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cervical syndrome

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PostWysłany: Sob 13:09, 18 Gru 2010    Temat postu: cervical syndrome

various sick
in the above survey, migraine is also accounted for a large part of the share, up 35%. The so-called recurrent migraine is a throbbing headache, is a large number of headache types \span> . Often before the onset of the flash, blurred vision, numbness and other threatened, but may be associated with neurological, mental dysfunction. Its a gradual deterioration of the disease. Institute of decompression, regular exercise, to ensure sleep, refused to reverse the twilight, regular exercise shoulder strength, which will reduce to some extent, the probability of incidence of migraine.
finished this topic, we are very hard game to practitioners, but also my sincere hope that those interested in the game industry brothers and sisters can take good care of his body, adjust their daily routine, in a healthy The premise, as we bring more exciting game masterpiece.
suffering from stomach also followed up a large proportion of 35.9% . stomach problems are common clinical acute gastritis , chronic gastritis , ulcer , duodenal ulcer , stomach and duodenal ulcer compound, gastric polyps , stomach stones , stomach tumors, to prepare for the launch of 16 languages, as well as mucosal prolapse , acute gastric dilatation , pyloric obstruction and so on. long irregular diet, it is easy to produce more of these symptoms. Therefore, we should develop a reasonable system of rest and eating habits, proper rest, smoking and alcohol consumption, coffee and tea is disabled.
only 30% the work in accordance with normal time
survey, as usual is not time to eat, often overtime,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], irregular life, resulting in the production of many diseases.
second is easier to get the mouse hand, the crowd in the survey, people with this disease accounts for 39.1% .
is cervical spondylosis which topped the list, accounting for 56.4%.
\span> carpal tunnel syndrome \, the main index and middle fingers can cause pain and stiffness, numbness, helplessness and thumb muscles. Modern long hours every day more and more people contact, use computers, most of these online ethnic repeated every day typing on the keyboard and move the mouse, the wrist due to long-term intensive, repeated and excessive activity, resulting in muscle or wrist joint paralysis, swelling, pain, cramps, so the disease quickly become a increasingly common diseases of modern civilization. It was the hand injury that is different from the traditional group of symptoms known as \Broadly speaking, all because of using the mouse caused by upper limbs (arms, wrists, hands, fingers) shall not apply, they should call or mouse, mouse hand injury, in addition to the above-mentioned symptoms of the fingers of the hand, shoulder or neck also included Department of discomfort, fatigue, acid wrist and forearm up, wrist stiffness, palm sour. In the study, doctors found that the higher the position of the mouse, the greater the damage to the wrist; mouse, the farther the distance from the body, the greater the damage to the shoulder. Therefore, the mouse should be placed in a lower position, this position is equivalent to sitting under the upper arm perpendicular to the ground when the height of the elbow. The location of the keyboard should be almost identical to this. Many computer desks are not the exclusive location of the mouse, the mouse on the table so that long-term, damage to persons self-evident. mouse and the distance from the body because of the mouse on the table while also widening in this area by the force of long-term burden on the shoulder and elbow, wrist, neck and shoulder syndrome, which is leading one of the reasons. The angle between upper arm and the predecessor to maintain 45 degrees below, when the distance between the body and the right mouse, such as too far to the forearm with upper arm and shoulder with the forward, can cause joints, muscles remain tense. elevated chair can also be anti- \very difficult position, keyboard and mouse can have on the desktop, and then swivel increased. Desktop relatively lower, it shortens the distance between the body and the desktop. place the mouse using the scientific method, it will greatly reduce the \> The incidence of risk, so that each office workers often sit in front of the computer easy and pleasant to do their work.
One of the most serious to the number of cervical disease, mouse, hands,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], stomach problems and migraine headaches,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], among those participating in the survey, nearly one-third had associated diseases, can be described as the game industry deserved, \.
超过 60% people stay up all night every week
cervical syndrome, also known as cervical spondylosis, is cervical osteoarthritis, hypertrophic cervical inflammation, cervical nerve root syndrome, cervical disc herniation in general, is a kind of degenerative diseases based on pathological changes. A long period of sitting still, most likely to lead to cervical problems, experts said inappropriate job, lifestyle, more and more young professionals caught early, cervical problems. Cervical people not only seriously affect the quality of life,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], can also lead to swallowing disorders, visual disturbances,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], neck hypertension, chest pain, and cataplexy or lower limb paralysis. \\> summer in air-conditioned room, pay attention to the shoulder and neck warm.
survey shows that 40 hours a week (normal) and only 29.6% of people, working 48 hours per week (weekends) for 35.9%,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], working 56 hours per week (weekends consecutive overtime) for 19.3% more than 70 hours per week (usually work overtime, weekends without a break) and 11.2%, and more than 80 hours per week (usually the depth of overtime, weekends rest) for 4%. They sacrificed a lot to work their rest time.
survey shows that only 37.3% do not stay up all night, staying up late one day per week was 19.5%, staying up late two days a week for 15%, three days a week for staying up 6.4%, stay up late more than three days per week 21.8%. These data show that these games are often practitioners working around the clock.

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