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inevitably some mixed feelings. June 3

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PostWysłany: Wto 15:47, 16 Lis 2010    Temat postu: inevitably some mixed feelings. June 3

\\China's Internet pioneers experienced many hardships, he just came out from the trail of a glory and dream of the Internet development. . \

Currently, more than 90% of the national ministries, provincial government agencies; more than 95% of the media news Web site; more than 90% of the national 211 key universities; over half of Chinese enterprises and more than hundred Four percent of the top 500 Chinese enterprises have gradually opened. \Including the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo and other major international events, are Chinese domain name to show the world the image of China. Use from the users point of view, 94.35% of Internet users that prefer to use. \
face complex technical and global coordination of common international framework agreement problems. \; from the lab to the Internet to international standards, \April 22, the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) Brief submitted on behalf of China, Traditional. \months, the Global Chinese anywhere in the world, as long as access to the Internet, you can use their most familiar and most friendly to open Chinese language Internet path.

is worth mentioning that, following the \mail can be pure Chinese. Similar to the \

\Information Centre chief scientist, researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences QIAN Hua recalled CNNIC announced the establishment of Software Park, the scene when, inevitably some mixed feelings. June 3, 1997, CNNIC official exercising state Internet Network Information Center responsibilities. Plug in the root domain name system in the world to represent one's identity, as several generations of Chinese Internet technology experts wish.
Chinese domain name is the most crucial point: \. \Because countries have different needs to consider the angle and the argument often occur. For example, if the Chinese equivalent to a character issue, and so the differences between writing for the Chinese domain name the global root set a lot of obstacles. \Win badly beaten at the meeting, and even some really outraged, are trying to find a solution, how to eliminate differences. The successful launch of the final solution to international counterparts had no idea, how fast we can unite for a similar solution to the problem provides a good example. \

on the Internet a series of influential by Chinese standards, year after year surge in the number of Internet users, CN domain name registrations jumped first in the world, & ldquo ;. China \\Can be expected that. \

glittering international stage

critical infrastructure as the Internet domain name. \And to this day, the Chinese Internet industry experts paid a decade of hard work.

After ten years of hardships, the Chinese Internet domain names of Internet experts to China to bring a sea change - Internet in China began to build their own in the world \
As of 2010, China has exceeded 400 million Internet users, is the world's Internet users than any other country, but China is not the Internet great power in the country, the Chinese Internet users are quite awkward - although the website is in Chinese, View the content is in Chinese, but as Internet-based services, domain name, that is, the address entered is in English. Solve the problem of a global Chinese language Internet CNNIC from the date of the establishment of an important mission.
difficult start

Chinese domain name
break the barrier

for the government and enterprises, the use of. \Especially for local Chinese enterprises, Chinese domain names will be their best brand on the Internet carriers to help them to increase their brand power. For multinationals, the Chinese domain names will also be beneficial to its localization strategy and Internet marketing. For example, Microsoft's English name is \

time back to March 2001, when the CNNIC behalf of the Chinese technical staff for the first time went to oceans, to the United States to participate in the 48th IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) meeting. \The most sad is not actually at the meeting of foreign experts are willing to patiently listen to a technical team of Chinese Domain Name CNNIC interpretation of the value, the kind of loneliness unspeakable frustration, and now want to come also fear. \

\\. \easy to remember and use.
now,. \October 30, 2009, ICANN 36th annual meeting, ICANN voted to adopt a \and global deployment of international applications will officially enter the fast lane. November 16, 2009, the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) in many well-known Internet companies in China on behalf of the witness and on-site support, on behalf of China officially submitted to the ICANN simple, traditional. \April 22,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], 2010, ICANN announced. \

\native users, other countries in the address bar appears like the text is garbled, not recognize it. Is not a split on the Internet it? '\In this lonely and voices of doubt, CNNIC domain experts hesitate to set foot on the long journey that can not be expected. They did not give up, but Yuecuoyueyong, the difficulties,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], let the Chinese Internet is gradually understood by the world.


a long time, ICANN's director position has been developed by the U.S. and Europe and Japan, a representative of the Internet. At that time the number of Chinese Internet users after the United States as a great power the Internet, has been in the ICANN meeting did not fully say. June 12, 2003, known as the \This is the first time into the global Internet expert highest policy making body of the management. \\Because it is not just a personal honor, but also represents China's status on the Internet significantly. Term of three years, QIAN Hua most concerned about is the Chinese name. \\thousands of people in the IETF plenary session of China on the rostrum senior technical experts and Chinese experts attending the Conference is no longer a 3 person,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but dozens, hundreds of people. Li Xiaodong, this welcome change that complacent: \\approval, and get rid of pure Chinese domain names and Internet domain name system in the world to use the technical obstacles.
to the international Internet community's concern for Chinese domain names, CNNIC joint Hong Kong, Macao has set up Internet Information Center, Federation of Chinese Domain Name Coordination (CDNC), then there is the same variant is equivalent to the problem in Japan and Korea joined, these forces caused the IETF and voice concerns, the Chinese Internet began in the world emerged. CNNIC received an invitation from the IETF the moment, opening the door to development of international standards in China.

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