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But Microsoft is not the Messiah, even more than Google. Custom Android system has a weakness, it is slow to follow up the updated version. For example, the OMS system is still moving on Android 1.6 Core, Lenovo's new Music Phone as well. In M9, the Meizu from the beginning chosen as the initial version of Android 2.1, so in the mainstream program compatibility, as opposed to OMS and LePhone OS does not encounter very much trouble. Moreover, the custom is fully compatible with the idea lightweight, M9 follow-up for the Android 2.2 will be very rapid, we expect to use it this year, the core of Android 2.2 M9.
zero workers thanks to that love live delivery
Support people say it is God made the first machine, the pride of China, who oppose it say it incessantly issues continue to bug the user as if the Red Guards. During the signal problems, screen problems, battery problems, as well as system problems,14-year-old daughter, software problems, compatibility problems, once people think that Meizu will die in such an immature product. But today, the next generation of mobile phone Meizu M8 - M9, finally emerged.
Samsung S5PC110 processor war Snapdragon
As you know, small companies and large giant intersection Tale of Two Cities will eventually occur - the Meizu M9, the Meizu decided to abandon the existing CE systems, steering Android, and established at the beginning stage the development of such ideas: the appearance of custom, application compatibility, interactive optimization, simplified operation. In the dominant ideology, M9 M8 system will keep most of the advantages and design, such as simple, easy to use, feel better features, at the same time without losing the compatibility of ordinary Android. In addition, customized Android Meizu will also introduce the system and not the original Android features,Bluetooth, such as new design integrated task manager, horizontal sliding delete list items, letters, articles, and so quickly locate the list.
M9 believe people should have an intuitive concept,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and for how this machine is a way, it should probably know. Here we can really expect is that Meizu M9 hardware performance of the play, and for it to modify a sufficiently stable, adequate flow of the system, not as another example, the emergence of various hardware and software defects M8, M9 that will be more successful than the M8 . Finally, say,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the machine is expected in October listing, estimated selling price less than 2380.
<embed type=\
with many different user expectations, M9 is still not the introduction of flash design, just put the camera to upgrade to 500 million pixels, but relative to the M8 M9 is the biggest improvement is the introduction of 3G and integrated GPS. In addition, other network connections such as WiFi and Bluetooth are naturally not missing. While in the planning stage, Meizu plans to produce three versions to support CDMA2000, TDS-CDMA and WCDMA in the M9, but for various reasons will only be temporarily released the final version of WCDMA. CDMA2000 version of the high patent fees have to give up, and TDS-CDMA as the technology itself is immature decision to postpone launch. If you have TDS-CDMA users expect, or can be a little something to look forward, but the telecom users can completely cut off all thoughts of.
100M / sec
22M / sec
we all know the system is based on Windows CE 6.0 as the core, with a Meizu develop their own interface (MZFC) made. Most important feature of this system relative to the standard WM and other systems more simple easy to use, and its biggest disadvantage is the application of scarce resources. Not compatible with the vast majority of Windows Mobile applications, M8 application users and manufacturers must rely on Meizu's SDK for use of independent development,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the number is very rare. M8 application in deep mire, while lack of resources, Google began the journey of the mobile space - and the deep quagmire of Meizu different mass response of the Android just a few months to accumulate a large number of application resource, the lovely green Robot is to win the HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and other giants of all ages.
This is the development of machines
Cortex A8 addition to this processor architecture and 1GHz clock speed, it can also support at least 720p-level video encoding and decoding, and encoding formats supported by levels far higher than the previous generation of M8. Let us look at the video decoding support S5PC100 list (note the S5PC100's, S5PC110 although to a press release said to support 1080p level, but because there is no accurate data, so temporarily inadmissible.)
triangle formation rate
M9 M8 improvement compared to the largest local or on the back. M8 M9 never again be used as mirror design (commonly known as the fingerprint collector), but will switch to matte surface, while the lid is designed to be integrated, no longer divided into two parts, user personalized cover replacement of a variety of colors (expected by third parties). M8 body size and not too large compared to the difference, in addition to other dimensions slightly enlarged, mainly to reduce the thickness of 1 mm, reduced from 12 mm to 11 mm. The machine design and M8 is not much difference, but every place has some of the changes and improvement. J. Wong released the M9 project in the forum back high-definition photo machine, but hold a positive but partly concealed, the only way to know is, J. Wong claimed that the design is very positive atmosphere, and \;.
20M / sec

relative to the M9 is used S5PC110, purely from the perspective of parameters, these two mainstream products do very much behind.

comparison of the data you might say does not make sense, indeed, the various parameters of the base label are not the same, so a simple comparison argument does not make sense, so here is a reference to the actual performance, and that is the latest listing of Samsung Galaxy S i9000. Although, according to various statistics, which sets Galaxy S i9000's main chip is not S5PC110, but one can not find the data, the model S5PC111 chip,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but the models indicate the point of view, should not Fengyun and S5PC110 a particularly large gap. Samsung i9000 in the propaganda claims can reach 90 million triangles / sec performance, far exceeding the S5PC110 nominal 20 million, but this data should be a considerable moisture, because Samsung says S5PC111 integrated PowerVR graphics core will still be SGX540, and SGX540 is impossible for 90 million triangles / second. Therefore, the first being that the S5PC111 and S5PC110 is no difference between two chips, and in this and is equipped with Qualcomm's Snapdragon Nexus One, and Desire, in the same system to run a similar test. Qualcomm test software built specifically for the Snapdragon platform Adreno GPU optimized Neocore 1.9.22. Contrast under Video.

Nexus One
powerful battery performance needed to ensure a strong, M9 is still the 1300mAh battery, and relative to the M8 is not increased, but because the battery is replaceable, and the original price of the battery is relatively kind, so it should be not cause too much trouble.
133M / sec
pixel fill rate
7M / sec
3D performance, M8 uses the S3C6410 is very poor, according to data provided by Samsung, S3C6410 theory triangle formation rate is 400 million pixels / second (4M Triangles / Sec), while the pixel fill rate is 67 million pixels / s (67M Pixels / Sec), which compared to iPhone 3GS have 28 million triangles / second (28M Triangles / Sec) compared with the performance, it is weak to not worth mentioning. However,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the M9 equipped S5PC110 will completely reverse this situation, because, according to data released by Samsung, S5PC110 can do up to 20 million triangles / sec (20M Triangles / Sec) triangle generation rate, while the pixel fill rate is as high as 1 billion pixels / sec (1000M Pixels / Sec)! We look at the comparison chart.
Microsoft or Google? Small companies and large giant Tale of Two Cities


the saying goes, a good horse with a good saddle, of course, put here to do a good job should be called with a good saddle horse. Light a good system,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], there is not enough powerful platform support is of no use. S3C6410 times relative to the M8's weak graphics performance, the M9, the Meizu chosen a sufficiently powerful processor, it is Samsung's latest S5PC110.
Adreno 200
almost forgot that look. Appearance, M9 Android applications for compatibility, positive addition to the required outside the central button, left and right keys were introduced a menu and return keys are touch-button design, which is very close to the point and the i9000. Also joining in the central key in a circle around the breathing light design, the standby will be issued when the white light, believe the machine considerably. In addition to differences in design lies in front of M9 in the upper left corner of the screen will be printed script of \
PowerVR SGX540
<a href=\
reinvent the wheel or the line of succession? Meizu M9 architecture Quest
Samsung S5PC110
processor upgrade help
1000M / sec

Samsung S5PC110
Qualcomm Snapdragon

look at similar products. Texas Instruments OMAP3430 processor, the triangle formation was 7,000,000 / sec, pixel fill rate of 1 billion / sec; most high-end machines are HTC and Nexus One used high-pass Snapdragon QSD8 × 50 platform, the Triangles rate of 22 million / sec, pixel generation rate is only 167 million / sec.
order to let everyone more in-depth understanding of the ins and outs of the second generation machine made god, this site Meizu M8 special program known developer Archon, from a technical point of view Meizu M9 stripped off the veil, God made clear the circumstances surrounding the second generation machine. It is worth mentioning that, Meizu M9 is still in development state, we can even conclude that the final version of the Meizu M9 will be listed and present mining to specifications. But we still wish to put the record to facilitate future access to coal black coal are gravedigger.
Meizu M9 listed right? How much the price?
PowerVR SGX530
this model some of you may be familiar, yes, Apple's iPhone 3GS CPU is used in Samsung's S5PC100. Relative to the S5PC100, S5PC110 switch to the 45nm process, the same Cortex A8 core, doubling the secondary cache (512KB), and most importantly, the main frequency up to 1GHz. To know the performance of iPhone 3GS called several times in the iPhone 3G, it only runs on a mere processor 600MHz only. Indeed, if the M9 processor can operate at 1GHz, then CPU performance alone, M9 is close to twice the iPhone 3GS, and the latest Apple iPhone 4 iPad and exactly the same (Apple A4 within the ARM processor core, the same Samsung S5PC100 from the series).
look for this picture to the left of the Samsung Galaxy S (i9000) is the M9 performance
Texas Instruments
Representative models
QSD8250 1GHz

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