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heard merely an sun by random

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PostWysłany: Pon 10:52, 28 Mar 2011    Temat postu: heard merely an sun by random

When re-bloom. After a long night, anytime you come above my gate, he ambition be written off before the object, both man and medication be served! So spare not pains apt approach, merciless humiliation.
But had it no left the right of return ventilation care prefer give me the mysteries, he immediately can merely reside Tang Jiabao, others depend on the conservation impossible to swagger around here.
Anger to the utmost, and I sneered: Tang Fei did not question,Christian Louboutin sale, merely his unwavering eyes apparently differentiated me: he will not grant me to Shunshundangdang to sell.
Instead, look calmly left the return atmosphere, heard but 1 sun at random: Meaning is not cynical,lit the apartment favor a daytime.
My eyes close, not so much ironic for it is a reminder. I am slightly Yi Zheng, does he shove me up to quit?
To the left behind blot, the air detoxification, they must be uniform Tang Fei. My instinct tells me it is quite laborious.
Under the vigilant eyes, whether left to fight back to the air and Tang Fei,Christian Louboutin sale, will eventually restore the situation to once afresh out of control. Tang Fei knows this, so he have nought to panic.
At this time the air rotated to the left back, smiled at me.
Very light very light, mixed with a dash of chilly in the gentle, this is my familiar laugh, I did not detect anyone reprove alternatively even the averaging of alarm solicitude, even now the poison does not seem to be occasioned in anyone path.
He urged me to leave, without a mistrust.
Could not bear to see away,Christian Louboutin sale, but I tin not with him in the eye.
Return wind may be left wanted me to repose ensured that he will not comprehend, at this moment, this will bring a smile plain mutual kind of anguish.
Fengying is very overbearing to the drug, once the aggression,Christian Louboutin sale, hack out the heart of osteoclasts, the afflict has additional each few minutes one hour. Poisoning even refused to end their lusty will, generally will be alive within the twelve hour killing.
It was infinite endless pain,Christian Louboutin sale, left return air would not know it.
Situation so, how should an do to be considered as correct.
I looked at him, faint heart to hear a voice saying, and then prop on,disappeared from the side ... ...
Suddenly, everything will soon be over.
Be over presently ... ... it?
Tang Fei insisted on blocking, I comprehend what he was meditative.
But he condemned to fail, because he broke and filled the decanter is not the antidote.
The real antidote is not me, but not Tang Men. In the drizzling night, my venom antidote to be closed when the air return him to the left. Once the attack of toxicity,Christian Louboutin sale, drug for of blood reflux instantly cited it.
The only problem is the drug secluded course of time, will be escaping a little slow, he at least an hour on the pain.
No matter what happens, I will not let him no antidote.
As because Tang Fei bunched up into abrasive drugs tablets, in fact, I was playing and to guide the drug modulation of pain specialist,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but do not have the ... ...
Left return air do not know, he could not watch his face,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], I perceived namely no toxicity has been ahead of attacks, but also to me premier to go free.
He is actually ready to dead silently prop out because.
Now,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], I could not mention everything.
In this case, the thought of him left lonely, a sharp pain cross my idea immediately, and continuously scattering.
Nail piercing the palm unconsciously, I lowered my eyes and looked, and finally calmly rotated on the edge of holding Bao Quan: Only allow 2 collateral mountain road twists and turns dingy,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and his gathering hurried down 9 human, Emei Golden Summit was immediately left in the brain, farther and farther. I walk in the navel who accompanied edge, so that Tang Fei Zhang Deng open in front.
If ago I not notification these But immediately I longer trust Tangfei also loath backs him.
Tang Fei roaming in the wasteland favor a wolf, bear the scars. No matter how center handling, he is forever waiting in the wings,Christian Louboutin sale, waiting for my showing amazing flaws. Although he did not absence me to die, but not let go.
Only I obtain to be foolish of his few tears, eat innumerable losses still foolishly continue while he was 1 of us.
Must beware of mind, I ambition to go back as soon as feasible later achieving asset.
The curious entity is in front of several people getting faster and faster, as hasty fair so peculiar, Daosi anxious than I do ... ...
May be too exhausted tonight,Christian Louboutin sale, some dim mind,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],Christian Louboutin sale, I found children after a while, not that they picked up speed, but the farther I slowly, gradually went at present as to keep up. Not only that, her body has not stalled in the slow to transform numb, not to advert the amuse rate is also up. Rupture of the body where as a common, air coerce common as explode water flow away continuously.
I tried to elect up the pace, I fair feel the sweat is incapable to flow down along the forehead. How's going on, is it these days forced medication to the limit? But from the pharmacological point of view, it ought also patronize at least twelve days my son.
Breathing and heartbeat are chaotic, but fortunately, it is now night, people can not see my face.
Margin of advocate seems to have accomplished the uncommon fashion, he halted, out on the palm resting on my right hand. An internal force suddenly came from the palm Chung, Chung Cheng truce, rain, turning, light a number of treads immediately.
I can not talk, only nodded to show appreciation.
However, a tiny sigh of relief,Christian Louboutin sale, whatever, the afterward moment,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], spinning, roundabout mountain road tangled into strange lines, rapidly walking towards me, in front of us and turned it into the endless black.
Trance, approached out to hold on to anything, but to touch anything flowing from that breach drain away, leaving the hands blank. Last heard was a few times yet far exclaimed.
Talking about the aroma from the darkness of far faint trace strands nothingness drifting, flying a little bit of sense to hook back on the floor, put attach shape. Left return air, Tang Fei,Christian Louboutin sale, Tang Jiabao ... ...
When I effortlessly open your eyes, eyes only Tang Fei,Christian Louboutin sale, who escorted me against the hillside.
Still black as night snapped, a lantern on the ground not distant away in the mountain breeze in the dark halo slightly shaking.
See I woke up,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], he seemed relieved, and whispered: I know this fragrance is rather Mandolin antidote. Mandolin six hour intervals rather be drugged and chronic episodes, from the time to peruse, it should be downhill in the sun when not in the contrive.
It is still Tang Fei, before the start of the contest that only he made with me Lile Li.
Together 3 annuals ago and sixth days,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], this is his third attack on me, in front of the scene is so versed.
Tang Fei and swung the light slanting face, his face very tranquility and composed. Just looked at him, my heart has been entirely chilly.
All exertions have been emptied as even could not escalator a finger, as if the body is not their own. Try conditioning in interest rates, neifu empty, my internal forces seem to vanish out of slender air. Obviously,Christian Louboutin sale, if the six hour before the Tang Fei Mandolin ning down only, then he must have been determined and some internal forces beneath the drug.
Arms seems to be empty,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], do not look at all the drugs and knew drugs were taken away by him.
No strength,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and even voice as small as mosquitoes ming, but Tang Fei clearly hear it clearly. He slightly raised his eyebrows, obviously there was something I was first inquired almost the accident: I closed the Bi Yanjing, his tone was too smooth, but disturbing:

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