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have been better.

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PostWysłany: Pon 10:54, 28 Mar 2011    Temat postu: have been better.

How will exist?
The logic namely so muscular that I spit blood,Christian Louboutin sale, and since then no to advert a human in front of her film - once and for all 'no feet birds' pretty good, if she saw cellular and eat cooked out of the 'beat up paradise and earth' ... ... I'm scared the problem is not fair spitting blood.
Then talk about the dad, the fewest our family craft cells and a sense of humor ... ...
Dad watching TV news and Go look at the videos sure apt slumber - a child I emulated him to peruse one Indian movie very surprised and asked me 'how substitutions of the actress? '... ...
Speaking of sleep,Christian Louboutin sale, but also some amusement. Usually tempered dad detested maximum namely the best time to be interrupted during sleep - even his most loved daughter, and his habit of early hours, obtain up early to make breakfast ... ... Ha ha.
But why mom is a TV freak, do no await until the TV show played out every day will not sleep! So, afterward 9 each night, mama loud sitting on the mattress watching TV, sleeping next to father snoring aloud - to transform a repertoire of our kin.
Some time antecedent my father came here, as usual,Christian Louboutin sale, not to sleep by 9 o'clock, and I closed the door of his bedroom sitting in the living apartment watching TV, bother him, the sound was quite small ... ... the results did not as a when , Dad opened the door hard with a straight face said: you rotate big points, not the TV sound, I can not sleep.
Later,Christian Louboutin sale, I processed the graph a bit, write a The so-called love,Christian Louboutin sale, is probably not it, to another character in the grinding angle and angular brims, grinding, and has transform a habit.
Well, nonsense finished. My darling readers,Christian Louboutin sale,kick Brokeback Mountain, now you can close my book, carries it to pad the table, thank you!
                          Smoke Dog Smokingdog
                          Winter 2005
      1. Name?
Wang: Wang truth,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], you inquire?
Martin: Do not you understand me? Unfortunately. (Smoke :-_-~~~~~~
2. Age?
Wang: how did you write? I forgot. (Smoke: Do you swallow does little extra than six months old ah ~ ~)
Yan: bigger than him. (Smoke :-_-~~~~~~
3. Gender?
Wang: You play it along ear,Christian Louboutin sale, how to jot adore how to write it.
Yan: like him.
4. What is your individuality favor?
Wang: passion, courage, integrity, and selfless ... ... (smoking: stop-Stop,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], stop,Christian Louboutin sale!!!) Why? I'm not achieved.
Yan: kill regardless of buried pipes. (Smoke: the ... ... called the role?)
5. Each other's character?
Wang: pert,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], yet alert, tranquilize, defect to horror ... ... (smoke: You said Yan: heartless.
King: ... ...
Yan: See me? I am telling the truth.
6. When two people encounter? Where?
Wang: quite small, I should be still my mommy inside.
Yan: like him. (Is ... ... the throne is also a stuff of truth his mother's stomach it?
7. On the additional side of the premier impression?
Wang: It should be good, right? But I consider I heard namely beat him ... ...
Yan: do not memorize. (Smoke: Of course, you never remember his bad ... ...)
8. Like each other what point it?
Wang: too many! We swallow the apartment of the house into the family the kitchen was pretty clever students have apparently articulate the mind ... ... (smoking: stop-Stop, stop!!!)
Yan: All. (Smoke: halo ... so ... you have to Xi Zi, such for gold it?)
Wang (wonder): It wants to understand why you crazy at me?
Yan: furious and this matter?
King: ... ...
9. Dislike every other point?
Wang: I can not feel old talking point. (Smoke: That is your fatuous ... ...)
Yan: no. (Smoke: and then halo ... ...)
10. You feel with the other match of the right?
Wang: good,Christian Louboutin sale! A static an push, one last see ... ...
Yan: Shut up!
11. How do you phone them?
Wang: Swallow.
Yan: Wang fact.
12. How do you hope was the other appoint?
Wang: do not acquaint you, oh ... ...
Yan: Yan Fei.
(Smoke: Why not swallow? Yan: The recent pestilence of avian flu. Smoke :-_-)
13. If the similarity of beast do you think the other is?
Wang: Swallow.
Yan: pigs. (Good instantly.)
14. If you want to give gifts to each other,Christian Louboutin sale, you will get?
Wang: good food, such for the ... ... ah, not ready already, anyhow, is to eat it. (Tobacco: You ... ... not in the retaliate that you just swallow the response is a pig, right?)
Martin: What would bring what he likes. (Smoke: When I did not ask ... ...)
15. Then you what gift you want?
Wang: What do ah, just like he sent me.
Yan: too much distress to send a gift directly to deduct it. (Halo ... ...)
16. On the other side where the dissatisfaction with it? General is the matter?
King: He does not concern of their body,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], so I am maddening.
Yan: He spoke his idea, however.
17. Your grumble is?
King: No, I erroneous with it? (Arrogant ... ...)
Yan: I'm not bad. (More haughty ... ...)
18. The other side of the mistake is?
King: his idea had surgery, minor defects, have been better. (Wang fact, you deliberately misinterpreted, right?)
Yan: too much,Christian Louboutin sale, too idle to mention. (You ... ... me dizzy ~ ~ ~)
19. What do the other things make you pessimistic?
Wang: unhappy? I must defiance ah! (Wang in fact you were bronchitis!)
Yan: irregular talk.
20. What do you do you'll make them unhappy?
Wang: I did not let him whether there is no repugnant things ... ...
Yan: no.
(Smoke: I do not mention everything ... ...)
21. You get what amplitude the relationship?
Wang: very good, like our loved ones. (Smoke :-_-~~~~~~
Martin: Relationship to normal. (I afresh and again a faint ... ...)
22. Two human is where the first date?
King: the mountain,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], grilled salamis.
Yan: It should be even earlier, do not remember.
23. At that period the two of the atmosphere like?
Wang: I am very warm, scalding very vigorously, very good to eat sausages. (You will remember this it?)
Yan: No impression. (You say a few words will be die ah?,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]!)
24. Then progress to what amplitude?
Wang: I give the premier kiss. (Called the licking eyes, OK?)
Yan: since we are yet sharing a mattress out. (Thank goodness you eventually say a few words!)
25. Often go to the dating site?
Wang: A lot of you,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], want to go where. (Ah, very romantic thing.)
Yan: they do not cost money, where does not matter. (You ... ...)
26th birthday you will do for each other variety of preparation?
Wang: flowers,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], invited him to dinner or someone.
Yan: longevity noodles. (Good institutions, good benefits, good ... ... sketchy.)
27. Is which party first confession?
King: He.
Yan: He.
Who is in the end?
Wang,Christian Louboutin sale, Yan: He,Christian Louboutin sale!
I'm dizzy ... ...
28. You have extra like each other?
Wang: I like it, like the dead. (What?)
Yan: No,Christian Louboutin sale, no measure too. (Unpredictable is what I average?)
29. So, you love each other?
Wang: Love! (Or you just 55555555)
Yan: nonsense. (Smoke :-_-~~~~~~
30. The other side say what makes you think Mozhe?
King: He said what I have Mozhe.
Yan: No, not attempted. (White flag, you are strong ... ...)
31. If there is a alteration of heart that the other suspect, how would you do?
Wang: ask ah. (No surprise you're forever scolded ... ...)
Yan: ... ... (smoke: The swallow will be very sorrowful about it? Khan ... ...)
32. Change of center you can excuse each other?
King: No,Christian Louboutin sale! I would have beat that human Mandizhaoya,Christian Louboutin sale! (Smoke: Which one? Wang: of lesson, defiance to swallow that seduce our family, I fight with him!)
Martin: Do not understand ... ... may be it. (Smoke: troubled ... ...)

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