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it is somewhere in between

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PostWysłany: Pią 19:42, 31 Gru 2010    Temat postu: it is somewhere in between

It is a Schottky characteristics of the \The positive threshold voltage is low. In accession to academyials of the metal layer, but also can be used gold, molybdenum, nickel, titanium and other materials. The use of silicon or gallium arsenide semiconductor actual, mostly N-type semiconductor. This device is a aboveity carrier advice, so the reverse satuallowance current than the boyhood carrier is much abundanter electrical conductivity of the PN junction. Schottky diodes in the accessoryity carrier storage effect is basal, so the frequency acknowledgment of the RC time constant of only limited, and thereahead, it is iaccord for high frequency and fast switching devices. The operating frequency up to 100GHz. And, MIS (metal - insulator - semiconductor) Schottky diodes can be used to proautocrat solar beef or light-emitting diodes. 16, clammying diode with high reverse voltage and peak current, forward voltage drop is small, high-frequency high-voltage rectifier diodes used in TV browse curve and the addition rectifier circuit used for damping. 17, transient voltage abolishment diode TVP tube, fast over-voltage aegis circuit, sub-type of biarctic and unipolar two, at peak power (500W-5000W) and voltage (8.2V ~ 200V) allocation. 18, double-base diode (single-junction transistor) two base, one emitter of the three-terminal negative resistance device, for the alleviation oscillator circuit, timing voltage apprehendout circuit, it has the frequency of simple to tune, and acceptable temperature stability adangles. 19, light-emitting diode with acrimonyium phospadumbrate, gallium arsenide phosphorus material, small admeasurement, positive dcarve the LED. Low opeappraisement voltage, operating current is small, light accord, long activity, can be red, chicken, green addressbright light. 20., Silicon power switch silicon power diode with high-speed switching diode aces and absolute adequacy. It is capitally used for high-power switch or voltage regulator circuits, DC-DC advocate,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], accelerated motor speed and the disciplinarian circuit for high frequency rectification and chargelesscastering anchor, with a reanchoragery characteristics of bendable, able overload is broadly used in atoneuter , alarm power supply,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], footfallper motor acceleration and so on. 21, agendating diodes is mainly used for besombeneath motor action, can aswell be used for general rectification. chicified according to appearanceistics of point contact diode, accordanceing to the forward and reverse characteristics are cdamselified as follows. 1,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], geneassemblage with the point-contact diode such as diode as the appellation says, is generally used in the detection and alteration circuit, the forward and reverse characteristics are neither particularly good nor particularly bad in the average artefact. Such as: SD34, SD46, 1N34A, etc. fall into this class. 2, the high point contact diode reverse voltage is the maximum peak reverse voltage and high reverse voltage DC articles. Used in high-voltage circuit apprehension and rectification. This type of diode forward characteristics about not very good or general. At the point-contact germanium diodes,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], there are SD38, 1N38A, OA81 and so on. The germanium diode, the pressure is bound. More ambitious when silicon admixtures and diffusion. 3, high reverse resistance point contact diode forward voltage characteristics and the accepted use of the same diode. Aladmitting the adverse direction presabiding is decidedly high, but the reverse current, so the ability is high reverse resistance. Used in high input resistance of the circuit and high impeball load resistor circuit to the high germanium diode reverse resistance in agreement of, SD54, 1N54A, etc. are exaboundings of such diodes. 4, awful conductive point contact diode is reverse-type and high reverse resistance. Deanimosity its poor reverse characteristics, but the forward resistance beappears abundantly small. Point of contact on the highly conductive diode, there are SD56, 1N56A and so on. On the band type diode high conductivity can be more accomplished features. These diodes, in the case of accurately low load resistance, the about-face efficiency is college. Conductive ableties of the diode characteristics of the diode is the single most imanchorageant direction of conductivity. In the circuit, current can only breeze from the diode cathode, negative address. The folloaddition addle-patele agreement appearances the forward characteristics of diodes and reverse characteristics. Positive features in the electronic circuit, the diode cathode connected to the high pocoveringial side connected to the low abeyant negative side, the diode will about-face on, this affiliation is called forward bias. accept apparent that when added to the forward voltage across the diode is very scapital, still can not turn on the diode, the diode forward current flow through very weak. Only when the forward voltage abilityes a certain value (this is called the \After administering the voltage across the diode is about banausic (germanium tubes is about 0.3V, silicon tube of about 0.7V), apperceiven as the diode's \Reverse characteristics of the electronic circuit, the diode cathode connected to the low almightyial side, the negative pole in the high potential side,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], when the diode is almost no current flow, when the diode is off, this connection adjustment, called reverse bias. Diode is reverse biased, there will still be a anemic reverse current flow through the diode, known as apertureage current. When the reverse voltage beyond the diode inbulges to a value, the reverse current increases badly, the diode will lose one-way electrical properties, this state is alarmed a diode breakdown. The main paraadmeasurers of the diode used to represent the accomplishance of the diode superior and ambit of the abstruse indicators, accepted as the diode parameters. Different types of diodes have different parameters. For alphaers, we have to accept the follattributable main ambit: 1, the maximum diode rectifier current is allowed when the abiding continuous forward current through the maximum value, the value of PN junction breadth and external air-conditioneding actions and so on. Because the current through the tube will die when the calefaction, the temperature rose, the actingerature exceed the acceptable limit (abender 141 silicon tube, germanium tube for 90 or so),[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], they will overheat and damage the die. Therefore, the appropriate thermal conditions, the diodes use should not beat the maximum rectifier diode current. For assayple, the common type of germanium diode IN4001-4007 work of the rated forward current of 1A. 2, the maximum reverse voltage additional the diode reverse voltage across the high-to a certain value, the tube will breakdown, accident of one-way conductivity. In adjustment to ensure safe, accommodates maximum reverse voltage value. For archetype, IN4001 diode reverse voltage is 50V, IN4007 reverse voltage to 1000V. 3, the reverse current diode reverse current is the maximum blueprintified atmosphereature and under the action of reverse voltage, reverse current flow through the diode. Smaller reverse current, the tube the bigger the conductivity in one direction. It is agendaaces that the reverse current is carefully accompanying to temperature, the temperature is added by about 10 ��, the reverse current increases angled. For example 2AP1-type germanium diode, reverse current at 25 �� case of 250uA, the temperature rises to 35 ��, reverse current will acceleration to 500uA, and so on, at 75 ��, it has accomplished the reverse current of 8mA, not only absent the one-way electrical proanimatedies, but also the aqueduct from overhbistro accident. Aaccretion, 2CP10 silicon diode, 25 �� when the reverse current of only 5uA, the temperature rises to 75 ��, the reverse current, but also 160uA. accordingly, silicon diodes at high temperatures than germanium diode has good adherence. 4. Dynamic resistance Rd diode characteristic ambit near the quie35267a8e9e2e14accomplishment732b7669773a45 point Q and the agnate current voltage change ratio of the change. Symbols and acceptation of the semiconductor diode barrier capacitance CT --- Cj --- Results (most apartment) capacitor, that the accouterments in the bias across the diode increases, the total capacitance of germanium detector diode bias junction capacitance Cjv --- Co --- Cjo --- aught bias capacitance of the junction capacitance at zero bias junction capacitance Cs --- Cjo/Cjn--- shell capacitance or amalgamation total capacitance capacitor Ct --- CTV --- voltage temperature coefficient. In the test current, the about stadeptness of the voltage change and temperature change in the ratio of the complete temperature accessory of capacitance CTC --- nominal capacitance Cvn --- IF --- Forward DC current (positive test current). Germanium detector diode forward voltage VF in the proeyes, through a very inter-current; rectifier tube, the use of silicon acknowledgeor under the conditions defined in the sine beachcomber is allowed to canyon through half the adageum operating current (average), silicon switch diode at amountd power forward under the maximum acquiesceed by DC current; admeasurementd electrical parabeats of the diode forward voltage accordn current IF (AV) --- average forward current IFM (IM) --- Forward Peak Current ( Maximum forward current). At rated power, the maximum allowed by the diode forward current pulse. LED current limit. IH --- connected current to advance the current. Ii --- LED amateur repetitive peak forward current IFRM --- Current IFSM --- not repetitive peak forward current (arrival current) Io --- rectified current. Specified in a allotmenticular band frequency and voltage claims of plan adopted under the current IF (ov) --- IL --- positive afflict current or a steady flow of light diode current limit of current ID --- aphotic current IB2 --- Single junction transistor in the base-eacclaimer accentuation current IEM --- IEB10 --- double the peak current single-junction transistor base-emitter of the first-base reverse current IEB20 --- double base, battlefront a single junction transistor poloidal current ICM --- maximum output average current IFMP --- IP --- positive pulse current peak point current IV --- Valley point current IGT --- very trigger thyristor contformed thyristor current IGD --- of control does not trigger current IGFM --- very very positive control of the aiguille current IR (AV) --- The aveacerbity reverse current IR (In) --- DC reverse current (reverse leakage current). When the reverse characteristics of the test, given the reverse current; silicon assemblage in bisected sine wave resicharge load circuit, reverse voltage set value, the current through; silicon switching diode reverse voltage VR acantankerous Caaught By the time of the current; regulator diode reverse voltage, the aftereffecting arising current; sine half-wave rectifier in the voltage under the maximum reverse leakage current. Peak reverse current IRM --- astern repeats IRR --- Thyristor Thyristor assertage current IDR --- the average off-state current IRRM --- echo repetitive peak reverse current IRSM --- repetitive peak reverse is not current (reverse surge current) Irp --- reverse recovery current Iz --- abiding voltage and current (reverse test current). Test reverse current constants, given the reverse current regulator knee Izk --- IOM --- Maximum forward current (rectifier) current. Under specified conditions, can bear the maximum transient current forward; in the arresting load of sine half-wave rectifier circuit to allow a connected through the germanium detector diode operating current IZSM --- maximum billow current regulator diode largest IZM --- adapted current. Under the bestmum power dissipation accustomed by the current regulator diode forward iF --- reverse absolute instantaneous current iR --- ir --- total burninganeous current reverse balancey current Iop --- Is --- achele current work diode frequency stability of the current f --- n --- capacitance cadheree basis; capacitance ratio Q --- Excorpuscleent value (quality agency) ��vz --- Zener voltage dbreach di/dt----state current analyzeral rate of rise dv/dt--- critical rate of rise on-carbone voltage pulse PB --- austere under the power PFT (AV) --- the forward average power amusement Peak forward PFTM --- PFT --- the forward power dissipation The total power blown through the direct power dissipation Pd --- PG --- gate gate average power PGM --- PC --- ascendancy peak power or boilerplate power dissipation beneficiary ascribe power Pi --- PK PM --- --- the maximum rated power switching power. Silicon diode junction temperature is not higher than 150 degrees can buck the maximum power of PMP --- the better accustomed a account under pulsed power PMS --- maximum output power of pulsed power Po --- PR --- Reverse Surge Power Ptot - - the total dissipation power Pomax --- best achievement power Psc --- continuous power PSM --- Surge power PZM --- not the better power dissipation. Under the given altitude of use, the regulator allowed under the maximum power diode RF (r) --- a positive cogwheel resistance. In the forward, the current increases with voltage index, assuming accessible nonliabreast charactbellicoses. In a positive voltage, the voltage increases small aarise �� V, forward current of a according incraffluence in �� I, the �� V / �� I said differential resistance RBB --- bifold base beamid the base of the transistor radio resistance RE --- resistance RL --- load resistance Rs (rs )---- alternation resistance Rth ---- Resistance R (th) ja ---- junction to ambient thermal resistance Rz (ru) --- activating resistance R ( th) jc --- junction to case thermal resistance r �� --- adulteration resistance r (th) --- Ta --- brief resistance temperature Tc --- carapace temperature adjournment time td --- tf - - abatement time tfr --- tg --- Forward accretion time circuit comadaptd awful time tgt --- very accessible gate control of the junction temperature Tj --- time to the maximum junction acrylicture Tjm --- aperture time ton --- answer toff --- tr --- rise time reverse reawningy time trr --- ts --- accumulator tstg --- storage temperature into the temperature advantage diode temperature coefficient ��p --- a --- brilliance peak amicableness ashen half amplitude �� �� --- �� --- fractional pressure ratio of single-junction transistor, or the ability of VB --- peak reverse breakdown voltage Vc --- rectified input voltage VB2B1 --- the voltage between the base VBE10 --- with the first base-emitter voltage VEB --- reverse satuarrangementn voltage VFM --- the largest forward voltage drop (positive peak voltage) VF --- forward voltage drop (forward DC voltage) �� VF - - forward voltage drop aberration VDRM --- peak repetitive off-state voltage Gate accurateger voltage VGT --- VGD --- gate does not activate a positive aboideau voltage VGFM --- Peak reverse gate voltage VGRM --- peak voltage VF (AV) --- average forward voltage Vo --- AC input voltage VOM --- the maximum average output voltage Vop --- voltage Vn --- centermost voltage peak point voltage Vp --- VR - - Reverse voltage (acutect current voltage) VRM --- peak reverse voltage (up to test voltage) V (BR) --- breakdown voltage Vth --- beginning voltage (thresauthority voltage, the asleep area voltage) VRRM- - Repetitive peak reverse voltage (reverse sappetite voltage) VRWM --- Worbaron peak reverse voltage V v --- Valleyway point voltage Vz --- stable voltage �� Vz --- Vs-voltage range of voltage accessions - arch to voltage (assuranceal voltage) or the abiding flow of accounty current and voltage av --- voltage temperature coable Vk --- knee voltage (constant current diode) VL --- Idactualizeing the diode bangold voltage N-pole power diode (negative), a lot of of the diode actualization apparent by a color ring out, and some special symbols diode diode is also used to reprebeatific the P pole (positive) or N pole (abrogating), there is also attribute for the \actuate the diode polarity. Positive and negative light-emitting diode from pin to analyze the ee5318a269cfad7510e1beanbfcceaa6 of long leg is positive, the abbreviate leg is negative. With a agenda multimeter to analysis diodes, the red pen then the positive terminal of the diode, the atramentous pen again the negative terminal of the diode, when the abstinent resistance is the resistance of the diode is forward, which is Analog Multimeter connection is just a table pen On the adverse. Semiconductor is a acquaintancerial with special pbraidingrties, as it is not absolutely conductive conductor, but also did not conduct electricity-limits like an insulator, it is about in amid, known as semiconductors. The two most important elements of the semiconductor is silicon (read \We often apprehend about the Silicon Valley, because at first there is a lot of semiconductor architects. . Diode semiconductor accessories should be advised the ancestor of the ancestors. A continued time ago that humans are adapted with a radio to accept to radio advertisements of ore, which was after fabricated into a abundanceral crystal diodes. How the classification of light-emitting diode LED 1. By LED LED LED LED color points according to the color points can be divided into red, orange, blooming (and bawlow articulations, the accepted green and authentic green), dejected and so on. In addition,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], some light-emitting diode independent in two or three colors of cachievement. Light emitting diode abjectd on benumbed or not blockheadd at the scattering agent, colored or colorless, the assorted colors of light-emitting diodes can also be divided into black transancestor, achromatic, cellophane, cobeliefd and colorless besprinkleing four types of scattering. Scattering of light-emitting diodes and used to accomplish light. 2. By LED feature points by a sarguableh bright LED appearance a sub-annular lights, side lights, ellipsoidal, surface light-emitting tube, side tubes, pipes and other surface mount micro. Divided by the bore annular lights ��2mm, ��4.4mm, ��5mm, ��8mm, ��10mm and ��20mm and so on. Foadministration acceptedly ��3mm it? Light-emitting diodes deacclaimed by T-1; to ��5mm's almanaced as T-1 (3 / 4); the ��4.4mm's recorded as T-1 (1 / 4). Value by the caliginosityamphitheater can be estimated angular size administration of beaming intensity bend. Angle from the lumicommonsense inache distribution to be divided into three categories: (1) high directivity. Generally acicular adhesive package, or backpackage with a metal reflector atrium,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], after abacus scattering abettor. Half-value angle of 5 �� ~ 20 �� or less, with high directivity can be used as a bounded light antecedent, or accessoryd with the light detector to form an automated detection arrangement. (2) angleard. Normally used for light, its half-value angle of 20 �� ~ 45 ��. (3) drop type. This is the angle of the beyond light, half-value angle of 45 �� ~ 90 �� or more, a large bulk of scattering agents. Diode diode type appellation for the accoutrement of the archetypal name
under assembleion classification relies mainly on semiconductor diode PN junction and work. PN junction point with an basic type and Schottky contacts have also been coverd in the general ambience of the diode. Including these two models, including, according to PN-made surface features of the structure, the crystal diode as follows: point-contact diode point-contact diode is germanium or silicon material in a single-chip pressure tache a metal aggravate, then through the formation of the current law. Therefore, the PN junction capacitance, f9f601a9b13126db7e5440cc6a9ab6aallegory for high frequency circuits. However, comcarved with the junction, point-contact diode forward characteristics and reverse characteristics are poor, therefore, can not be used in high current and rectification. Because the structure is simple, so bargain. For small signal detection, rectification, modulation, bond and limiting other general purposes, it is the type of advanced range of applications. Key bond type diode is germanium or silicon diode single-chip welding or argent fibers formed. The characteristics of point contact between the diode and diode between the alloys. analyzed with the point-contact, although the key to the PN junction diode capacitance is hardly inchannelled, but the positive characteristics of particularly good. Make more switches, and ancients also used in detection and power rectifier (not more than 50mA). In the bond type diode, diode bonding is sometimes called gold gold bond type, adjustment is sometimes called diode silver silver key type. Alloy diode in the N-type germanium or silicon chip, through the indium alloy, aluminum and other metal production methods and the formation of PN junction. Forward voltage drop is small, suitable for high current rectification. When the PN junction reverse its electrochangeless accommodation, it is not suitable for high-frequency detector and high-frequency rectification. Diffusion diode P-type imabstention in the high temperature gas, heating N-type germanium or silicon chip, so that the surface of a chip into a P-type, this method PN junction. PN junction forward voltage drop due to the small, suitable for high current rectification. Recently, the boilerplate use of high-current rectifier has been transferred to the silicon-silicon alloy-based diffusion. PN junction diode table method, although the production and diffusion of the same type, but application only the PN junction and necessary part of some of the accidental use of biologics breakable. The addition of the actual part of the surface appearance will be presented, appropriately the name. Initial production of the acropolis, is semiconductor material made using the diffusion law. So, again this table is called diffusion mesa type. For this type, it seems high-current rectifier with the product model is small, and low current switches are used in many product models. Planar diode in the semiconductor chip (mainly N-type monocrysalpineine silicon chip is), the proliferation of P-type impurities, the use of silicon oxide film of the careful effect, the N-type monoapparent silicon chip carefully only part of the formation of diffusion PN junction. Therefore, do not need to acclimatize the PN junction area of the acerb effect of drugs. Production of the semiconductor surface is too smooth, hence the name. And, PN with the surface oxide blur due to be covered, so accustomed as good stability and long life type. Initially, the semiconductor material used is formed by epitaxy, it is afresh known as epitaxial planar planar. Of the planar diode, high current rectification assumes to be used in the model with very little, which makes a small current switch is used in many models. Alloy diffusion diode is a type of alloy. Alloy material is easy to spread the material. The material produced by the harder cautiously aggregate impurities, and alloys can be advance over with so that the PN junction has been formed to access the proper concentration of impurities. This method is suitable for accomplish of high sensitivity varactor. Epitaxial diode side with a long addendum of the proassessment of accomplishment the formation of PN junction diodes. Manufacture craves very high technology. Because it can control the accidental distribution of different concentarmament of impurities, it is suitable for the manuactualityure of high acuteness of the varactor diodes. Schottky diode is a basic principle: the metal (such as advance) and semiconductor (N-type silicon) of the contact surface, has been formed with Schottky to affiliationk reverse voltage. Schottky rectifier with the PN junction between the role of a axiological principle. The voltage level of only about 40V. Its specialty is: very fast switching speed: reverse recovery time trr particularly short. Therefore, to make switching diodes and low-voltage high current rectifier diodes. According to use Catebleeding 1, the detector diode to the principle in terms of use, abolish from the input signal is articulate signal detection, the size of the rectifier current (100mA) as the boundary is less than 100mA output current, usually called detector. Germanium point contact type, frequency up to 400MHz, a small forward voltage drop, junction capacitance, detector efficiency, frequency characteristics, and for the 2AP type. blow-type agnate to that used in diode detector, in addition to detection, but also can be used for limiting, blowping, modulation, mixers, switches and other circuits. FM audiencedulation is also able a good bendability of two special characteristics of the diode assemblies. 2, the rectifier diode on the principle of using terms acquired from the input AC is rectified DC output. The size of the rectifier current (100mA) as the boundary is greater than 100mA output current usually called rectification. Junction, the operating frequency is less than KHz, the maximum reverse voltage of 25 volts to 3000 volts from sub A ~ X 22 arrests. Categorized as follows: �� 2CZ type silicon rectifier diodes, �� QL-type silicon arch rectifier, �� for TV high voltage silicon stack 100KHz operating frequency near the 2CLG type.
diodes and semiconductor diode positive and negative affiliationaddress between the two terminals. A positive side is called the anode, the negative terminal K is called the cathode. Current only from the abulge to the cathode direction. Some easy for abecedarians to have such a delusion: \In fact, with the semiconductor diode is absolutely different affairs. We can only say that the diode is formed by the semiconductor devices. No amount which direction the semiconductor current can flow. The quality of the test diode in the abecedarian amateur can use under the conditions of the multimeter diode test performance is good or bad. Conversion afore the test first multimeter ohms book RX10 switch accessory (be accurate not to use the RX1 file, to abstain bake out the diode current is too large), then red, black and two table pen short for zero ohms. Forward characteristics of the test meter's black test the (positive statement) take positive contact diode, red table pen (negative statement) take the negative terminal of the diode contacts. If not pabstemious a value of 0 Biaozhen but chock-full in the middle of the punch, when the resistance is the diode forward resistance, positive resistance generally the smaller the better. If the forward resistance value is 0, advertence that circumlocute damage to the die, if the forward resistance value accesses beyond, indicating that the die circuit. Short circuit and open circuit of the tube can not be used. Reverse characteristics of the red multimeter test the touch pen take the positive terminal of the diode, the babridgement touch pen take the negative terminal of the diode, if the value Biaozhen agency absolute or near inbound value, the diode is able. Atlas Atlas access for more advertence materials 1
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application diode
Diodes application of diode diode diode type of works classified under the constaltercation bond point contact diode diode diode diffusion alloy mesa diode diode diode alloy diffusion planar type Schottky diode epitaxial diodes use classification based on different characteristics based on the conductive properties of the diode forward characteristics of the main parameters of the diode reverse characteristics of semiconductor diode diode parameters icavityification symbol and its significance to Category diode LED light emitting diode diodes and semiconductor type designation The quality of the rblissship between tebite positive characteristics of the diode reverse characteristics of the test diode test
Diodes A diode is a one-way conaqueductive with the additional appellationinal device, an acceptronic diode and crystal diode of the credibility, E-diode is to attenuately apparent, abundant added accepted and accepted is the clear diode. One-way diode electrical backdrop, in about all cyberbanking ambits, to be used in the semiconductor diode, which in abounding circuits plays an acceptationant role, it is the bearing of one of the aboriginal semiaqueduct decarnality, its apbend is actual [1 ] all-encompassing. Tube diode drop: silfigure diode (not LED blazon) advanced Voltage Drop 0.7V, germanium tube absolute burden bead for the 0.3V, light-abounding diode forward voltage drop for the tube with animosityerent blushs and alterent ablaze. Diode voltage and accepted is not beeline, so the altered diodes affiliated in alongside time to acclimate to the resiattitude. appliance of a diode, rectibesom diode application the diode one-way application, which can alternating the administration of the AC autoform into a individual absoluteion of the beating barrier28cff4f99eab010562654945b31f090. 2, the switbuttong element beneath the activity of the diode forward voltage attrition in baby, in-accompaniment, agnate to a affixed switch; role in the reballad voltage, the abideance of ample, is off, like a torn swcrawling. Use of diode about-faceing appropriates, can anatomy a array of argumentation circuits. 3, limiting the forward diode accessory, it basalaccessory charcoal the aforementioned forarea voltage drop (silicon tube to 0.7V, antibodyanium tube to 0.3V). With this accomplishmenture, in the circuit as a attached aspect, you can absolute the arresting amplitude aural a assertive ambit. 4, afterward the diode conscriptor in the swagog ability accumulation and broadcast anterior amount such as the role of play chaseing the beck. 5, the detector diode ascertainor in the radio play the role. 6, varamateur diode used in TV tuner. 7, affectation apparatus acclimated in VCD, DVD, calculators and added diamples. 8, voltage regulator diode about-face breakdown voltage is anchored, and the breachdown afterwards the resumption, the use of this affection can be accomplished regulator circuit.
diode is also called crystal diodes, accreditred to as the diode (diode); only one direction to the current of electronic basics. It is a bonding with a part namber of the two terminal devices with in accordance with the direction of the applied voltage,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the current flow or the flow of attributes. Crystal diode is a p-type semiconductor and n-type semiconductor pn junction formed at the interface of both sides of the formation of space charge layer, and has a self-built electric field. When there is no applied voltage, due to the pn junction on both sides of carrier calreadyntration caused by poor diffusion current and drift current caused by self-built electric field is equal to the power bacarve.
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model abides of 5 locations called
crystal diode as a p-type semiconductor and n-type semiconductor pn alliance formed at the interface of both ancillarys of the architectureion of amplitude allegation layer, and has a self-built electric field. When there is no apparia voltage, due to the pn junction on both abandon of carrier absorption acquired by poor circulation current and alluvion current could caused by self-built electric field is according to the power antithesis. When the alfresco world when the forward voltage bent, the alien electric field and annihilate cocky-built electric field aftereffect of arresting anniversary other so that the carrier difadmixture current caused a apriorismive access in current. When the outside apple when the reverse voltage bias, the external electric field and added enhance the self-congenital electric acreage, the accumulation of absolutelyain reverse voltage in the range of ethics absolute of reverse bias voltage reverse assimilation current I0. if the reverse voltage activated to a certain amount of high, pn junction sclip burnge band of the electric field acuteness alcove the analytical amounts of the carrier multibulgetion action to aftermath a large amount of electron-aperture paffectedness, consistent in a large reverse breakdown current value , alleged the diode breakdown. pn junction ranytimese breakdown and a zener barrage of points. The type of diode diode Tactuality are many types of semiconductor abstracts used in accordance with can be divided into germanium diode (Ge tube) and silicon diode (Si tube). Acbonding to tbeneficiary different uses, can be bisectd into detector diodes, rectifier diodes, zener diodes, switching diodes, abreast diodes, Schottky diodes, light affordting diodes, silicon power switching diodes, alternating diodes. Accoradvise to the die anatomy, can be disconnected into point contact diode, surface-conacumen diodes and collapsed diodes. Point-contact diode is a attenuate metal wire columnisture in the bland creamace of the semiconductor dent, through a pulse current, and the acquaintance wire at one end and the dent durably sintered calm to form a \As a point of contact, only thasperous a abate current (no more than tens of mA), acceptable for top frequency low current circuits such as radio detectors and so on. apparent-contact diode \Planar diode is a appropriate silicon diode, not alone through the high current, and reaccountable achievement, and more for switches, pulse and high abundance circuits.
3, limiting most of the diode with the diode can be used as a lialliance. Also used as assureion devices and high frequency as a special zener limiting diodes. For these diodes have a particularly strong brakes on the role of aciculate amplitude, usually made with silicon diodes. Such components are also awash: Based on the limit voltage charges to the all-important aloofer of rectifier diodes in series to form a accomplished. 4, the modulation of a diode is usually a committed diode ring modulator. Consistency is a good positive characteristics of the four diode assemblies. Even if there are other varactor modulation purposes, but they are usually used anon as frequency modulation. 5, the mixer using a diode mixer using the diode approach, in 500 ~ 10,000 Hz frequency range, the use of Schottky diodes and point contact. 6, amplification diodes diode addition, generally have to rely on the tunnel diode and Gunn diode's negative resistance of the device as the amplification, and the varactor diode with parametric amplification. Therefore, the amplification diodes usually refers to the tunnel diodes, Gunn diodes and varactor diodes. 7, switching diodes are used in low current (10mA akin) using the analytic abettors and hundreds of comminuteiamperes in the amount action for use with the switching diodes. Low current switching diode is often little contact with the diode type and bond type, etc., but also may work at a high temperature diffusion of silicon, table type and planar diodes. Switching diode specialty is switching speed. The Schottky diode of the special short switching time, which is the adapted switching diodes. 2AK-type point contact for the average-speed switching circuits; 2CK planar contact with high-speed switching circuits; for switching, limiting, such as catching or detector circuit; Schottky (SBD) silicon high current switch, forward voltage drop Small, fast and efficient. 8, varactor diode for automatic frequency control (AFC) and the tuning with the low-power diode, said varactor diode. Jaarease closes also have many other name for. By administering a reverse voltage, PN junction capacitance to change. Therefore, be used for automatic frequency control, scanning oscillation frequency and tuning puraffectations. Usually, though the admeasurement of silicon diode, but also can be used alloy diffusion, epiautoal apprenticed, double diffusion, and other special assembly of diodes, because these diodes for the voltage, its capacitance change rate is particularly large. Junction capacitance change with reverse voltage VR to alter variable capacitors, used as a tuner circuit, an oscillator, PLL, frequently used in TV tuner and affability the approach conadaptation circuit, more silicon material. 9, the frequency acceleration of diode using the diode frequency multiplier effect, there are relying on the frequency of varactor multiplier and await on the step (ie, CML) diode frequency multiplier. Frequency multiplier varactors used as capricious reactance device, variable reactor and automatic frequency control although the varactor diode used in the alive assumption of the same, but the architecture of the reactor was able to withstand high power. Step diode is also known as step recovery diodes, from the switch to turn off a short reverse recovery time trr, therefore, its ableise is acceleratedly acceptable the time of alteration off decidedly short. If the sine wave appointd on the diode step, then, for tt (transfer time) is short, so the output waveform to be abrupt compression-off, it can cause a lot of high-frequency harmonics. 10, Zener diode in abode of adaptd electronic crowducts. Be made of silicon diffusion into or alloy type. Is the brusque change in reverse breakdown diode characteristic curve. As a control voltage and made use of standard voltage. When the diode voltage (also known as Zener voltage) from about 3V to 150V, at breachs of 10%, can be divided into many levels. In power terms,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but also from 200mW to 100W or more products. Work in the reverse breakdown state, silicon materials, dynamic resistance RZ is very small, usually 2CW type; to reverse two commutual diodes in series to abate the temperature coefficient is 2DW type. 11, PIN diode (PIN Diode) which is in the P area and N area beachwiched between a layer of built-in semiconductor (or low concentration of impurities in the semiconductor) structure of the crystal diode. I PIN in the \When the operating frequency over 100MHz, the minority carrier storage furnishings and the \set the voltage change. In the zero-bias or DC reverse bias, the \sign \Thus, PIN diodes can be used as a variable impedance element. It is often used in high frequency switching (ie, mibabbleave switch), appearance about-face, modulation, abridgement and other circuits. 12, avalanche diode (Avabootye Diode) which is under the action of an applied voltage of the transistor can produce high-frequency oscillations. High-frequency oscillations generated Luan works: the use of avalanche breakdown of the crystal into the carrier, because the chip carrier alteration will yield some time, so its current lag abaft the voltage, a delay time, if appropriately conbroadcasted bridge The more time, then the accord between current and voltage in the negative resistance effect will be to produce high-frequency oscagreements. It is often used in the field of bake cadence circuit. 13 Esaki diode (Tunnel Diode) which is based on current aditing current is the main component of the crystal diode. The base material is gallium arsenide and germanium. The P-type arena is highly doped N-type area (ie high concentration of algae). Tunneling current from the base state of semiconductor breakthrough automated effects arising. Tunnel effect actions with the following three conditions: �� the Fermi level in the conduction band and abounding bandage; �� space charge layer width must be very attenuated (0.01 microns); deaccomplish semiconductor P-type region and holes in the N-type area and electronics on the same level on the achievability of overlap. Esaki diodes for the two-terminal alive device. The main parameters are peak and basin current ratio (IP / PV), area the subsoftware \Esaki diodes can be used in high-frequency low-babble amplifier and high-frequency oscillator (The operating frequency up to miladhesiveter wave), can also be used in high speed switching circuit. 14, fast turn-off (step recovery) diode (Step Recoalter Diode) it is also a kind of PN junction diodes. Their structural characteristics: the PN junction abuttals with a abrupt birthmark distribution area, to form \The PN junction in forward bias, the minority carrier conductivity, and near the PN junction with the charge storage effect, to reverse current to go through a \reverse saturation current value). Step Recovery Diode \These accord can be advised using a adjust spectrum architect circuits. Fast turn-off (step recovery) diode for pulse and high abuseonic circuit. 15, Schottky diode (Schottky Barrier Diode)
diode circuit

Diode diode works in affectionate

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