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looked by him

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PostWysłany: Pon 10:49, 28 Mar 2011    Temat postu: looked by him

Lindsay could not pull up the sea namely at your own curiosity.
Yes ah, I have no secondhand. I favor Chinese food.
Peng likewise cold honest smile,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],Christian Louboutin sale, eyes luminous in the lights, the streaming sound and calm light.
Cut, really.
Lindsay sea in the center smiled contemptuously,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], pull the pull jaws.
Suddenly, Peng has cold hands slipped, and Marina to wail, - the silver fork flew out, hit the cup aboard the opposite Wei Ru Ping, glass move the costs down.
Not yet finished the wine, and immediately infected with white tablecloths, a few also Peng Li River to the cold splash of low shirts on their own.
A dramatic scene because Lindsay Hui eyes broad open and really this silly male is not covered.
I'm apologetic I'm sorry, all my mistake, hands slide,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], so will ......
Attend to wipe their own dress,Christian Louboutin sale, Peng is also cold to speedily stand up and apologize to alarm.
We're nice friends, it touches you,Christian Louboutin sale, are cold, your clothes are nasty.
Wei Ru Ping took the napkin to back him swiftly wiped.
Never idea, went home and washed it.
Peng also Samsam, feels cold hair.
Does he ambition to clean and then used to dress?
Evil ......
Lindsay once afresh cornered a sea of ​​white now.
I'll take you to the lavatory premier, erase it, if it dries, the dye ambition be tough to bathe out.
Dai Anni enthusiasm to help.
Thank you.
Peng is also thankful to the cold with her, merely a few steps,Christian Louboutin sale, Lindsay ashore the sea face misrepresented.
Just sit and do not feel Shiyao,Christian Louboutin sale, he left to look out, do not appear to square his right leg extra, and left thigh has a delicate equilibrium is meager, Road To His walked a tiny lame, tolerate slightly ahead bulging, very strange.
While this is not curious walking into the strikingly extent, yet the perceiving eye by the time you see closely, you tin find a problem with his leg.
Ruffle his legs going on?
Lindsay rotated approximately and queried Wei Ru Ping Hai.
Childhood polio also, was almost broke and a leg, and afterward,Christian Louboutin sale, thanks to his parents had been looking as somebody to give him massages, but still miraculously well, and now have been skillful to walk normally,Christian Louboutin sale, but it poses a morsel strange.
Wei Ru Ping annotated.
Just a little strange location?
Lindsay could not help but phone up the sea.
He was like this, everybody knows he is a lame ah.
If it exports to the care received at Wei Ru Ping reproach.
Aware namely they are a little also many, Lindsay suddenly shut up the sea, I'm sorry,Christian Louboutin sale, Ru Ping, I understand you average well. Just come, listen to Annie said you gave me almost a friend,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], I prop magnificent expectations, but did not meditation ......
I did not anticipate Shiyao?
Wei Ru Ping looked by him, did not think her looks and exterior, do not you think the fellow slugger?
You understand, I'm very strict advent requirements.
A small sea, Oh Man can not fair arrival.
Wei Ru Ping leaning over the body, looked at him, otherwise you ambition miss it - have the very essential things. I know winter is also the basis for a long time Peng, a graduate student from when he began to know him. Yes, he does not wrinkle the external conditions like, but his heart, but it is a very gentle and very uncomplicated man, very kind, careful and considerate, forever for others. Now, for he would be so many a good lad truly, and before the afterward decide, you do not to try to get to know him, please?
I think it will not be required!
Lindsay sea rebuffed.
And this bumpkin and lame together?
Ruffle possible!
Think of his body portly to cold, others will ruffle think? Friends will ruffle think? Is he Lindsay to the point where the sea has fallen out?
Wei Ru Ping is not without disappointment with a sigh, looked at him sadly,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], I know you have always paid great consideration to appearance, but I not thought, you are focusing to this point, Peng cold there really is a good boy.
Even whether he was a thousand times better and I did not he! Look at his legs ......
Lindsay felt the sea point of ache, do not in your eyes, I fair deserve this man?
His legs did not affect their everyday lives, just wade it looks a morsel strange. Peng Han is also the best man in my mind, so I will introduce to you.
Wei Rupingweicu from the eyebrows.
The best?
Bumpkin on this lame?
Not of this world mad, outrageous for him.
Even his own friends, and forbearance to the present,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], also sold person foot bar, Lindsay Hai Ren Zhaoqi stand
To thank you for your bounty, I go first.
Only a tread to hit a man, looked up, it is also cold Peng. Lindsay sea more snappily, glared at him severely, coldly:
Get out, do not stop my direction.
Yi Zheng Peng is also a delicate cold, that is sideways to the channel.
Ruffle suddenly work out of the Shiyao do? Wait a minute,Christian Louboutin sale, a small sea ......
Dai Anni immediately chased him out.
Lindsay walked quickly the sea wind,Christian Louboutin sale, quickly came to parking. Open the keys and sat in, threw cut knot,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], took a deep respiration several times.
Slight ups and downs of his breast, his face very ugly.
Dai Anni certainly comprehend that in the end he irritated some in the Shiyao,Christian Louboutin sale, small sea, I mustld you several times, do not justice a book at those who are, Peng is also looking pretty cold honest, it should be a good man,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], than to try and look what he exchanges watch?
Impossible, ugly day in front of a deformed potato, I can be proficient to eat rice?
Lindsay sea can not aid but loudly.
Suddenly, Dai Anni's face changed, and toward the outside Knut jaws.
Lindsay back the sea, suddenly mute.
The traffic to stand his mouth to mention ugly deformed potatoes.
Have nay thing?
Lindsay sea open the gate,Christian Louboutin sale, knowing what you just blaspheming, in always possibility was that he listened, but I'm sorry but my mind was,Christian Louboutin sale, and not have whichever different meaning.
Because what he said is true.
Your phone at the table, and I come back to you to revive.
Han Peng also some asthma, after all, he legs inconvenient, walked quickly came, inevitably tough.
Thank you.
Lindsay took the phone the sea, and my heart heaves at this period only a trace of crime.
That ......
Will look him pulled, Peng also cold open: very pleasing to meet you, if you're so well knew, then perhaps I would not come. I'm sorry my existence, so you do not cost a agreeable evening, good-bye.
When he finished, he bowed slightly, turned to quit.
Lindsay sea dumb.
Is completely see through.
Nevertheless, the man did not reveal his face Bansi obnoxious sensations,Christian Louboutin sale, his eyes still, as always,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], honest and modest.
Man's back looks very broad and very very straight back, but not stuff how straight and then all could not conceal his right leg slightly bumpy sense of imbalance.
But even this, he has to walk step along step, trying to flat it work surely, in a straight line.
Gratuitous, Lindsay sea in the heart of sharp pain when passing.
At that time, he did not know thatthis is his first in this life, and the final ache.
At that time, he just thought, SHI, which is really one dreadful blind appointment night ah!
Chapter II
Blind date that night dealt a massive beat to Lindsay sea.
Excellent condition like him man, it really can not find a appropriate object, and can only will the dinosaurs or potato?
One would like to tremble.
Lindsay sea depressed for a while,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], although, the corporation received 3 feminine staff of love letters, the restaurant is Mature approximated by a Zhangtoushumu in the bar and attempt the experience of man, his self-confidence has gradually returned to previous levels .
Even saw the pig man, he has not overturned the neb as usual Man askance, but with the snake and the additional virtual council,Christian Louboutin sale, laughing

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