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For the siege of fugitive mother hostage kidnappe

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Dołączył: 22 Paź 2010
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PostWysłany: Pon 4:28, 25 Paź 2010    Temat postu: For the siege of fugitive mother hostage kidnappe

\hiding place, a more blatant provocation, \Dafeng Police followed him to start \The irony is that pursuit of the process, seeing able to escape, and the fugitive cornered, repeated jumping farce staged in an attempt to force the police spared. Police adopted piecemeal, October 20 night, successfully capture these fugitives.

fugitives to challenge an open challenge to the police

day in early August this year, Dafeng City Public Security Bureau, 110 phone rings, then police officers quickly pick up the phone, over the phone the strange man said with a defiant tone: \Dafeng commercial street, you have the ability to do a good job of. \
police immediately investigate the phone number and found that the telephone lines of a telephone booth public telephone city. After checking telephone records and found that this man was the police hunt for the million online Lin Jian.
million theft Lam Kin has repeatedly dealt with by public security agencies to fight. In the \take more than 10,000 yuan of property. Dafeng City Public Security Bureau after the million online Lam Kin as fugitives in a nationwide hunt.
Dafeng Police continuous tracking more than two months in mid-October, the police learned that Lam Kin-million home has slunk. The night of October 20, Dafeng City Public Security Bureau 110 command center command prompt Lam Kin Fung million police station to carry out arrests.

actually want to be around when the kidnapped mother hostage

9 o'clock that night, the police rushed to the Wan Fung Lam Kin-station home, sent letters blocked the front door and back door, the police knocked on the million lights of the East room window. Million, the mother of a healthy forest is the voice of a stranger, her guard, and outside the police beat about the bush, interrupt, and to the East Room of the lights off. At this time, outside the police heard rapid footsteps running towards the direction of the second floor, this person should be a million to determine forest health, the mother opened the door in the ordered million, quickly rushed to the second floor of arrest.
when the accident happened. Lam Kin-million barrier on actually standing on the second floor, threatening police and then a step forward, he will suicide. Police advised him down and have something good about, but the emotional Lam Kin million, requiring police retreated to the house, or jump immediately. For safety reasons, police temporarily retreated to the house, million home immediately shut the door.
After a child, Wan Lam Kin shouted again, to take the knife to his mother. Police asked him to take a kitchen knife to do. Wan Lin Jian said to be kidnapped mother hostage. Police warned him not to anything stupid out loud, or peril. Lam Kin-million abandoned the idea, but took a ladder from the second floor platform, quickly climbed to the second floor roof, surrounded by police retreated to blackmail all of 30 meters outside the home, or immediately jump. To prevent accidents, the police meet the requirements million forest health.
without a fight:

negotiations to persuade experts engaged in small talk under the

emotional for Lam Kin million at any time to make radical moves may be the case, police arrested change strategy, send a negotiation expert, negotiating with the million forest health, the psychological warfare.
negotiation experts understand the million from the side first, Lam Kin's are thinking, and then engaged in small talk with him, help him take the initiative to release emotions, relieve psychological stress, and by the facts and legal principles, by means of common sense about a decrease of forest health on arrest million confrontational. Police in the negotiations more than two hours of persuasion and education, the Wan Lam Kin gave up the idea of resistance to the initiative from the roof down, open the door without a fight.
upon examination, Wan Lin Jiancheng recognition, he openly called the Public Security Bureau does have provocative means, but really did not expect the police eye. Seeing that escape does not go, he jumped to his repeated staged, to the chopper farce, an attempt to force the police spared.
present, Wan Lam Kin Dafeng City Public Security Bureau has been under criminal detention. (The paper alleged offender is not his real name)

correspondent reporter in Yingjie Wei Lou

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