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Microsoft will never catch up with iPod

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PostWysłany: Śro 2:22, 10 Lis 2010    Temat postu: Microsoft will never catch up with iPod

That is why we are concerned about the loss of its industry-leading Microsoft's dominant reason. In some business areas, Microsoft's dominant position in the original has been replaced by other competitors, and Microsoft which has been \Google and Apple are becoming the technology industry leader, we might look at why Microsoft lost its previous dominant position.
8, the importance of desktop software down

Windows Mobile has became one of Microsoft's core business. Microsoft Windows Mobile's strategic thinking is: the large number of existing enterprise users can also use the mobile platform to enhance employee productivity enterprise users. But the Canadian smartphone maker RIM BlackBerry in the (BlackBerry) smartphone offers better performance in the solution, resulting in Windows Mobile market share began to decline. Apple iPhone turned out later to make the already difficult situation worse Windows Mobile.
now Microsoft is no longer before the Microsoft. If the back a few years ago, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates (Bill Gates) will be said in an interview, if any company can lead the technology industry's pace of innovation that this company be sure it is Microsoft. Gates will also release this relentless: \\Microsoft is no longer the industry leader, the company is also well aware of this. Microsoft to Google, Apple and other competitors are the heart with fear. This mentality of fear of competitors, the market never occupied dominant position in the company who reflected.

text / Artesyn Technologies

Apple last month released its iPad tablet computer, tablet computer age means that the door has been officially opened. The iPad listed at the same time, Microsoft was not able to get the product to compete with the iPad. This is no doubt Microsoft is a very troublesome thing.
denied that Microsoft's search engine will be (Bing) market share is growing rapidly, but still far behind Google. This is for Microsoft to be a big problem. Text search advertising search engine is the entrance. Use a home search engine users more willing to advertise the search engine the more the number of advertisers. Reason that simple. For now, the Google search a large base of subscribers, which means a lot of advertising money goes to Google, not Microsoft. If in the future will be able to Google some market share erode, then part of the advertisers will switch to Microsoft's advertising platform. However, this phenomenon occurs in the near future is unlikely.

10, Microsoft is poorer than before
7, tablet PCs lead the future
The following is the \market share will be limited

Microsoft's IE browser market share worldwide has more than 90%. Internet traffic monitoring agency last week released the latest Net Applications statistics, IE global market share has fallen below the 60% mark. Part of the reason causing this result is: The EU requires Microsoft Windows users in addition to Europe other than IE browser options.

3, Google continues to grow
6, IE browser share, a sharp decline
just a few years ago, the desktop software also occupy a dominant position. But now the market structure has been completely different. Today, consumers and business users are gradually switching to the cloud (Cloud Computing) service. More and more business users willing to use the network services; individuals have realized that the future of software really depends on the Internet. This trend, Microsoft would be a major blow; but Google, will get more profit.
9, Windows Mobile phone operating systems hit

Microsoft is reached every effort to stop mobile phone service market. But after Apple released iPhone smart phone, so that Microsoft plans to enter the mobile phone service market suffered a significant challenge. While Microsoft plans to launch this year, two Kin Windows Phone 7 smart phones and mobile phone platform, it is expected that these efforts will not constitute a substantive threat to the iPhone. Apple's iPhone has become a global mobile phone market, \

4, Apple iPhone indestructible
5, into the entertainment market failure

by iPad, Apple CEO Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) once again prove to the world, his ability to market the first to introduce the latest innovative technology products, and access to a large number of external developers support, while in the leading position in emerging business areas. And Microsoft is show the world that: the face of Apple's launch of new products, Microsoft can only be helpless. Tablet PC development for the technology industry, Microsoft has missed an opportunity.

Google has maintained the momentum of high growth business. In addition to its search and online advertising business, Google is making great efforts to enter the field of mobile phone services and plans in the United States set up high-speed wireless broadband network, and also plans to launch its large-scale digital library services. Google now has its own little piece profitability, stock price that Microsoft, Google Heart envy. If Google continues to expand business scale, is big trouble for Microsoft: Google is the more powerful the more dangerous of Google, Microsoft is well aware.
Microsoft has always wanted to \To the game business, Microsoft is the current market performance is very good. However, in mobile entertainment business, Microsoft's rate of progress falls far short of original expectations. In the personal media player market, Apple iPod when to take advantage. Although Microsoft's Zune music player has also been part of Microsoft's \In the music player business, Microsoft will never catch up with iPod, perhaps Microsoft should consider a complete withdrawal portable media player market, otherwise the only waste more money.
In addition, more and more Internet users realize that other non-IE browsers may be able to provide better security, performance and more stable. If this trend further intensified,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], IE will completely lose its once \

over time, how to fight off competitors of alternative products, will become Microsoft's main task. In some business areas, Microsoft has been relegated to the second or third the first place.
leading U.S. IT magazine \\\The company not only to large businesses, but always wanted in a number of mainstream business, the dominance of the field, such as operating systems, mobile services and browser and so on. In some cases, Microsoft does maintain its market dominance; other cases, Microsoft is taking measures to try fight off challenges from competitors.

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