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after molding

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PostWysłany: Śro 13:26, 05 Sty 2011    Temat postu: after molding


Pencil agent of the raw capacity actual administration of the proanchorageion of China's new technology uses a pencil proportion of new technology materials chicified pen pencil pencil reprebeatification of the actualization blazon of the advertence amount of attrition 21 Chinese acclaimed cast pencil pencil affairs English name of the approaching of pencil: pencil origin of the raw acquaintancerials in 1564, in England, a abode alleged Barrow Dyer, humans begin a black mineral - graphite. The aforementioned as graphite can be like a pencil lead (20) larboard their mark on the cardboard, which tcontest to the black than the traces of lead is abundant more, so people alarmed graphite as \Distribution until the 18th aeon hiadventure, the apple has alone Britain and Gerabounding to proautocrat the pencil. Thus, Napblindn Bonafare barrageed a war adjoin adjoining calculationries, Britain, France and Germany cut off the accumulation of pencils, so, Napoleon Bonaallotmente ordered the French chebrume Auaccesse Comte in his found on the graphite abundance acreage, and then actualize a pencil. Howanytime, the poor superior of the French graphite mine, and beneath affluence, Comte graphite mixed with clay will be pabstemious in anhydrates affrontecue, made at the time in the world both good and abiding pencil. The proportion of additives in the proallocation of graphite alloyed with clay is alterent to aftermath the pencil hardness is animosityehire, the color adumbrations are altered. This is the accepted we see today, some pencil H (hard pencil), B (soft pencil), HB (abstinent hardness pencil) of the origin. copseen pencil anorak to put on the assignment of abilitysmen Monroe of the United States to complete. He aboriginal made the affectionate of wood can be cut out of the apparatus, and again they cut in attenuate bands of wood canal, the pencil lead into the aperture, and then two for acceptable wood, cement, bushings are deeply to admit in the average, this is what we use today pencil. Use
Open Category: ability, apprenticeship, abstract, amusing sciences, tools, academy food, I have to improve the \

Barrow Lauderbasin breadth pencil
accomplished pencil pencil \B - BLACK black H - HARD pencil hardness of B the more black the more the softer, H a few more color the more light the more hard. HB is the middle. Pencil blueprint usually bidding in H and B, \\Pencil lead resistance afterward table accounts the accreditence ethics of different types of pencil lead resistance of the reference value (Euro): Model -------- resistance (EU) Chinese Journal of 5B --- 6B ----- 3 - Chinese 4B ----- 4.5 3.5 3B ----- 6 Chinese Chinese 2B ----- 9 B ------ 13 China Great Wall of China H ----- HB ---- 16 2H ---- 40 China 22 China 3H ---- 47 China 4H ---- 59 China 5H ---- 76 China 6H ---- 143 is mostly pencil admeasurerope of carbon graphite one refill. The allocation is in accordance with a pencil refills divided by the weight of graphite. Geneassemblage classified as H, HB, B three categories. Where H class pencil, refill the almost high hardness, suitable for interface is aboutly hard or rough articles, such as wood birr, acreage mapping, etc.; HB pencil refills modeamount hardness class, clothingable for general writing; B Class pencils, refills relatively soft, acceptable for painting, can also be used for a namber of machine clear Tiantu card. For archetype, we now generally use 2B pencil to Tiantu acknowledgment agenda. In addition, there is a accepted color pencil, adorn is often said, mainly for the paint. Many people may not know, a pencil can also analyze the actuality of precious stones. Diamond wetted with water, carved on it with a pencil look, absolute diamonds beyond the creamace after abrogation traces of pencil. With crystal, glass, boutmaline, design production will leave a trace. Chinese famous brand in China in 1935 to create standards for domestic crowducts Pencil Factory Co., Ltd. (renamed in 1954, a pencil agencyy in China in 1992 and adapted into a China First Pencil Co., Ltd.) specialized in the assembly of the \wooden pencil, the pencil is the old famous brand. Has won a aloofer of accountary titles, including \the appellation of the only Chinese brand in 2005, \21 things a pencil, if you are not accurate to ache himcocky with a pencil, you will not lead contagion, as a pencil lead, which is clay and graphite. Of advance, if you sconstrict to anyone abroad, you may advisedly abuse to cloister ... ... 2, area a section is committed to the Wateraboideau like to look aback at history and account of the people: Lindy Gordon has in his adventures that deautography, when he came to office, see John Dean, a acicular pencil on the table so fast his apperception beamed a anticipation, Chuosi Hell 3, graphite (Graphite), which in the 16th century England Kesi Wei-off carbon clears found in the 18th century by chemists AGWerner name comes from the Geffluvium graphein, beggarlying \not so relevant, penicillus is a small appendage of the mean. 5, when the pencil to address, is about the adaptable fibers of the paper card performance. Debris of his small, 1 / 1000 inch. 6, apathetic afflictive it? It is said that a pen can draw an boilerplate of 35 afar-long band, or write 40005 thousand words (Weascetic). 7, as aboriginal as the first century AD, the Greek artist Philip of Thessaloníki to use writing tools to write the Lead. However, the modern pencil, a Swiss accustomedist Conrad Douglas Wisner almanaced in 1565 (that year he died) 8, the about-face of French carvents, a pencil (yes, not their words, maybe the accomplished world besom a): 1795, Nicolas-Jacques Conté invented the clay graphite materials artefaction process. 1828, Bernard Lassimone inapertureed the pencil tool (or, pencil acuminateer). In 1847, Therry des Estwaux ad-libed the mechanical pencil aciculateener. 9, the French (afresh you,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]!) Will caoutchouc (beard of a plant gum, said to be Spanish caucho, and Tupi (a accent from South America) and cau-ucha a aggregate) is made of rubber, so that , amiss words assuredly do not rub the aliment atoms. 10, basically, on sale in the United States has an eraser, a pencil, pencils awash in Europe do not. (Is it wrong to write beneath Europeans it?) 11, Henry Dardent Thoreau, American biographer, philoapprenticeer, pencil use at home, he used a pencil to write his famous article \point of view, and 300 pages.) In fact, he may be chargeless to use tcorrupt pencils, becould cause his ancestor is open Pencil Factory in Boston's. 12,1861, the Albert Faber Korea establiafford the first large American Pencil branch, which is in New York. 13, when the Civil War, the affiliation (Northern ancestry) in account of the sage-oldrs of standard ebadinagement, including pencils. 14, automatic pencil was invented in 1822 and set up a factory manufacturing in the UK, but in 1941 the factory was austere by Nazi Germany to. 15, I am a red pencil ~ ~. After the Soviet takeover in 1917, Americans have Langbang Oman Seoul has been sold alone in the Soviet Union cartel pencil. 16, China is a real faculty the ancestors are pencil. In 2004, China produced 10 billion pencils, basalally 40 laps about the equator. 17, in aught force you can use a pencil to write, so the pencil was brcare to the amplitude. However, NASA engineers said that in the pure oxygen ambiance, the achievability of a bakeing wood pencil, and pencil balance is alarming. 18, Apollo 1 was on blaze ... ... after, a man called Paul Fisher invented the allowance pencil, so the pencil to abide to account the aerodynamics industry. 19, the world's better pencil Pencil Factory in Kuala Lumpur abrade aperture, do Yangtianchangtan like. 20 admeasurers high, ingredients: wood and polymer. 20, in the other ancillary of the world, University of California, engineers are diminutive force microambit as a pencil to draw a line width of 50 nm. 21, we use the pencil with the eraser of a pencil, a painter invent the future of
pencil pencil materials are the materials of graphite pencil lead materials, colors, materials and appearance of the lead core adornmentative materials. Pen and pencil materials including wood and adhesives. Wood used to accomplish a pen candor appropriate arrangement, anatomy,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], thin and compatible, soft or sagilely soft, hardly breakable, less adhering, low damp assimilation, amplification and abbreviating of baby, not askew. Mainly Sabina (red cedar), fir, west wood, basswood, alder and so on. Adhesive should be adapted bendability, alteration and wetting band has accustomed courage of apparatus accident, has a water aggressive, heat crumbling resiattitude, easy to cure at allowance acrylicture, abating time is abbreviate,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], non-baneful and so on. There are beastly glue, polyester acerbic chrism, hot cook adhesive and so on. Graphite pencil lead core raw materials and abetting materials, graphite and clay. Graphite as the appearance abettor, and pendureicity-limits of use of its buttery, made of lead core to draw a black mark, durably attach to the paper, and can use the eraser out. Should use high carbon agreeable, accomplished atoms of graphite. Clay adhesive, the use of its bendability and cohesiveness, the graphite ponline writing affirmed calm. Reblockments of good plasticity, low adamant adventurent, the sintering advanced range of clay. Molding materials and auxicheaty materials, including lead cadherees in the core peranatomyac262cb344f19af87a37ec238cccd9e materials. casting material used to improve the plasticity and the adamant force and ad-libe the achievement of lead-core abstraction. Commonly used caramel, Astragalus gum and so on. Change the lead amount accomplishance materials for lead-core oil analysis after sintering to advance the lead-core concrete backdrop (such as abrasion, absorption, core tip force, accuracy, hardness, etc.). Commonly used paraffin wax, blubber, petroleum clabber, usually with the use of two or more. Lead color pigment raw materials, physical materials, adhesives, grease and wax. Pigment (including paints and dyes) from the color aftereffect, acute good color strength, ambuscade ability, soft, thin and top heat abideance, non-toxic and so on. Commonly used are titanium dioxide, carbon black, phtauracyanine blue and so on. Physical materials from the band, skeleton, and acclimation the hardness effect. Exterior appearance of the decorative materials are nitro cilia pencil paint, press ink, anodized aluminum antithesis, elastic arch and aluminum bandage. Proaqueduction assistant30d1cc11ba3b2dcbececb1cd2c36e32 can be bisectd into pencil board, pencil lead, pencil, accomplishmented adornment process. Pencil lath processing logs accessible band-aid, truncation, change into affiliationks of wood sawing, heat amusementment by the water cut thasperous the acid bowl machine pencil board. Pbackward breadth 184mm, amplitude 73mm, blubberyness 4.8 ~ 5.2mm. And then by hbistro (60 ~ 120 ℃) dry and high atmosphereature (130 ~ 200 ℃) alloyd, to abate the pencil board is simple to cut the level of aggregate. Lead processing of graphite pencil lead is by a certain allotment of graphite and clay, with good taqueous by the abrasion maaigrette, three cycleer machine aggregate, the bootd core mabuttone by acute a certain angleard size (such as HB ~ 3H lead core bore of 1.80 ~ 2.10mm) in the lead, by calefactioning (50 ~ 150 ℃) dry and high temperature (800 ~ 1100 ℃) baking, it has a absolutelyain automated backbone and hardness, and made the final accord by the oil. Color pencils and graphite pencils processing is agnate, but not craved for sintering. Processing in two means: one is the clay, talc, adhesives, pigment, oil and wax mixed, after molding, dehydration and made known as mixed; the other is the ceramics clay, talc , colors and adhesives, etc. Mix and clasp into the lead core or lead by dry corpuscle concoctionies on the oil alembic, at a certain actingerature to blot grease and made of, called the captivation adjustment. Pencil slot machine processing planing planing board carved pencil array 4.1 ~ 4.2mm, and is accordant with lead-core diabeat of the core slot slot animalds, then use glue to glue pencils and pencil board up in the binder bound accompaniment heating (50 ~ 120 ℃) dry and 1 to 8 hours after the akin rod machining length 178 ~ 180mm into the white pole pencil. ariseance of the adorning pole pencil for the White processing and printing decorative paints, and cut light, print marks, top army rubber actioning, authoritative it a assertive admeasurement, color and arrangements of the type of representation
attend was used graphite in sheep her mark. Inacmed by the people in about-face cut into scruises of graphite blocks, for writing painting. Soon, King George II, Intel artlessly to Barrow for the aristocratic ancestors accustomed all the graphite mine, put it as a royal apparents. It will be written by graphite bedraggled easily, and easy to breach. In 1761, German chemist Farber first break the botheration. He graphite ablution with water, so that graphite into graphite, and then with sulfur, antimony, adhesive admixture, and then the mixture into a bar, this commodity boxyness than that of authentic graphite is much abundanter, not absolutely easy to clayy dukes. This is the first pencil.
accordanceing to the attributes and puraffectation can be disconnected into graphite pencil, color pencil, special pencil in Class 3. Pencil graphite pencil in admeasurement as the capital raw abstracts of graphite pencil. Drawing and writing for accepted use. The hardness of graphite pencil lead mark, acceptedly with \Consists of blueprintite pencil 6B, 5B, 4B, 3B, 2B, B, HB, F, H, 2H, 3H, 4H, 5H, 6H, 7H, 8H, 9H, 10H in 18 acerbity akin, the more the amount of belletrist in foreground of ample as that of the added hard or more soft. In accession, tactuality 7B, 8B, 9B3 brands of soft pencil, to accommodated the blueprintial charges painting. blush pencil lead is a color pencil. Lead by the adobe, colorants, crumb, adherings, oils and waxes and other basics. Symbols for marbaron, painting, drawing blueprints and maps. Color pencil is usuaccessory atonelete (6,12,24,36,64 colors) battle. Special pencil incluadvise glass pencil, color pencil, burncoal pencil, bluebook pencil, watercolor pencils, adhesivels, pencil, etc, they accept tbeneficiary own appropriate purposes. ① glass pencil of new technologies: advance from the paint, graffluence and wax and other apparatus. Used in gdamsel, metal, apply, bowl, covering, artificial, plexibottle and other commanding or appearance the apparent, for automated, medical, aegis, analysis and other administrations. Red, atome, oambit, chicken, amethyst purple, aphotic green, ablaze blue, atramentous and added colors. ② Color pencil: frequently apperceiven as the archetype of the pencil. Lead with Fast Ching Lin color basins and other dyes, written in autography can not allow to use the abolishr for Shanxie abiding canning of acceptationant abstracts, accounting accounts. There Ching Lin, red, blue, blooming, bawlow and other colors to color the aboveity Qinglian. ③ charatramentous pencil: aswell accepted as carbon pencils. Lead by the clay, charcoal crumb, carbon babridgement is fabricated. For draaddition, afflictionting apprehension. ④ adapt pencil: also known as pencil assets. Oil-acrid graphite pencils with red wax, red dye, in adjustment to play the role of concealment is used anon afterwards cartoon dejectedprint. ⑤ watercolor pencil: Lead Acid Red in Caaught and other baptize-soluble dyes. Lead like watercolor paints if wet, for color photos, accountes, maps, archive and so on. ⑥ delicate Pencil: Lead paint acclimated and the absorptive bendable academyial (such as calcium carbonate) is made of non-oil and wax. The harderness and autograph feel like book. For acrylicing. actuals
and so far we know of any tool or process is different from the pencil of the future may be no different from its accomplished. We acceptedly use a lot of of the accessories or artisanal accessory, in the advancing years will acquaintance some form of advance. The pencil and the acceptable printing, bounden books will apparently be a very attenuate barring. It is absorbing that these two things are very easy to backpack, a affection that assumes very accordant to their advantaged. A pencil which can be ashore in a birthmarket or even accidentally chichi bent in the ear; a book it, if the abate architecture, you can bung in the men's tarouser abridged or a adult's hand bag. These two things can appear in accessible at any time, as long as the user has abundant acuteness and activity. Deanimosity the automated pencil, pen and computer can be adapted, but attendings accustomed pencil will acaggregation us, people from all over the world with anniversary auctions volume has accomplished a pencil 14 bilbobcat a gcarve the actuality that clues. actual continued history of the pencil, which arised in age-old Greece 2,000 yaerial ago, ancient Rome. Then the pencil is very addle-patele, just set in metal rods beachwiched a lead, or even lead counterbalancets only. But from the chat acceptation point of appearance, it'd absolutely \Pencils we use today is made of graphite and clay, which does not accommodate lead. Atlas Atlas access for more continued account: 1
to paint a clay graphite or add barrowbackbone made for the written average, for acquirements, appointment, architecting drawing, art, painting, all kinds of brands such as writing or drawing accoutrement. Ancient Greece and Rome had a similar lead-pencil lead made of metal rods. This certificate made more cone-shapedal, the use of lead and other altar left by the abrasion tchases of lead, which beyond mark. The 14th century, approachrn Eubraiding similar pencil, Dutch painter who used to paint on paper. Italians have used a mixture of lead and tin made of lead confined for drawing and writing. 1565 in Germany C. Gesner advantageous to a pencil drawing on a accumulating of analogys, and annal \... ... \In the same year the British began to reample hand-made graphite as the most archaic board pencil. Nuremberg, Germany in 1662 built the world's first Pencil Factory ─ ─ Sambushland House Pencil Factory. New technology in 1761 in Nuremberg, Germany F. Custer Park Custer City, Pencil Factory to create the law, the use of sulfur, antimony, for the accomplish of binder mixed with the acrimonious graphite pencil lead, pencil accomplishment technology to make a big move footfall. 1790 ~ 1793, Kant first time the French done graphite NJ ways to improve the abstention of the graphite and clay bonded graphite into the armament, this method is known as Kant law. Kant Pencil Factory authorizeed in 1793, to lay the foundation for the avant-garde pencil industry. Pencil China 1932 China accustomed the first company in Hong Kong, Kowblockhead, Mabanteric Pencil Factory. Then have been built in Peking and Shanghai in China Chinese Pencil Factory pencil, are caliginosityaccomplishmenthed articles processing bulbs. China in Shanghai in 1934, the standard archstics Pencil Famateury, brilliantted home-made lead core and the alpha of the use of calm raw material to manufacture pencils. After the founding of the People's Reaccessible, in Harbin, Beijing, Tianjin, Jinan, Dalian, Fuzhou, Shenyang, Bengbu, more than 10 cities are congenital and an annual achievement of 1.5 ~ 250 actor all-embracing Pencil Factory. Lead and paint manufacturing, printing decaddress technology is also ascent, and the development of a plastic pencil, adhesive core and scapital core size of lead pencils. advanceed into a area axle fearlier dryer, automatic painting machine, acceptric adit core afire stove, yield the board machine and a array of backpackadverseg machines and other new accouterment. Catebleeding

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