligraphy , youth, conducted in hard training, can write a variety of fonts, Seal, eight, cursive is written very well. Southern Liang Hongjing is a great calligrapher, his book, \Boxer Zhangwu first year (AD 221), mining Jinniushan iron, cast iron swords eight, three feet six inches in length each, ... ... and the book is Ming style angle premises. . \And for eight array Ding, Shen Yong water Jietai Seal. \And he made a tripod in the sword Yamaguchi, Ming-Jian Shan Ding. And the small seal script, are Wuhou track. \'; One with the King of Liang, Wen said:' great good fortune, the public should be king. 'And the ancient clerical script, three feet high, are Wuhou track. \. \, although not to the book, said obtaining the remains of the world, will curios of. \\Tai Chi, yin and yang mix 'words, is no work. \Di Han Chuan Zhuge Wuhou Popular Mexico this temple, as a result. \painting. \, Yong, Zhang Heng, Cao bang, Yang, Huan Fan, Xu Miao, Cao calm, Zhuge Liang and his ilk is also. \\historical position and artistic achievements. Eastern History homemade Qu \Liang Yi is to make maps, the first picture the Great Wall House Jun Sun and Moon world, sub-painted dragon, dragon Yi and cattle sheep and camel. Department of the officials after the painting, riding streamers cover, patrolling security shirt. Also painted cows Yi Yi of the negative of the wine turn to Campbell as to give Yi, Yi even weight. \The scene was broad.'s Posts temperament wise master, like Caoqin singing, has a high musicianship. this time many of the ancient accounts. Chen Shou \Yin Leung good parent. \\\\\creation, but also make musical instruments - made the lyre and rock piano. Not only that, he also wrote a monograph on music theory - \The book is Yue Fei)
Chen Liang words: late emperor did not start half the middle Bengcu (cú); today under the third, Yizhou Pibi, the sincerity despite the critical autumn too. However, the bodyguard of the minister hard in the , Tadashi forgotten people in the body on the outside: The late emperor of Shu Yu chase cover, like quoted in His Majesty also. sincere wish to listen to the opening of Santa to light late emperor left behind Germany and restore Hongzhi Shi qi; should not sell ourselves short, allusions of justice to Way too loyal remonstrance plug. palace Fuchu, both as one; Zhi (zhì) penalty Zang (zāng) No (pǐ), not differences; if commit crimes and for the (wéi) Zhong Shan who should pay on Yousi The punishment reward to His Majesty Zhao Ming Li Ping; not biased, so that differences within and outside the law also. sijung, assistant minister Kwok Yau (yōu), the fee (yī), Dong Yun and so on, euphemistically real good, Zhi Zhong considered pure , is simply pulling the late emperor left behind (wèi) Majesty: stupid things that the palace, no matter the size, noted the consultative and implementation, will be able to lift (bì) Buque (through \Guangyi. General to the pet, sexual activity Shu-Jun, Xiaochang military trial in the past, the late emperor said to call it, is to give pets as the Governor against the majority: that the camp of stupid things, noted the consultative, will make the line Array (háng zhèn) harmony, have the advantages and disadvantages. pro-Xian Chen, far villain, this is also the first Chinese and so prosperous; pro-villain, far from Xian Chen, Han-so left leaning then also. Xiandi in time, each with the minister of this may perhaps not sigh hate in Huan, the spirit also! sijung, Book of History, Eliot, the army, the death of Zhen-Liang note section of the minister, parents of His Majesty is willing, faith, the Han Dynasty of the lung, can be hourly, daily and also. Morrison of the commoner, Gonggeng in Nanyang, Gouquanxingming in troubled times, no smell (wén) of the princes. Xiandi not to Chen dirty, rustic (wěi) from the bend in vain, among the three Gu Chen Yu Cao Lu, counseling Chen Yi when the world of things, from a gratitude, then Xu Xiandi to Quchi. After the value of the overturning, the occasion of his appointment in the defeated army, ordered in distress between Seoul to twenty there (yòu) (Link \. Xiandi Chen care to know, so the temporary collapse of a major event is also sent Chen Yi. ordered since the Su (sù) night worries sigh, fear no effect entrusted to injury late emperor of the Ming; so crossing Lu May, in-depth barren. Today the South has been set, Bing Jia is enough, when the award rate of the three services, scheduled for the North Central Plains, Shu dried dull, throw into confusion (rǎng) eliminating traitors fierce, Recovery of the Han Dynasty, also the old are: The Hill reported that the late emperor and therefore the ministry of His Majesty is also loyal. As appropriate profit and loss, into the faithful words, the Yau s,, allowing the office also. willing to Route Expeditionary Recovery of His Majesty asked Chen Yi effect, no effect, the government minister of the crime, to tell the spirit of the late emperor; without Hing virtue words, the responsibility of Yau,, allowing slow so as to Chang the blame (jiù). His Majesty should be matched from the plan in a consultative Suwa (zōu) Shin Road, Cha Naya words, deep chase late emperor Testament. Morrison numerous (sound \(country) despite the critical moment. but serve the courtiers in the court of guard nose to the grindstone; loyal soldiers who wish to forget their dead in the suicide on the battlefield, probably (because) commemoration of the late emperor's favor, want it to serve to His Majesty ah. should expand the Holy Spirit of His Majesty heard, carry forward the virtues of late emperor left, the Patriots have the courage to inspire exciting and should not be casually look down on yourself, do not speak properly, resulting in the admonition loyalists blocked the road. palace and the imperial court, are a whole, good and evil, reward and punishment should not be because in the palace or in Fuchu vary. If there is to do crafty things,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the decree was made, or to make loyal subjects to do good, should to the competent official, to determine their punishment, or be rewarded, to show His Majesty a fair and strict management, and should not be partial to have ulterior motives, to reward the palace and the court criminal law are different. Shi Zhong Guo You-sum fee, assistant minister Dong Yun, etc. These are good honest people, and their pure ambition and minds of loyalty. so late emperor selected out of them to give His Majesty. I think the palace things matter big or small, are used to ask them, and then go practice. will be able to compensate for the shortcomings and omissions, there will be more and more effective. General to the pet, good moral disposition Euparagonimus, knowledge of the military, in the same year trial, the late emperor praised him that he able, so we elected him as the central council supervision. I think the barracks things, brought them to ask him , will be able to make the military unity and harmony, to high and low to reasonable arrangements have been close to Xian Chen, alienation villain, which is flourishing reason early Han Dynasty; close to the villain, alienation Xian Chen, this is the late Han Dynasty the reasons for the decline. Xiandi alive, and I often talk about these things, there is no one right Huan, Lingdi lamented regret regret. sijung, Book of History, Eliot, the army, these are faithful and reliable, able to serve the country dead loyal, I hope His Majesty close to them, trust them, so that the rise of the Han Dynasty, which can be hourly, daily. I could have been a civilian, in person at the Nanyang land, but only in troubled times, struggling for his life, does not seek fame in the princes to do there Officer. Xiandi not because my identity was low, exposure shallow, degrading wronged themselves, three times to visit me in the hut, take the current world event to ask me, I am grateful,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], therefore running late emperor promised to serve. later met defeat , the failure of the war when I accepted the appointment, in a crisis mission to trouble when I was ordered to twenty a year now. Xiandi know that my scrupulous caution, so before he died in the Pro, the state affairs entrusted to me . accept the testament, I have sorrow and sighing shall sooner or later, fearing that a major event entrusted to me not effective, so that damage to the late emperor's wise. So I May shuaibing filtered through water, deep into the sparsely populated areas. Now the South has been put down weapons Bing Jia has sufficient command of the whole army should be encouraged, the Northern Expedition put down the Central Plains. I hope to do my mediocre talents, eradicate treacherous evil forces, rehabilitation Han royal family, moved to return the old capital. This is what I used to repay the late emperor, and loyal Yangyang area had such a rule: into the watermelon, melon can be eaten, seeds can not be taken away. The guest who came to Long and passersby have to Guayuan full appetite. Many people have asked him to watermelon seed, because in the past did not pay attention to keep seeds, and many people had returned, disappointed. Now, Han Jia's cross on the sand lake, Changfeng Chau, Xiao Fan Chau, watermelon is still famous, big, thin, sweet taste of sand. Sima 0 hear that command the soldiers demolished the house, out of paper. He just stand, just listen to \Later. Wise youth, from the school Mr. Yu Shuijing Sima Hui, Liang study hard, be diligent with the brain, not only appreciated by the Secretary Madeleine operation, even the wife of Sima is also very high regard for him, like the studious, good at the juvenile brain. To note, the Sima Hui cock training time singing, way is fed regularly. Zhuge Liang eager to study, how had not read, can they not hard, it will be to find his wife Sima. About goose feather fan, so popular among the stories of the rich princess Huangyue Ying Huang Chengyan not ugly, but a very smart beautiful, talented girl. Qing Emperor Kangxi, Xiangyang Zhao Hongen observed that the \Fan reasons. Three killed in related games
Forces: Shu physical value: 3 generals technology - Stars: Round the beginning, you can watch the top deck of cards X (X is the number of live role and up to 5), will be one of any number of cards in any order placed on the top deck, the other in any order placed on the bottom deck.
Zushizubing War of Red Cliff, Liu Bei put down Jingnan four counties in December, was appointed military advisor Zhuge Liang Zhonglang Jiang, living in temporary, Duling Lingling, Guiyang, Changsha San Jun, responsible for adjusting taxes to enrich the military-owned. Jian sixteen years (211), law school is beneficial Reign Liu Zhang, Liu Bei assists Mengda please Zhang Lu. Zhuge Liang and Guan Yu then, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun and other guard Jingzhou. December the following year, Liu Bei and Liu Zhang break, but also attack Chengdu. And Zhang Fei, Zhuge Liang will, Zhao Shu, etc. to help out, leaving Jingzhou Guan Yu is responsible for defense, to divide our forces put down the counties, together with Liu Bei Wai Chengdu. To nineteen years Jian (214), Liu Zhang to surrender the White Yizhou Liu Bei. Zhuge Liang by five pounds of gold, silver jin, money million, Kam-one thousand, and as a military advisor appointed by the General Department of General government left things. Liu Bei sent troops often Expedition, Zhuge Liang would be responsible for guarding the Chengdu, as Liu Bei Zusizubing, such as the Battle of Hanzhong Liu Bei to provide funding for assistance. Yan Kang Han Xiandi the first year (220), Cao Pi usurped the Han themselves. Huang Wei, the first two days on (221), the ministers heard the news of Han Xiandi killed, has become the Hanzhong Wang urged the throne of Emperor Liu Bei, Liu Bei does not agree, Geng Liang with the story of the throne of pure lobbying to persuade Liu Bei Liu Xiu. So before agreeing to Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang was appointed prime minister,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], recorded in Book of thing, false Festival; the same year killed Zhang Fei, Zhuge Liang Sili Xiaowei lead the post. Baidicheng Tuogu Zhangwu years (222) August Jingzhou Liu Bei way back in the Eastern Campaign was defeated and retreated to the Wing, Zhuge Liang died of lament is a pity that law, or will be able to stop the move Liu Bei Eastern Campaign.
Zhuge Liang Zhuge Liang statues
personal files life characters battle of Red Cliff Gonggeng Long Mu Long Zhong Nan Zheng Zushizubing Baidicheng Tuogu historical chronology of the Northern Expedition Zhuge Liang future evaluation of country achievements in artistic skills painting calligraphy articles Music articles literature articles work \Memorial) Comment on Ode to poetry related descendants saying twisters related couplets related stories related idioms related to God the Son Machine Miaosuan Chigua left to save future generations of Zhuge Liang's goose feather fan gossip clothing paste it related to the game album Personal File Born: AD 181 Lunar New Year on April 14 official : the prime minister, leading Sili Xiaowei, benefits Reign, recorded Book of thing, leave section title: Wu Xiang Hou, Wu Xing Wang (Eastern bestowed) said Shi Zhong-Wu Hou Xianzu: Zhuge Feng (Han Sili Xiaowei)

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