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is a duplication

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PostWysłany: Pon 18:40, 27 Gru 2010    Temat postu: is a duplication

Ministry of Civil Affairs raised by the masses
,in Keng village school
most of the staff believe that the move could lead to the loss of substantial assets funeral home. \Take 75% of the profits.
funeral home: Ministry of Civil Affairs \
new financing expansion of the cemetery is the approval by the relevant government departments? December 10, the applicant issued a notice to reporters in Xiangtan City Development and Reform Commission issued \. \
170 for a document, \, Shenzhu Ren said that the provision refers to the administration, that is,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], at all levels of Civil Affairs Bureau, Xiangtan City funeral home is a nonprofit institution, does not limit the ranks.
Xiangtan City funeral home near the cemetery of the mountain Tianfu, several workers are rattled, the hammer hits of stone, but also to step up to open a new cemetery. Li Yuan, the local villagers three fingers distant hills that the piece of land of 300 acres will become a cemetery.
cemetery civil affairs departments have been stopped, but the same as housing prices continued to rise, the city cemetery cemetery prices are rapidly rising. According to incomplete statistics, the number of Changsha City Cemetery, cemetery cemetery prices, both in front of about 50% compared with two years of gains, rose the most fierce and even turned several times.
whether the alleged breach of
Not long ago, the funeral industry by the media as one of the top ten industry profits. The industry officials said, is due to a \\
reporters in Changsha, Xiangtan and so the price of operating the cemetery, grave investigation found that the cheapest price of 1,500 yuan each,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but the general shape of the most simple single tomb, prices are 3,000 yuan, and this Several cemetery cemetery prices are basically sold out. \\
Despite the speculative behavior
contrary to government planning, is a duplication
cemetery expansion caused controversy in the local departments concerned. He Xiangtan Municipal People's Congress, said the virtual bucket, Xiangtan City has approved the construction of the scale of more than 1,200 acres of the cemetery, and put into use, the sustainable capacity of 80 million 100 years, there is no need to repeat construction in the urban area cemetery. \
funeral home as a government welfare institutions, and its cemetery supporting prices, but the introduction of 7.5 million yuan in Xiangtan City funeral private capital, the new expansion area of 300 acres of commercial and high-priced sale of cemetery graves in the local controversy.
foreign capital shares to make money?
\nearby, she said that although the cemetery land prices as high as million per acre, but the villagers do not want to sell. \
According to villagers, from the late nineties of last century, the days will continue to expand outside Fu cemetery. Suddenly the first half of this year announced a \Li Dalin villagers believe that this actually is the cemetery expansion plan, \Fu Mausoleum
stood journalists look around, fill the fields is a tomb. \person's land.
whether foreign capital management Cemetery
cemetery property development profits far more than
\11,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Xiangtan City inspectors Law Group Commissioner,\\in cash, Municipal People's Congress He told reporters that fighting imaginary, and the other five deputies have signed a letter, asked to stop illegal cemetery project. ■ reporter Liu Zhang Jing
money? Shen know admits that money is yes,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but also a great pre-investment. But one thing is clear: merchants will not do business loss.
Xiangtan Xiangtan Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau under the funeral home is a government welfare institutions, in March of this year, invested 2.5 million yuan from the museum, Hunan group of investment companies to invest 7.5 million yuan Chi jointly set up Tin Fook cemetery Limited. The two sides agreed income from the first grave belongs to 10 years from the year before and beyond the new expansion area of the existing cemetery graves more than 100 units after 10 years, the proportion of profit sharing and share the same funeral home, 25%, Hunan,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Chi group accounted for 75%.
3 million Deluxe tomb is very tight
reporter from the provincial Civil Affairs Department was informed that the funeral Authority, Ministry of Civil Affairs and the province in accordance with relevant provisions, in principle, to stop approving new cemetery, cemetery, for the construction of illegal and covert behavior seriously.
Tianfu cemetery expansion also generated internally in the funeral parlor no small controversy.
accordance with relevant state regulations,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], business sector cemetery must be independent of the funeral business, or the funeral business sector and other agencies. Xiangtan City funeral home director of the Office application to know that although foreign capital holds a 75% stake, but still the new funeral home is responsible for the operation of the cemetery.
cemetery hill close to the expansion of three schools

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