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Chen Sheng shouted

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PostWysłany: Pon 11:29, 10 Sty 2011    Temat postu: Chen Sheng shouted

. Can they not care so much at once full cry, let them stop the assault Sen demon. Because every second, there are hundreds of forest demon continues to fall.
    Sen has long been the red demon's eyes, and some have seen the demon of old moving Ji have stopped, but there are still more forest demon then the impact of suicide.
    \React to those already of old demon who also followed him cry. In this way, suicide assault gradually stopped.
    However, it is that among the short period of time, in this breath of life had filled the great forest, has left more than twenty thousand old forest demon's body.
    Chen Long Ao no charge issued an order freezing his eyes always moving the body in the JI.
    Charge did not let his men, not because of his negligence. Twenty thousand of old demon's body, as the wall has blocked the extinction of Army general way. And, for him, there is no war bullish those of old demon is simply not a problem. Want to kill them, just little things only. The number of sixty thousand, far enough for his immediate concern extinction Legion soft.
    Only Ji move, only that his real fear was the police, then when the fight was a hit, he looked Ji H is moving into the air, may have a keen sense Longao Chen, the young man suddenly appeared simply not injured. He is only just repulsed by their own. Moreover, under the blow to Yang to the state into the thermal properties of the magic of his body, despite the fact he was a huge wooden magic extract eight crown, but the perception of property and suppression of painful. The blow, it can be said to be two evenly divided.
    Chen Longao the most to worry about is moving Ji wings behind the pair of open mouth that is moving Fung Mo Ji snakes change. If, before he left there to grasp the moving words of JI, which more than double wings, moving Ji was much greater chance to escape the.
    Ji eyes have been gradually moving into a blood red, which the body of a demon with a sum that has been completely dyed the forest,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], all that he filled with anger. Anger, his body trembling unconscious. A Unit of violent atmosphere, constantly gushing out from him.
    Since coming to this world, he has never received such immediate anger as before. Genocide, the words, even in a previous life, he only heard of it. , Right now, but clearly the show in front of him. If they re-late to step in front of the tens of thousands of forest demon, I'm afraid no one can live. Mori and more in the next demon will be these human killing.
    Human beings, as lord of creation, the most intelligent creatures, are there other ethnic violence wins the power to survive it? No, never.
    Luka Er blood red eyes fell upon,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], like a squeezed out from between his teeth,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], full of awe-inspiring voice came cold, \Eagle Chamber of Commerce, completely destroyed, erased from this world, man vow. \He does not know Chen Wei, but know Luka Er, he did not know the immediate extinction of the Golden Eagle Chamber of Commerce Legion is not a part of all of the anger has focused on the natural body in the Golden Eagle Chamber of Commerce.
    Even if it is used to see the extinction of killings and death knights, Ji moving to hear the voice can not help feeling a kind of shudder, Chen Longao held the hands of Dragonlance Wang, Chen Sheng shouted: \. \The rapid spread of extinction a thousand knights,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the same holding hand guns, a rapid expansion of scope. They did not want to control those forest demon, but the rapid formation of ... a big circle, surrounded by faint moving the JI in the center, each person raised his hand guns, pointing to the sky Ji move.
    Luka Er with him, quietly withdraw to the outer ring, waiting for the opportunity to move Ji Strike. Among the core space to move and left the Ji Chen Longao two people. The fire and wood, the tyrant and the extinction of Mars relative to each other,Dirk Meyer said, at this moment, they look only to each other.
    Fastest-growing small update
First episode of Yin Yang Magic Dragon Master chapter two hundred and nineteenth thorn extinction
    Dragonlance negative piece that gap Longao Ji hands moving, watching the action in the eyes flicker of color Ji, with his infant escape the madness of war rising, and violent atmosphere, and he knows that war is inevitable. Only the immediate destruction of the young man here, and then killing a demon all the forest air, to avoid all the trouble.
    Unit intended to kill a sharp Chen made him burst in from out straight into the sky and enveloped the body moving to the JI, jade dragon lizard is also Secretary to ascend like glaucoma eye-catching, strong stout legs apart, into squat-like, steady as a rock. A wooden body radiates out of magic

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