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know the data coincidence

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PostWysłany: Wto 15:49, 11 Sty 2011    Temat postu: know the data coincidence

interview room, an episode proved that Wu Haijun the incoherently. Before the media to show the quality of Shenzhou-rugged notebook computers, Wu Haijun to a machine to throw out. Unfortunately, broke. Wu Haijun also considered responsive. Him without blinking an eye, immediately put it another way, \Screen is not my doing,California, how good wrestling is not broken glass, which has yet to be further improved upstream. \
In fact, Wu Haijun before Apple's profits are still cursed, ironic \The problem is that Apple is not afraid to throw this toy,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], because the screen is a special iPad shock glass, and this design is only one of iPad unique place. Thus, either, Wu Haijun ignorance; or, Wu Haijun in the play the fool.
\Great Wall Computer Why is there such a price-earnings ratio? Because the Great Wall computer has very little to do a computer, is the main display and power supply. Hanwang Technology is just listed on GEM, the high price-earnings ratio. Founder of today, do not be confused by its low-cost, Founder of the price-earnings ratio is 80 times. HEDY 1000 times, with the side 60 times. \
What words? There are 19.5% of China's stock market price-earnings ratio? Small plates Hanwang how they change to GEM? Seven-times the computer when a 1000 price-earnings ratio? Great Wall Computer Week Gengshen president told me, \\
next phrase is cited as a joke in the entire industry's masterpiece predicted: \Of course, other brands will be in, just some add,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], just some small brands. The future, another 5 years, China's Shenzhou goal is to make the first or even the world. \
this, I do not want to comment out. Wu Haijun freedom of speech, I also have freedom of speech Li Yi. Having said that, not because of the instigation of any interest group, but some still expressed a sense of justice, still some independent observers of the industry's basic views, I hope these words can cause Wu Haijun thinking. Of course, if you can cause a little reflection Wu Haijun, it would really be thankful.
Shenzhou notebook manufacturing process is very simple, Wu Haijun from the elite, blue sky, Quanta and other laptop foundries in Taiwan bought BareBone (SFF), then the new world industrial park in Shenzhen, the assembly line on the Big Three (treatment device, memory, hard disk) to install in, then paste the Shenzhou's LOGO,respectively, a Shenzhou notebook computer so \
Well, I'll tell you the truth: At present, the industry generally recognized laptop repair rate is 5%, 6%, exactly advertise Wu Haijun, \
However, from my understanding of the Wu Haijun, his criticism of the industry has always held the view is different from ordinary people, he has been convinced that no one will be very lonely curse Wu Haijun, which is basically equivalent to being forgotten.
Wen / Li Yi
Wu said: \This is our lofty ideals. Short-term ideals? Chinese foreign enterprises to take the end product in the Chinese market, the era of predatory profiteering! \
sorry,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]! Wu Haijun his side will not ring in the warm applause. Progress of the times, the ideological emancipation, and Wu Haijun-style \
know the data coincidence? Because, known as \
few days ago, Taiwan's a pen pal sent me a \In the book, the Virgo gay man told us: Youarewhatyousay. Translated into Chinese is: the person whose statement. after reading, I feel the need to sincerely suggest the leading comrades of the Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission for taking the time to double the book, take a look at these my words, and then think about a serious question: Should business Hasee Listing. At the same time, I would sincerely suggest,... ted-java-c-complexity-375, Hai Tong Securities Board members should also turn over the pages of this book, take a look at these my words, and then re-examine whether it should go to GEM Hasee sponsor.
more Unfortunately, recently, Wu Haijun in an interview, he again talked wildly, extraordinary remarks.
\According to statistics, failure rates of our competitors than the so-called international brand by 10 percentage points lower, and now all the other counterparts of the statistical data is 15%, 16%. \
Frankly speaking, the general public on the Wu Haijun of this sentence is no feeling, but the industry has long been outraged to see where certain: Wu Haijun, Which peers tell you, and now the general laptop repair rate is 15%, 16%?

the industry is well known that dare to defy world opinion has been the chairman Wu Haijun Hasee manner of speaking, he is to attract media attention, and then leads to the Shenzhou computer business goals. So, the Shenzhou computer business goals is it?

In fact, a little common sense economics, readers can easily find, whether short or long, Shenzhou computer business goals are very mentally retarded: If short-term goals to achieve, and McDonald's, KFC, Hilton, Canon, Flextronics and other foreign-funded enterprises In China, the collective will disappear, because they are materials used in China, with China's profit in the Chinese market; if the ambitious targets achieved, Lenovo, IBM, Toshiba, Microsoft, Apple, LV and other high-end brands will group disappeared in China, because they are higher than the profits of the Shenzhou computer many, many many.
in the media and the public when asked, Wu Haijun endless as the Yellow River.

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