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500 megapixel camera phones into the mainstream o

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Dołączył: 22 Paź 2010
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PostWysłany: Sob 5:49, 23 Paź 2010    Temat postu: 500 megapixel camera phones into the mainstream o

Samsung i909

reference price: 5680 yuan

main screen: 16 million color AMOLED display, 4.2 inches

Dimensions: 64.2 × 123 × 10.79mm, 85cm3

camera: 500 million pixel CMOS sensor

Available colors: Black

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not recommended


wait and see

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phone has a camera is nothing new, but after recent years of development, the performance of camera phones is also rising. Built-in camera phones by the first 10 million pixel, 30 million pixels to today's 500 million pixels, or even millions of pixels. At the same time auto focus, face recognition, image stabilization, smile camera functions such as the rich have gradually become the mainstream camera phone functionality. Terms of the current mobile phone, whether from the pixels in the camera or function have been to replace the card entry into a more portable camera and take pictures weapon.
known megapixel camera for taking photos can only be determined by the size and photo quality are not the sole criterion for the decision, so the current major mobile phone manufacturers have already started the pursuit by the simple pixel camera parameters to a more gradual transition Good image processing effects and a rich practical camera function, is indicative of vendors and users are out of the previous \This makes the mainstream of the current high-end mobile phone market with 500 million pixels large only camera, but pictures already taken out of daily life can meet the demand, or go out to play.
seeing holiday is coming November, I believe many of my friends have plans to go out to play, alone can not help bring the camera a bit too cumbersome, we might consider good results for a cell phone camera counterparts. Xiao Bian on for everyone today, collecting the excellent performance of several pictures at the same time in other areas also has a very good performance of the mobile phone, interested friends may pay more attention.
Samsung SPhone i909 (parameters offer picture forum software)
Price: 5680 yuan

Samsung launched SPhone Series models can be described as is the current in all aspects of performance are called the flagship The Android smart phones. 4.0 inches Super AMOLED display and data processing and graphics capabilities are called the most powerful processor is the Samsung S5PC110 the machine to become the strongest performance of the current phone models. The performance of such a flagship camera phone of 500 megapixel autofocus camera, but the camera effects are assigned on an absolute identity of its flagship, which was enough to escape the current mobile phone manufacturers have \.

Samsung I909 Click image to view detailed information

in appearance, the Samsung I909 Android machines nowadays widely used full-touch design, but no lack of Samsung's own style, the aircraft measurements size 122.4 × 64.2 × 9.9mm, the fuselage is very thin, weighing only 118 grams, is equipped with a 4-inch Super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 800 × 480, is still very good display, large capacitive touch screen, operate more convenient. Samsung I909 in the camera is equipped with a 500 million pixel camera with auto focus and LED flash, and 720P HD video shooting, the body also provides a front facing camera, video call feature.

Samsung I909 Click image to view detailed information

in performance, the Samsung I909 using Android 2.1 system, built on the current performance of the most powerful mobile phone market Samsung S5PC110 frequency up to 1GHz processor, and equipped with 512MB RAM and 512MB ROM, the overall configuration very strong, so powerful configuration, the aircraft's smooth sense of doubt. As a flagship model, the aircraft business and entertainment features are abundant. China Telecom, the unique custom features dual card dual standby to better meet the users to use multiple phone numbers and the needs of carriers, in addition to the aircraft also provides GPS navigation, WiFi access, FM radio and other features to support DivX decoding multimedia and mDNIe technology.

Samsung I909 Click image to view detailed information

Samsung I909 no doubt become the flagship model of the current Android system, configuration is very tough, it appears to will lead to other manufacturers introduced more high-end Android phones. The real benefit of mobile phone users is our nature, can be introduced in the new machine can be updated when you can choose to receive a more affordable price. Samsung I909 in the current official price of China Telecom 5680 yuan, while the corresponding purchase also receive compensation for calls to return, well worth buying. <! -

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