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Blond surfer dudes probably don’t come to mind immediately when one conjures up an image of environmental experts. But Laird Hamilton, arguably the world’s best big-wave surfer, knows a few things about the giant rogue waves that rear up unpredictably in the Pacific and other oceans. In fact, the handsome Hawaiian and his crew regularly fly around the world with their Jet Skis — Hamilton and his pals invented tow surfing to allow them to catch bigger waves — when satellite storm forecasts predict monster swells. Toronto-born writer Susan Casey, editor-in-chief of O, The Oprah Magazine and author of non-fiction shark best-seller The Devil’s Teeth, rode shotgun to put together The Wave. The fast-moving and deeply engaging book is about much more than surf culture; Casey also spent significant time with scientists who study waves. She comes away with the conclusion that there’s a connection between 30-metreplus ship- and shoreline-destroying waves and global warming. And like a surfer with a house-high wave about to fall on his or her head,football jerseys, she writes, it’d be wise for us to pay attention to these untamed beasts of the ocean.

An Interview with Susan Casey, Author of The Wave
Posted by Dan Rubinstein on Friday, October 08,cheap nfl jerseys, 2010

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In Pursuit of the Rogues,football jerseys, Freaks, and Giants of the Ocean
By Susan Casey
Doubleday Canada
352 pp., $34.95 hardcover

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