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often a dispute with his girlfriend. Xu 10

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PostWysłany: Wto 4:19, 28 Gru 2010    Temat postu: often a dispute with his girlfriend. Xu 10

regret impulsive man, sober, said
should bear criminal responsibility
this group have written articles / show Minghui reporter intern Zhou Wenwen
night before 11 o'clock, the fire is under control, took cordon outside Building 4, where hundreds of people standing in open space, and some cover your mouth with a towel and some cold back and forth. To prevent freezing, the property left by people in the water on the fire cast a salt block.
large cell door, a 999 emergency car into the accident men were firemen stand out from the building immediately by the police handcuffed, loaded onto a stretcher inside the car. The man dressed in a black coat, inch head, legs curled up, shivering and vomiting from time to time.
�� rehabilitation
Mr Zhou said
weeks old memories of the beginning, he has been moving households downstairs bedroom window air-conditioning and splashing water, but the fire was just hold him down,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], quickly recover and continue to spread upward. Then,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], suddenly shouted at him downstairs and was \until the fire engines arrived.
Last night 10:18
rescue workers said the man surnamed Han, Heilongjiang people, claiming to be eaten arson ago, sleeping pills, want to scare his girlfriend to death.
lived in three weeks old, is just above the fire house. Time of the incident, he was just south of the bedroom, suddenly smelt a burnt taste. At first thought it was old home week to cook something forgot to turn off the fire, but look around and found no problem.
housing, said Mr. Han is not a good temper, often a dispute with his girlfriend. Xu 10:18 last night, the room was rumored brawl. Then, suddenly rushed out of a female tenant, cried, \
households, according to the second floor, said the houses for a number of tenants, is currently home to three women and one man, of which Mr. Han male tenant moved in the week before.
, police said yesterday morning, the man was sober when asked after the police received frankly, did not really want to burn houses of suicide, but their voices stand with his girlfriend was very angry and do stupid things on impulse. Meanwhile, the man even said \
three households, is affected by fire, his house wire damage,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], has been unable to power. Currently, the property brought in several outlets, then come in from the outside to keep the refrigerator and aquarium supply. \
East Police confirm man was drunk,developers, and his girlfriend on the phone due to a dispute over trifles, then ignited house fire caused by bed sheets, but fortunately caused no casualties.
Evaluation of Water Law lawyers believe that the incident although no casualties, but the behavior of men concerned enough to endanger public security, suspected of violating the criminal law chapter of endangering public safety in the arson, it should bear the arson bring criminal and civil liability arising.
Xu, Dongzhimen Nei Avenue, Unit 2, Building 4, second floor of a resident house fire,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], a house burned. Meanwhile, smoke filled entire residential buildings, hundreds of residents evacuated, but fortunately no casualties. Police said the man claiming to be the ignition is not wanted to commit suicide, but because of emotional problems feel too angry and do stupid things, its security will be detained for 15 days.
home loss to the aftermath of the residents and property staff said they are doing, visit, take pictures of lost items for the registration of residents, specific compensation issues not being discussed. \
rent for the residential problem of the group, the staff member said, the property will be joint area, the street department to clean up as soon as possible.
Seeing this situation, quickly prepared to fire a week old, the son and his wife were in the kitchen, toilet water, then, the old week, standing at the bedroom window, splashing down the pot and then pot.
�� close-up
residents said, according to witnesses, the fire point is the south side of the incident bedroom house. Flame along the windows,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], to keep the upper spreading, the corridor is also full of smoke. In the meantime,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the room also heard the sound of electrical explosion.
Beixinqiao street workers, the recent, they have been in conjunction with the fire, neighborhood committees and other relevant departments, on the jurisdiction of the district to carry out safety checks, fire drills held, and terms of payment of a large number of brochures and CDs to escape, to prevent accidents .
basin of water per family Relay throwing fire
rental property group said it would clean up as soon as possible
85-year-old Mrs Zhang, who lives 15 floors. At that time, she was ready for bed, the room suddenly smelled a burnt smell coke, then got up and checked. After the fire was discovered, Zhang old woman immediately to his family hold more than one year old granddaughter Xianpao themselves from going down the stairs slowly. \
�� lawyers say
Evaluation of Water said that although the time of the incident the man in a drunken state, but does not affect his criminal liability.
fire man claiming to have been taking sleeping pills
brawl after the woman shouted \
fire housing area of 80 square meters,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the pattern of the original two rooms were separated into four houses. Head Lee said that he through an intermediary company, will house sublet out.
Police said the security men will be detained for 15 days. Currently, the case is under further investigation.
yesterday, the reporter on the scene saw the fire inside the dark house, furniture, appliances and other items on fire. The top of the south side of the bedroom window, multi-layer walls were blackened, broken glass, air conditioning burned.
Beijing Bo Saint
Man arrested for arson

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